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Honestly, I'd be happy to do this more often, but I don't have many recently laid-off friends who want to work for your crypto startup before it starts paying for itself.


Nah, I'll recommend friends all day. I'm not gonna be a shitty human and let my circle miss opportunities. Wether they take it is on them.


What do great recruiters do? You see a ton of posts from bad recruiters. I guess the great ones aren’t hanging out on LinkedIn.


Sure, for a finder’s fee.


Sure, I’ll recommend my friends so that they can ghost my friends as well.


If I get commission maybe. Otherwise, nope.


It’s not about “doing their job” it’s literally networking, which everyone should be doing. You help them fill a role or two, keep in contact with them and they’ll probably start thinking of you when it comes to better positions to fill. How is this any different than seeing a “now hiring” sign somewhere and telling your neighbor’s teenager to apply? It’s called networking for a reason.