Wasn't Rashford Sancho and Elanga working out during the hols even before preseason? Why do they look gassed so quickly? /s


Lots of intelligent play and using your teammates instead of seeing Rashford trying to beat 2,3 opponents then put a shot into row z.. lather… rinse… repeat. Lots of attacking patterns emerging. Antony will take this to another level as he’s better and more explosive than Sancho imo.


We also just desperately need the depth. We're looking good right now but the forwards were quickly spent. We need fresh legs to come on, especially once we get into our Europa and December fixtures.


Honestly, I’m really happy with the performance last night. The application is clearly there and Erik is building this team on a base of having a solid defence. Varane and Licha compliment each other really well. Varane has looked like “peak Real” Varane over the last 2 weeks. He’s strong, aggressive, communicates well with his team, and looks as fit as I’ve ever seen him in a United shirt. Dalot is blossoming into such a good RB as well. He’s comfortable on the ball and on the build-up, and it’s obvious he has been working on his defensive positioning and discipline. He has all the physical tools to be incredible. Big shoutout to Scotty as well. During the build up to kick-off, he looked like he was rallying his troops to go to war. Desire is something you will always get with Scotty and I think he’s a great player to have in the squad.


Agree with all your points, and nice to see a more balanced take on McTominay on this sub for once. He's been pretty awful at times over the last year or so, but some of the hate he gets here is ridiculous. He remains a committed and useful player imo. Expecting Case to displace him from the first team for most matches but he will have his uses.


Scotty is a really good example of the obnoxiousness of our online fans. We all claim to want someone with passion and who "bleeds for the shirt" but then we trash Scotty like he's nothing but a two-bit mercenary with nothing to add. I'm not saying he's a world beater or that he's necessarily quality enough for a PL title contender. But I am saying that it'd be nice to have fans at least want to see him blossom into it. To me, I'd want nothing more than to have Scotty turn into someone we can look back on the way we do Keane. He might never get there but I *want* him to get there.


Agreed. I think we’ve also seen Scott in the last two games look leaps and bounds better than his usual. His positioning is better defensively. He’s using his physicality well. And he’s been decent on the ball in possession. He’s never gonna be great and I agree he should be losing his spot to Casemiro, but he adds depth to the team now and is someone we can rely on in cup matches/ when we need to rest Casemiro. His improvement really feels like a testament to ten hag


Casemiro was so fucking class my God. His vision, his passing, his interception. Damn, he's a breath of fresh air in the midfield. So quick in transition too, compare him to Pogba who takes ages on the ball.


> compare him to Pogba why would you do that? comparing a DM to an 8 is like comparing a fullback to a CB


Much better comparison is Pogba vs Eriksen and Eriksen has been a massive improvement over Pogba so far imo


that's more fair tbh.. it's mainly cos Eriksen has underrated lungs. He used to cover the most distance at Spurs and [is doing the same here](https://www.reddit.com/r/reddevils/comments/x3yhaw/utdarena_1069km_christian_eriksen_has_averaged/)


Pogba? Mate, Pogba and Casemiro are very different players. Pogba is not a DM


any worried about Casimero , hasn't looked great in the brief time he's got


You’re joking right? He’s been brilliant, his interceptions, closing down and reading the game have been brilliant albeit he has only played 45 mins in total in both games. Yesterday as soon as he came on, we calmed down the game exactly.


He’s been good for the most part. Just a bit rusty here and there. He will cook once he starts every game


lmaoooo bruh - dude is a world class destroyer. I don't think anyone is worried about Cas long term, especially once he's consistently starting the game


No way man, he has been here a week.


Was busy with work so watched the recording/stream last night (US time). It's so refreshing turning on the game without a sense of dread ***and*** expecting to see some decent football ***and*** good football actually happens. Also pretty damn refreshing to wake up the next day without the post-shit-game depression I've had the last two years. 2 road wins in a row, 2 clean sheets in a row, 3 wins in a row? I'll take it.


Our attacking play has improved but our stats are still shit. 2 shots on target last night. We need to be scoring more and finishing games off early; particularly as this will allow us to rest more players in the second half. We’re allowed to make 5 subs now and we need to be managing games better. Winning 3 games in a row and 2 clean sheets (both away from home) is tremendous! Next up Arsenal. Here’s to 4 wins and 3 clean sheets in a row! Come on United 💪


Yes, but Rashford whiffed a shot and Ronaldo's bicycle was a good effort, albeit off target. There were others, too. But yes, we need to actually put shots on target.


Having two players who run straight into defenders and lose the ball doesn’t help, but hopefully those two will be benched in favour of some of the new signings.


Agreed. We are a long way from where we need to be in terms of creating chances and putting them on target. My old coach's (optimistic) saying was "20 and 10 boys." 20 shots and at least half troubling the keeper. That's lofty for the PL, obviously, but the best teams this week? City: 17/9 Arsenal: 22/9 Liverpool: 23/6 Bayern: 28/18 (!) We have to get better, consistent pressure on the opposition.


When can Antony start training with the team?


Erik said for Friday (today) and Saturday's team sessions he will be there.


Awesome cheers


Anything for a FOOKING Shelby!


Love it 😂😂 have a good day pal


Can't wait until Casemiro and Antony are starters. We've a good way to go but getting these wins will do wonders going forward. Can't wait for the Arsenal game.


Thought Ronaldo was really sharp when he came on and will have a big part to play this season. ​ Some change after how this window started


Not sure why people are saying Ronaldo was terrible when he came on, he was fine.


Coz the bar is on the floor! Ronaldo was poor in possession. Rashford was even poorer barring the goal. But Rashford offers far more off the ball. Eventually neither should be starting at cf, but that’s a lot of hope to pin on Martial staying fit. this is why we should have actually prioritized a cf over paying silly money for Antony. Bringing a cf in would have ensured rashford plays wide left and sancho wide right, with academy lads for cover, while adding depth at cf. if there were still funds remaining post that, a rw for depth would have made sense.


Rashford is worse on the right than he is at CF Ronaldo would also be worse there. We would be taking sancho from the left and making him worse just to fill a hole. Elanga isn’t good enough on the right either. We needed a RW should we have also got a striker? Yes. But the board left it too late and we spent silly money on players that should and could have been cheaper. The 30/40 million we could have saved would have allowed us to go out and get somebody. Hopefully (I’m not holding my breath) we learn from this.


Nobody suggested rashford should play on the right lol! We bought sancho for a handsome sum last summer to play on the right! Why tf is he playing on the left? And the meaning of concepts like “priority” and “sequencing” is clearly lost on people here! Yes a rw is great. But that way you can make a case for getting an entire starting xi - unfortunately this isn’t fifa. Throwing 100 mil at a position we just strengthened last summer is bound to mean we lose out somewhere else.


Sancho was bought for the position because we are poor at transfers. He plays better on the left that’s clear. I’m glad we are not as stubborn as you would like just playing him in a worse position because we made a mistake. We have 2 players who can play CF. We have none that can naturally play RW. To top that off ten hag has always favoured a left footed RW he want here last year how that helps you understand.


lol how often have you watched sancho play before he joined us?


A decent amount in the year between us being linked with him and him actually coming as I knew he would be our player sooner or later. Prior to that the occasional highlights from matches and games here and there mostly champions league. Why?


Definitely played better and is infinitely better than Rashford as a striker. His match sharpness/fitness doesn't seem 100% yet but I think he'll start against Arsenal.


I think he was better, but if you replace Rashford with Ronaldo the first goal doesn’t get scored.


Nice little Rashy assist though


Dalot aggressively slapping his fellow defenders was just awesome. To shrink Harvey Barnes is no easy task given his pace. If Dalot wants to defend like this, he could meet his potential of supposedly being one of the best RB's of his generation. Behind that though, Martinez and Varane are bringing true spirit to the back line.


Sorry what? Talk about getting carried away! I actually have little respect for defenders celebrating a tackle (did you forget Alex Telles already?) Dalot is gash defensively and was found was found wanting several times even yesterday. It was actually inexplicable that Barnes didn’t target him more after the early booking, but I suppose that is what happens when your team is bottom of the table and shot of all confidence. Dalot also isn’t nowhere close to good offensively so all this talk about being the best full back of his generation is outright laughable.


Which one of you took a shit in this lads Special K?


Probably the same one that shat you out




**Harry Maguire/Luke Shaw game by numbers vs Leicester:** 0 mins played 0 mistakes leading to goal 0 shouting at team mates for your own mistakes 0 runs-in-circle 0 runs forward that ended up in a back pass 0 possession lost in advanced positions 0 failures to beat first man with cross 0 talk of how they need better team mates in defense 90 mins on the bench 1 clean sheet 3 points **Impact.**


What's the point of shitting on the team's players like this?


I think he is more joking about all the pointless articles that use incredible little data to make a headline and "prove a point".


Man I like that your actually trying to see it in the best light. Sadly person showed they just wanted to shit on them.


To make them realize what is expected from them.


Because you have so much clout they’ll find this somehow?




I’ve been the biggest critic of McTominay, but he has improved massively in these two games. Meanwhile Rashford is still running into defenders, he won’t get chances in PL if Antony/Sancho play to their potential


I would that add coaching has a lot to do with this. There, FINALLY, is a discernible style and pattern of play. ETH probably says, "Mctom, this is exactly what I expect of you in this position, go do it." That said, even when McT's run of form was pretty bad (i.e., no idea what to do on the pitch), you could always count on him to give effort, always appreciated that about him.


Mctom definitely stepped up in the last couple of games, but it’s kind of funny how not like 5-7 games ago everyone was like thank god Fred is away from that black hole, Fred is a quality player I think both of them have their places, Fred is great when we need that injection of running and energy and plays well further up the field, so I think soon enough you’ll see a Fred casemiro Bruno midfield and everyone will comment saying why didn’t we use it earlier, we’re all very reactionary on this sub


Actually Mctominay does the role he’s playing right now rather well. He’s quite decent defensively and quite able to follow instructions (unlike Fred on both counts), and he’s not gash when he gets a game after not playing for a while (unlike Fred). which is why I have always felt he’s a decent squad option to have around.


It’s amazing what a bit of competition does. I’ve always though McTominay could be a decent cm, and that Fred was just too chaotic. I can even see Scott and Casemiro playing together if we need a more defensive approach.


McT is a good CM hybrid where he gets exposed if he's left with all of the defensive duties but can excel with good cover. Let him go forward more, he used to be a striker.


A solid if not spectacular performance, very happy with another clean sheet. Bar Sancho our attack seemed rather toothless in this game. Rashford doesn't have the attributes to lead the line, but some of the service to him at times was woeful too. The Varane/Martinez partnership at the back is looking very good so far, maybe having a hyper aggressive mad man beside Varane really brings the best out of him. Full back were solid again today. Big test on Sunday now against Arsenal who are playing some good football at the moment.


We’ll beat Arsenal. Atmosphere will be rocking and we’ll have Casemiro from the start. Antony will be unveiled before the game on the pitch too


I like your confidence :)


Some of the service was good too. And his touch, holdup or passes were shit. He definitely isn't it.


He had the only assist of the game


Oh no I do agree with you, when he did get decent service he did little to nothing with it (apart from the assist)


I like the bit about having a hyper aggressive partner next to Varane. I think it’s true, at Madrid he was partnered with Ramos


And at time Pepe too. He doesn't really have it with the National team now but thats an entirely different style of football and thankfully has a midfielder with an extra set of lungs as a team mate


We looked the better team and deserved the win. My only comment was about goal kicks. Every time the central defenders lined up alongside De Gea to receive the ball, and every time he waved them forward and kicked long. We lost the ball at least half the time. At some stage we're going to have to start building from the back. De Gea needs to work on his passing, or Dubravka needs to be given a chance


I definitely agree with the issue around his DDG’s passing. But him kicking it long from goal kicks suggests it more of an instruction no? I mean however bad his passing might be he can make a six yard pass with his cbs in the box, no?


He's been instructed to play that way because of the limitations in his passing game


Yeah that’s a fair point.


Once we prove we can beat a high press consistently, Ten Hag will start having De Gea kick short again, giving the ball to Martinez or Casemiro.


But for the system to work, De Gea has to be a viable passing option, willing to receive the ball and pass it quickly and accurately. He just doesn't have the skill and/or confidence to do it. For that reason, we're unable to prove that we can beat the press consistently.


It also doesn’t help that if we try to go long to our forwards, they were all poor in the air. Elanga and Rashford especially are completely useless in the air. Sancho can win a header if he tries but we have no outlet in the air


It’s absolutely the best thing to do right now, aka playing to our strengths (or at least not playing to our weaknesses). Playing out of the back with players like de gea passing the ball and maguire/fred receiving it is asking for disaster. As a matter of fact, I think many teams have identified this as a weakness and targeted us heavily in the past couple of seasons. It is confidence building that ten hag has noticed it and made that change immediately.


Sure, but in the longer term he needs to change it, either by improving De Gea's passing, or by getting a new keeper that's more confident


Yeah sure but there are too many other fires to put out right now! Think replacing de gea will/should be sort of like the last piece of the puzzle instead of the first like most ppl will have you believe on here


Frankly I feel much safer seeing De Gea punt the ball up the field....otherwise, it was giving me heart attacks.


Yes, but that's because De Gea is not confident with the ball at his feet. It's not good though, because kicking long wastes possession. By comparison, Emerson, Allison, Mendy, etc can all receive and pass the ball under pressure, so they allow their teams to play from the back. You can guarantee that ETH wants to play out from the back, but he's temporarily choosing not to because of De Gea's weakness. If Dubravka doesn't improve that, then we'll get a new keeper next summer that does. De Gea will not last much longer under ten Hag


100% this, people here have been getting ahead of themselves. With Casemiro Eriksen in midfield and Varane Martinez in midfield, DDG is basically the only reason preventing us from playing out from the back and sustaining possession the way EtH would want


Especially when your kick options are Rashford who actively shirks challenging in the air. He is that classic kid who is scared to head the ball. Oh and then you have Elanga and Sancho.


This winds me up no end. AT LEAST BE PHYSICAL. Jump into the man, put a shoulder in. Something to at least make the header difficult if you've no interest in trying to win it


Bruno hadn't done that since he joined. But I've noticed he's contesting headers this season.


Yeah. That was super clear after the first two matches and then the Liverpool game. We'll get there. No worries, I'm just happy that EtH is flexible enough not to force De Gea into playing out from the back when he clearly is bad at it. No use of possession when we lose 4-0 to relegation fodder.


Dubravka has exactly the same strengths and weaknesses that De Gea has so I don't think he's going to play much, maybe Europa


This is not true though. Someone had shared some footage of him playing in Denmark in 2015 and the guy was basically playing like Ederson - building up from the back well outside his area


That's what I've seen Newcastle fans say about him on /r/soccer


I saw this first hand at home to Liverpool. Every goal kick De Gea hoofed it to Rashford, Liverpool got to the ball every time and possession was gone instantly.


Passing works because they are all on the same page mostly. They are playing for ETH


Woke up feeling delighted! Our passing is so much better in the past few games. Defense is looking solid as well. I hope Varane can remain fit. With Casemiro in the squad, I hope we can use Maguire in a pinch and rotate the CBs against weaker teams to maintain fitness


The team played very well overall, especially the defenders. Casemiro is class because he can close down players but also played quick forward passes to initiate attacks. However, McTominay stepped it up big time since Casemiro was signed as he went back to play simple football rather than trying to dribble through multiple players. The only players that need improvement are Rashford and Elanga. Elanga has a huge asset in his pace, there were a few moments in the first half where Bruno/Eriksen just smashed the ball long forward, I thought the ball was going out, but Elanga was able to get it. Unfortunately, he lacked the quality to do much about those chances. Antony would be starting over him though. Rashford is a bit concerning. All the talks about him being better and wanting to be a striker etc, you would've thought he had the quality to do so. But it's very obvious that our attacking play 70% of the time broke down when Rashford (and Elanga) was involved. Either he couldn't hold the defender then fell down looking for a foul, or his touch under defender's pressure was worse than Lukaku, or his inability to win aerial balls, or just pure bad techniques overall in receiving and dribbling, or just lack of football brain. There was a moment where he's able to turn and run forward only to sprint with the ball toward 3-4 Leicester players trying to...beat them all? His positioning and off the ball run is also lacking. Rather than combining his runs inside the defenders (like Haaland often did), he continued to make runs outside and hope that Bruno/Eriksen could pick him up, but since Evans was a strong and tall defender, the balls were easily intercepted by him. He got the assist and in fairness, made some (two) great passes to Sancho, one became the goal, but like McTominay, he should really go to basic with his play style. He's great at pulling players with him, still quite pacey (although not as fast now), so he should focus on those rather than trying to beat players and knuckle shot the ball to the stand. Ronaldo came in and did exactly what a centre forward should do.


On point with Rashford plays which was pretty much the same and ineffective since last season. Looks like he has not developed much since he came onto the scene, just trying to use his pace while his ball control is horrifying, it's like he got lead in his legs. Although he does seem leaner this season compared to his obvious bulk last season?


Should’ve absolutely killed Leicester but we’re ahead of pool and the scousers are fuming so I’ll take it


I was actively shocked that Brendan was casually just chewing his gum whilst his team were completely out of shape and rhythm. We should have killed the game off in the first half. Great job defending the 1nil though. Showed real grit.


Defensively we have improved vastly in the past few matches. Some pretty good interplay in build ups but really lacking in the final third. I think a healthy martial and a in shape Ronaldo will help. Having competition on the wings will also help.


I think it's no coincidence that the greater mentality also came with the departure of the likes of Pogba


On that it is pretty funny that we are getting along fine with an Eriksen - McT double pivot behind Bruno. A combination of vibes only football and Pogba's terrible concentration had people convinced that only the love child of Ndidi and Kante could possibly make both Bruno and another creative type work in midfield without "getting flattened"


Yeah, Pogba was single handily dragging this team down. I saw it against Brentford.


He’s gone now. You can finally let go ⭐️


This will probably feature in the Pogmentary 2.


Forgot to watch the match. 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ Could someone tell me how Martinez, Varane, Malacia, and Eriksen did? Thanks!


I thought they were all decent. Really shows how much better we are recycling possession with Eriksen in the team. Defence was good in general


>Martinez, Varane, Malacia, and Eriksen did? Martinez - another solid display, made a crucial interception in the first half. Although wasn't really put to the test like he was previous 2 games. Varane - probably the best of our defenders, rock solid, covered really well, nobody got a sniff of the ball when he was close by. Malacia - same as Martinez, another solid display, he nearly did get caught out at the end for Justin's chance. Eriksen - first half he was playing his best football in a United shirt imo, composed, always looking to be progressive with the ball and controlled the midfield for large parts, was completly anonymous in the second half though


Genuinely think there’s a risk of Eriksen burning out by the second half of the season if he continues to play every minute. Maybe one of McT or Fred should start alongside Casemiro here and there so he can stay fit. Ideally we should have signed another midfielder, preferably a legit 8, but this is the only alternative..


All played well, Varane motm imo


Martinez and Varane were solid. Even when Leicester started to get more of the ball in the second half I never felt like they were going to get a goal. Malacia wasn’t at the level he was against Liverpool but you don’t expect that every week, still solid performance. Eriksen is a player we should have bought years ago! Tactically smart, safe on the ball and at some moments he played passes that I’ve never seen United players playing over the last few years. Good win and clean sheet


Why r u getting downvoted idk ppl have imp things to do than watching football.


Aye, I am doing my PhD., and had to travel to London for it, and this game completely skipped my mind. I don't know what cardinal sin I committed. Was it me being preoccupied with my studies, or me having the gall to ask about certain players?


>I am doing my PhD., and had to travel to London for it Best of luck for ur PHD man. i skipped the game cause i had to sleep. The only games i watch at night r ucl matches n that too imp matches like of real madrid, psg, bayern or city. Last season i watched all of Real Madrid games it was worth it. But don't think i can do it again as if u have to wake up early next morning it really fucks u up.




>Thanks! You're welcome!


Scotty is getting so much better since Casemiro was signed. Casemiro comes in though, and he is just another breed. That guy is proper world class. Even Fred came in and caused trouble in midfield for Leicester. So glad to have depth in that sector.


Fully agree. I think the competition from Casemiro will lift McTominays game


While Tony suits this team miles better than Ronny or Rashford, what worries me is we would be very exposed whenever DDG punts the ball under pressure. Neither of Antony, Tony and Sancho is built to win balls against a PL CB/RB/LB. Ronaldo at least offers a shit ton of protection whenever the ball is booted down the opposition half because the defenders know they are in for a challenge


I never really see Ronaldo trap the ball and find a team mate like a proper premier league striker should. He makes that initial jump but more often than not it's mistimed


love me some casemiro. what a difference he made when he came on i think a pivot of casemiro, fred, eriksen or bruno that kinda rotation should be electric


Yes, he really did bring some calmness into the midfield. I thought the defence were good all game though


Woke up today feeling fine, United on my mind! Man, the next morning after we win a match is always beautiful. Excited to watch Antony scoring a goal on his debut against Arsenal!


Did anybody see how well Casemiro passed when he came on? Silky smooth, extremely confident and no bullshit performance from him. Reckon he starts vs Arsenal? Very impressed by the performance McTominay put, it's clear as day that he's better a bit further up the pitch. Eriksen, Ronaldo, Rashford and Sancho look gassed. Hopefully there's rotation in the midweek. I'd say Casemiro starts against Arsenal with either McTominay or Fred, with Eriksen and Antony starting vs Sociedad. So excited for the upcoming games!


I think a midfield 3 of Casemiro, Eriksen/Bruno and McTominay/Fred could be really good


>Reckon he starts vs Arsenal? I think it's a no brainer for the defensive protection alone. I would not be surprised if him and McTominay start and try to be physical with Arsenal. Agree with regards the passing, all first touch and hit to reach the player. Suppose training with midfielders like Kroos and Modric all those years should rub off on you.


Ronaldo was surprising! Couldn’t believe he was gassed within 10 mins coming in


He was sprinting everywhere like a kid who literally doesn't know how to control himself. Was actually good to see from Ronaldo, was very keen and at 37 he is still nippy. No top speed anymore (which I can imagine frustrates him) but can find space.


Hard to believe. Looks like he is low on confidence


> Looks like he is low on confidence It's ronaldo man confidence is the one thing he doesn't lack it might be due to lack of gametime or overall fitness or his age catching up to him.


Rashford as a striker definitely isnt our biggest goal threat, but he's been getting in better spots, more available for balls in the box, making better runs to create space and he actually created a few good chances today (2 for sancho, 1 for ronaldo).


Even though he has less quality than Ronaldo his movement is so much better and opens up space for other players. I think Rashford has played selflessly at no 9 but he can still improve his quality on the ball and finishing.


Casemiro looked really good when he came on. Not that Scott had a bad game. With a confident composed and competent back 4, the addition of casemiro will just add so much more assurance from the back now. we are actually good and building up and going through a press, as well. we're a good side again


Early days, but I am again excited for match days and then watching the highlights after a looong fucking time


Is it just me or does Cassameiro look sluggish? Gave away balls like Fred does with the assurance of Messi. Hope he gets his arch fitness on fast.


I thought he provided way more outlet passes than any of our other mids in tight spots at the end there.


i don't think he expected teams like leceister to fight for every last ball in a league game. Every single PL game is competitive and mentally taxing. This is probably the first lesson foreign players get


Yeah, it was what Varane said to Ole during his deubt in one of our videos


He actually did. A few misplaced passes and unable to get back possession, but I think he will catch up within a couple of games.


You can already see the improvement. And I’m loving the defence. Changing from Rashford and Elanga to Martial and Antony will be hugely positive. Rashford and Elanga are simply not at the required level. Rashford is also not a striker - he is incapable of holding up the ball and his touch / technical passing is woeful. My main concern now is that we are running Eriksen into the ground. If he gets injured we will be in big trouble, so there is an issue there ETH will need to address soon.


Assuming Casemiro to come in the starting XI and Bruno keeps his, we’ll have Eriksen, Fred, McSauce and Donny fighting for the remaining slot in midfield, that’s not bad for depth and rotation. If I remember correctly, by the end of today’s game, ALL of them (except Donny) was on the field lol.


Rashford had an assist and could have had another. He’s getting much better. Yes his work rate can be better but it happens with low confidence players..


Rashford was actually decent today not sure what you’re on about


Hold up and link play was woeful and barely won a contest. He did the bare minimum (ran the channels and made a simple pass for the goal). Replacing him with a decent forward will reap huge benefits.


Which is why he's better off the left imo. He should be the understudy/rotational option to Sancho whilst looking for a striker that can link up play


Yeah that assist was terrible?


It wasn't world class. Stats don't mean everything. Rashford wasn't great in the CF position. When Martial and Antony start. Rashford is back up on the left.


don't look only at goals and assists


Why still DvB here? He should've already requested a transfer.


4 managers straight up haven’t played him, including his old gaffer. Lads just not suited for the PL.


Dude's not even getting a minute. Don't know what's the craic.


He gets very high wages with zero real work. Isn't that everyone's dream?


Pretty sure he wants to represent his country in the world cup as well and he can't do that by sitting on the bench.


Wrap Varane in cotton wool


a good game.


Important win but if we play like that vs Arsenal we’re losing


I have a feeling we won’t play like that against Arsenal. We usually get pretty pumped up in big games, so hope we’ll show similar fighting spirit like we did against Liverpool.


I wouldn’t say that with full certainty. Defensively, it looks to be a great matchup coming


We didn’t take our chance against the worst team in the league. We failed to create and dominate as many chances as you’d expect against such a team and I can see similar lineup + set up vs Arsenal where we play on the counter (which is the right move) but Arsenal are looking like a top team.


They lost to Arsenal, Chelsea, & South Hampton (who beat Chelsea). Wouldn’t say they’re the worst team in the league. We got our goal, then controlled their possession the rest of the match through the press. Only time they looked imposing was when they fell apart like paper & got punk foul free kicks. When they played Arsenal, Arsenal scored 2. Let Leicester get 1 back. Ars scored another. Eased up again for Leicester’s 2nd. Then they finished it. They’re in last now, but a few weeks ago that was us. It’s early. Today we were imposing, controlling, & ruthless everywhere except in front of goal. But that clean sheet win means more than a 4-2 W, especially for the platform ETH is building.


What’s your prediction of the score. I’m thinking we’ll take it 2-1. Arsenal will score at least once


Some people on here are unable to praise one player without completely shitting on another one.


Only saw the second half so obviously only the bad bits. Overall from what I saw we were pretty poor, with some good moments. From reading the comments it seems the first half was completely different but we really lacked composure in the second half. I can remember 4 times when the ball was kicked away needlessly, Rashford, Martinez, Varane and McT. We need to be better under pressure if we are going to live with the better teams. McT needs to be able to take the ball down if he has space, not just head it to the nearest opponent. Awareness is missing. Casemiro was better when he came on, progressed the ball well, but even he had some sloppy moments


McTominay got slated for the card he received and conceding a FK just outside the box but he was left in a tricky situation after Casemiro lost the ball. Also the last person I would expect to lose the ball in such a dangerous situation would be Case. McT took one for the team with his yellow and stopped the play with a tactical foul. Also McT had some rough moments but also at other times looked very in control progressing the ball and contesting challenges. Varane was immense tonight and didn't put a foot wrong snuffing out threats before they became threats. Bruno's mistimed challenge going to ground on Barnes left Varane in a 1v1 and Martinez had to pull him down for a yellow. In the first half though we had a scintillating and intricate passage of play from back to front. Real training ground, 1 touch stuff. I forget the outcome of the move but it showed real promise especially letting the ball run through the player to the wing. There must have been about 10 passes in our half, all of them rapid. Malacia is a real treat, he seems rough around the edges but he's hungry AF and was just a wall defensively. This backline could become something very special with enough chemistry. This is just the beginning though, there are going to be setbacks. There are going to be tough losses. I actually thought we might lose today, I definitely don't think we'll beat Arsenal in their form even at home. My biggest positive tonight was watching Ronaldo play selflessly for the team and watch him get into great goalscoring positions based off that mindset. A massive improvement over the Saints game.


eh, Ronaldo play more like a "team" today? Back 4 is solid already, seriously, so good, defences that didn't make me pump my heart fast when opponents attacking. Happily to take this 3 points, can't wait for weekend to pull down Arsenal to place they should be!


I see that deep playing creative CM like Eriksen is absolutely essential in ETH system. I don't think we even have any other midfielder that is more important than him right now in our team. He controls the tempo, progress the ball forward , and his vision is just a cut above the rest. He made all players around him better, especially McT. McT, Fred or Casemiro is more about defense bolster ( Van De Beek please please unlock your potential because this is your season man. Eriksen can't play 90 mins every game). Also love the back 4 but the yellow cards is getting worrying. Isn't this game , Dallot on 3 and Martinez on 2, after only 5 games... That's not sustainable at all. One down and we back Maguire / Wan Bisanka and Luke Shaw again.


VDB is done tbh, don’t see what he could possibly offer thag we need. He can’t progress the ball has barely any passing range, which is what our midfield needs


Problem is VDB isn't that type of player :( When you watch him its clear he likes quick one-twos in a short passing range. IMO, he's a player best used at the edge of the box to play off of. Don't think he has the passing range to play how Eriksen plays, more likely we try Fred in that role which isn't ideal either but not much choice. Or maybe even Bruno playing deeper with VDB up top


Gonna get my Licha shirt now….., Fucking Ramos regen.


Scott was really good today. I always criticize him so I feel it's only fair to give praises whenever he does well. He gave great tackles and did the simple things well. Kudos to him.


I’m with you! Some decent attacking play and that stretch tackle in the first half was pretty boss. Good to see some stable performances from him, and feel his attitude must be solid to keep being picked by all these managers edit: GLAZERS OUT


In fairness what other options have the previous managers had? But Scott was good today.


Donny maybe? Especially when Scott’s had patches of particularly bad form. But, maybe there’s something I’m not seeing. Almost the opposite where I can’t figure out why a few managers in a row consistently leave Donny out haha edit: could also add that previous managers have also had multiple transfer windows through which we have chosen not to address deep midfield, which we have under EtH. Obviously knowing our board, hard to tell who to blame / who to give the credit to, but good to see us get Eriksen and Casemiro over the line this summer (even if Case was so late) further edit: GLAZERS OUT


Glad to see some of these players start playing with their chests out. Still learning the system so it’s not going to be perfect every week but a bit of confidence and self belief looks like it’s going a long way


These wins are not to be underestimated just because we didn't score loads of goals. The team is showing some grit and determination for the first time in a long time. Casemiro and Fred are absolutely essential for Sunday's game imo. I appreciate Eriksens strengths but he absolutely cannot start that game after a full 90 today. I really think we can kill arsenal with an intense press, the same front 3 as today wouldn't shock me but I would love to just throw Antony in, I don't see how he would be any worse than elanga on the rw despite the lack of training. Dalot has had very good games against two very strong wingers in Diaz and Barnes. Martinelli is on fire right now, he will have to be switched on again. We really are missing martial, his hold up and link up play is significantly better than rashfords and Ronaldos imo. We need him fit for this season.


The midfield is completely and utterly devoid of vision, creativity, control and pace-setting without Eriksen. Easily as undroppable as Varane and Martinez at this point, perhaps even more so given the lack of alternatives capable of delivering what he does.


I dont know how you have come to that conclusion when we haven't even started a game without him in the starting 11. And for all the talks about Eriksens creativity Bruno has still created the best chances for our fowards this season.


I can see this team being absolutely mint with Martial and Antony in for Rashford and Elanga. I thought Rashford had a decent game given that we know he isn’t a natural number 9, but some of his touches were too heavy and conceding possession straight away which killed so many of our attacks. I’d like to see Casemiro come in for Eriksen the next game (and maybe McTominay in the long run, although I think McTominay has been a lot better of late), and maybe Dubravka can light a fire up de Gea and force him to improve his distribution, or bench him if that’s not the case. Overall, I do think there is a solid base which we can build on, and things will click with time.


When martial’s out we should start CR7


I really don't think Rashford was that bad as many say here. Obviously he's better on the left side but he has some nice link up play. That being said he should not start as a striker but guess we don't see other striker against arsenal since Martial is still injured


Rashford has been playing pretty well so far this season, compared to last season (which was a train wreck in its entirety)


Pretty well from his last season performance but still no where near what we expect from a player at united.


I didn’t mind his performance as he hasn’t started at the 9 in a while. I thought he actually did great with his back to goal


Dalot was good. Right?


Yes, excellent. 8/10 from me


Dear diary, Defense limited their chances to speculative long range efforts. That's a very good sign. Wasn't very interesting in the final third. Malacia afraid to attempt incisive passes, Eriksen & Bruno rarely finding the killer ball. Rashford worked hard and I appreciate that he even did some tough going back to goal work that probably doesn't come naturally to him, but he's not the type to sniff out goals. The sooner Ronaldo gets to full fitness and Tony becomes available, the better (not to mention Antony over Elanga). Very good performance from McT...wouldn't have such a bad reputation if he performed like this more often. Could it be that under ETH, we are yet to see the best of him? I think when you consider Liverpool's form, arsenal on Sunday is the biggest test so far. There's been a couple of times over these past few wins where I've thought "you'd imagine an in form team are scoring there". If we can edge them out...I'm officially excited for the rest of the season


I’m curious to see what ETH can do with mc sauce , he might get some class out of him yet.


Haven’t really kept up with Leicester, but can someone let me know why they haven’t invested at all this window? They’re typically really good at getting some gems and are usually a solid run team. Wonder what happened this window


Financial issues, can't say I feel sorry for them. Their fans have been insufferable since we signed Maguire. Honestly hope they get relegated.


Mctomminay won most of his tackles today and came up with a lot of important interceptions. I’ve not been his biggest fan but he was important and looked even better with casemiro behind him


McTominay has his limitations as a player but I do think he gets too much criticism from us fans at times


Drop Bruno already


Why would he drop Bruno? Played an important role in our goal and scored the winner against Southampton.


He creates little and is a liability the amount he gives away the ball. Dropping him will improve the team the same as dropping Maguire did


Tell me you have no clue about football without telling me you have no clue about football.


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There isn't a single creative player in the premier League that doesn't give the ball away. KDB in a city team that is the best passing team in the world has a very similar pass completion. Against Liverpool he put it on a plate for elanga, he scored a match winner against Southampton and he played an improvement role in our goal today. His workrate is also unmatched, we need his energy in games.


Can we all admit Ronaldo looked a lot more lively than Rashford once he came on


Ronaldo should play as the striker and Rashford down the left so it suited them both better once he came on


Rashford doesn't offer anything, so not a high bar. But, much better from Ronaldo today and I've no doubt he'll cement the starting spot again.


Hardly surprising, fresh legs and Leicester started pushing more bodies forward.