The Amended Complaint is 🔥

The Amended Complaint is 🔥


Alright off topic but genuinely wondering this ever since this show aired this season…do lawyers often dupe their clients like this? Is this a problem in the law industry that isn’t talked about as much but still happens? I can’t believe that somehow the money that Tom’s office won for the victims wasn’t put directly into their bank accounts when they won the case. Or any of his cases for that matter? I’m not questioning the validity of what Tom did because I 100% whole heartedly believe he stole the victims money. I’m jsut wondering just how easy it is for a lawyer to do this type of vile shit. I have a lawsuit right now with a personal injury attorney and it has gone on for a year and a half now….which seems so long to me. I don’t know much about this lawyer stuff but it got me thinking… are there safeguards to this? How do I know my lawyer isn’t doing this to me? How do states and the bar keep this stuff from happening and how was Tom not caught. Can someone in law please explain the procedures they have for this not to happen to again or to other people from any lawyers? How can we know where The money the victims WON WHICH IS THEIR MONEY be given to them? Why isn’t a check just cut straight to the victims and not have to go through the lawyers?


This is completely outrageous and unheard of. Lawyers sometimes have a bad reputation but actually we are supposed to adhere to a very high standard of ethics. There is mandatory training every year including ethics. I am a former attorney. I only worked at firms and companies so I didn’t handle the money. However what I know is that the money is put into a special trust fund and the firm can only take out the agreed upon fee plus costs. Representing Plaintiffs often involves a contingency fee agreement where the firm gets paid only if they win. Then it goes to the plaintiffs. There are probably time periods that need to be adhered to. The state Bar will kick your ass for far less than what Tom did but he was bribing this one guy and that guy even basically worked for him. Completely unethical on his part also. A year and a half is not too long for a case to go on, especially when a lot of courts were closed due to COVID. Check with the attorney to see what has been happening. There should be a complaint, answer, motions, discovery (depositions, interrogatories, production of documents), etc. All of that takes time.


Is there a way you can get these documents and check the court filings without having to ask your lawyer. I’m guessing the documents are public knowledge right? Probably could look it up on case net?


Is it rude to ask your attorney for these types of documents and ask questions like this? I feel like we’re supposed to trust them and be thankful for all their help so it makes me uncomfortable thinking what if he thinks that I am implying he is being dishonest. Especially when it’s a family friend that has offered to help you …




In 2013 Erika and Tom were part of a tour group we organized for a prominent Bar Association. They never showed up at the MIA Airport to join the group on the private charter. Our guides were running around like maniacs trying to locate them while their group waited. No call, no email and no reply from the offices. We never received notice from a travel insurance company which means they didn't even file the claim to get the $12K back. Poof.


What a Skanky Whore!


I can't believe any of y'all liked her to begin with. You guys couldn't tell a self-centered, sociopathic gold digger before the legal trouble? Here's a clue: a 50 year old Britney Spears.


Never liked her. She is a wanna be. A never was.


god damn right.


anyone else bothered that it says “even to this today”


Yes, there are a lot of typos. I think he dictated it and didn’t correct it very well.




It’s 52 pages with attachments 😀


The greed is what I find so objectionable. She’s an absolutely disgusting human


This is really basic, casual language for a legal document. Even just that she is referred to by her first name.


It’s a tactic often used to make someone less formal and more ordinary. Referring to her as “Ms Giraradi” elevates bc it shows more respect so they do that on purpose.


Like Hilary calling Trump ‘Donald’ in the debates. It’s subtle shade


That. Is. Amazing




Anyone else singing, "Signed, sealed delivered, I'm yours!" ohhh, Erika, this is pretty darn incriminating and shame on you for your egotistical spending habits and the source from which is came! She should have to face each one of the people from whom she stole and work for them.


It’s expensive to be an Ostrich.


The most expensive six words Erika the sham ever spoke: "It is expensive to be me!"




Please don’t shout at me, but can someone explain how this shows that she knew the money was supposed to be for victims? I completely think she’s awful and knew what was really happening. But can’t she just claim that she thought the money was what was legitimately earned by Tom?


The law firm should not be signing over attorneys fees to her directly.


I am screaming!! “THE GLAM CANNOT BE SUPPORTED BY A SHAM” I Stan this attorney. The shade is amazing. BRAVOOOOOO!! (Truthfully no pun intended but it’s so fitting!)




The amended complaint isnt a 🔥. Ita a fucking five alarm blaze💥


Field trip to observe this trial!!!


He is posting their AmEx bills on Instagram!! Attorneyronaldrichards. Tom paid $99,000 to some association of top professionals. WTF?


On one of the receipts on Instagram , there is a $102,596 payment to a “Stephanie Shepherd” isn’t she the Kim Kardashian’s ex assistant? And kourtney’s friend? What was she paid for by them?


This is awesome. I love the way it's written. They must have had a ball writing it!


I get that she was obviously getting all her money from Tom, but she didn't know it was dirty stolen money. She just thought she had married rich and was taking advantage of it. It's not like she knew about the orphans, widows and plane victims that were missing money. So how can she be blamed for that?


These accusations date back to the 90’s and are very unusual. But in terms of hard proof, there is an attachment to the complaint showing her signing off on receiving the attorney’s fees directly. That is just weird.


I wonder if Erika will go to jail first or Jen Shah?


I think Jen will be put in jail very soon.


Yeah you’re probably right. Her case seems less complicated and also seems much further along than Erika’s. I really can’t see a situation where Erika doesn’t go to jail. Especially if she can’t pay the money back and I think the judge will be inclined to make an example of these two shysters. Imagine the outrage if she just receives community service or house arrest.


Exactly and Jen is the mastermind behind her fraud.


How much do you want to bet that she will say she signed documents and never read them? She is trying very hard to appear clueless. Erika is a lot of things but clueless isn’t one of them. This feigned amnesia/cluelessness is ridiculous.


I guess they'll try and depose the lawyers who witnessed the contracts being signed


Ooo boy, this won't end well


This case must be a slam dunk because it reads like a first year associate drafted this. Not good legal drafting AT ALL.


She continues to be funded by an unknown source


25 million! Can you believe?


Who wrote this? I’m sorry if I somehow missed the source…


Ronald Richards.


Tbh I don’t understand why she didn’t elope to some remote country yet as from what I understand, there is potential tax fraud involved which in the US means jail time. Why isn’t she disappearing with what she has left to live poor but safe from jail life before prosecutor presses charges in criminal case???


This is clearly fake. Court docs wouldn't call her Erika, it would be Mrs. Girardi 🙄


That’s not correct. That is done sometimes on purpose to take away the formality and respect that goes with calling someone “Mr., Ms, etc.” It makes the person they are speaking to “ordinary”.


This is the [link to complaint](https://images.law.com/contrib/content/uploads/documents/403/66022/Girardi-Keese-finances-trustee-amended-complaint-against-Erika.pdf)


I’m totally dumb when it comes to this whole situation, but my question is, there are other partners/lawyers at Tom’s firm correct? Did they not have a clue about this the whole time? Wouldn’t Tom funding Erika’s lifestyle through Girardi Keese be directly taking out of their pockets as well?? Don’t firms have an accountant of some sort? Did everyone just turn their cheek?? I can’t understand how it went on for so long.


He was the accountant. Only he controlled the finances.


That’s not usually how that works. Sounds like he manipulated the clients he himself represented and their money. There were other clients assigned to other lawyers and those lawyers would normally direct the accounting dept how and when to release settlement funds.


For sure. This is mind boggling.


Ahhh ok. Wow.


The complaint also specifically mentions Rinna’s involvement in referring Erika to her biz manager who then set up a shell company. Which is precisely what Sutton was warning the ladies about - getting dragged into this Pretty Mess!!


What is the name of the manager


Michael Ullman of Platinum Financial Management


I want Rinna to be liable too.


I wonder what Harry Hamlin’s true feelings are about all of this




Am I the only one who senses sarcasm in those document?!


This is.. 👩‍🍳😘


Erika is about to be Broke broke 😬




Where is this taken from? Public record?


It was posted by Ron Richards on Twitter


I don’t know why Erika is wanting to hang on to all her expensive jewelry and clothes. Where is she going to be wearing them? I would imagine by now she is a social pariah.


I mean there has to be no way her lawyer will let her touch this with a ten foot pole on the reunion.


So is this it? 25 million? Can Erika be sued further? Does she have more coming her way?


Sutton's tagline next year: This glam is not a sham.




Pretend amnesia...


I’m so glad to see people are working hard to make her accountable! She knew, what she was doing. Inherently cold? Uh yeah!


“Her feigned willful blindness” damn they went in on her


He's basically saying she has Pretend Amnesia! I wonder if he saw that scene and knows how this will burn her up.


Can’t wait for the reunion!


I won’t be happy until EJ is living in an $800 a month studio in north Hollywood. Also, shopping Nordstrom rack clearance racks ONLY


Studios in Noho are more now.. sadly


We’ll get her into Panorama City then instead.


Erika thought she was playing Tom for an old fool. She thought she was creating a legitimate career, pdf the back of a dying old man, as evidence by her insta handle and the insane photos she is STILL putting on her dating profile, etc… all the while, Tom knew he was scamming everyone and didn’t care if what he was doing was kosher because he was old enough that he knew 1. It would take a long time to uncover and 2. By the time it was uncovered he’d be nearly dead. This complaint it spot on - she’s always known but thought that claiming ignorance and “the less you know the better” would be an actual defense and I bet it’s because that’s what Tom told her. All the while, she’s having a grand old time spending the cash, so why *would* she care about him cheating on her or nearly dying? Him dying was her end goal and she believed she had earned his money via old dude blow jobs for decades. She was holding out. Case and point - in the recent episode when they’re having champagne at her place for Kyle’s birthday, she **admits she stole the champagne from Tom and laughs about it.** That’s fucking orphan-funded-champagne and you’re giggling about stealing it from them. **Shes a fucking monster and the ONLY thing she “deserves” is prison time**


Isn’t it “case in point”, I’ve never heard it used with an and. And yes, I’m an asshole for pointing it out.


PLEASE tell me someone has sent this to Sutton


Y’all, they summoned Johnny Cochran….. Erika The Ostrich #TheGlamCannotBeSupportedByASham


This lawyer is not a very good writer.


Entirely unprofessional and grammatically atrocious. Very entertaining because of the subject, but legally speaking this is one of the worst briefs I’ve ever read.


Right? I just kept thinking "this is way too easy to read for someone like me".


He’s getting it done, though. He’s relentless and that’s what you need with a monster like this.


Damn. They should have signed off, "Hey, Erika, thanks for the receipts!"


^^ I agree but then she would have to prove who is paying for the lawyer. Plus, she was dumb and already got caught in multiple lies on camera.


I was watching Emily D. Baker last night and she was talking about how the IRS will eventually get involved to address taxes being paid (or not being paid). This will play out for a long time and get messier as it goes on.


The glam cannot be supported by a sham, thus the scam must scram!


She’ll probably have a lawyer on set to shut most of the juicy legal stuff down.


Not defending EJ at all (I think she knew about the orphans and widows and she deserves to rawt in haaayll) but one question I have about this ☝️ it suggests (proves, really) she knew where the money was going, but does it suggest she knew where it came from? Does spending it incriminate her? I’m just curious


The lottery money was attorneys fees. There is no way that should be going to her. She signed off on that.


It's a civil lawsuit and not a criminal lawsuit. Therefore, from what I understand, incriminating herself isn't something that's considered. The lawyer has also explained on a podcast that it doesn't matter if Erika knew, where the money came from, they have proof that the money was allegedly transferred from victims' payments to Erika's LLC. Erika has spent the money on herself. Even as Erika repeatedly claim ignorance, about the money in the LLC on RHOBH.


I'll repeat my own line from the song 'No dough to spend in commissaryyyyeh eh' Bitch going down. She'll try and cover assets and end up like Teresa, but much much worse.


"Directing all personal vendors to be paid by the law firm" is actual insanity.


Omg “the glam cannot be supported by the sham”


Burn. Disgusting liars, her and Tom and what's the deal with the Accounting Firm that they paid to sort through this shit. Where did they post all the Amex Expense Pymts. Did it sit on the books as an AR uncollected with an offset of General Expenses to reduce his tax liability. The IRS is going to get her. The Lotto Payments directly paid to her LLC for Legal fees is illegal and completely messed up. This shell game was set up and instructed by Tom or Erika. How did they post the legal fee payments to her account, how did they relieve the expense side. My most recent employer conducted business like this and when I figured it out (made it confusing purposely) and I brought it up, was shown the door, ad they were using U.S. Government dollars.


178k a month on her expenses?!? What the hell? Even if Tom's law firm was bringing in money, that's a lot of money for her to spend monthly. And, those were just her expenses. Imagine the cost of their house expenses and his expenses. I can't see how she's getting out of this one.


What if that was the judge’s expenses? She got plastic surgery and charges from Saks. Sonja’s deep muscle facelift was really pricey. I hate to stick up for Erika, but wouldn’t that be something?


Sham for Glam! Sham for Glam!


“She feigned willful blindness” “Knowledge is not required for liability” Those, I feel, are the most important things. It’s sickening to see her sobbing, playing the victim. Sell your jewelry and your vacuum!!!!


A coworker of mine got sued for Alienation of Affection because she was sleeping with a married coworker. I was maybe 17 and dumb. She told the lawyers she didn’t know it was a crime. It didn’t matter one iota. Haven’t thought of that in years. Thanks, Erika.


I dunno, keep the vacuum, maybe they’ll let her have it in prison so she can mentally de-stress in her cell


It’s a complaint at this point and still has to be proven by a preponderance of the evidence; however this looks pretty damning. The only thing I don’t like is how personal it is written. Never have I referred to a party in a lawsuit by just there first name and some of the language is a bit “extra” for what would normally be straight forward legal text.


I wanted to ask if this is standard language in US filings because it’s a little over the top. The reference to Rinna appears to be legally irrelevant as well, likely just calculated to attract publicity.


No. I never practiced bankruptcy law; however I’ve written numerous pleadings filed in Federal Court. Quite frankly this is embarrassing. His intended audience should be the judge not Bravo fans. To me he’s angling for some sort of personal celebrity fame whether it’s on Fox as a legal analyst or YouTube hits I’m not sure, but as much as Tom/Erika disgust me, it’s also gross that more people know this dweeb’s name than they do any of the victims names.


I was just going to say this. Just because he filed this doesn’t mean there isn’t a law clerk somewhere rolling his/her eyes at this and giggling as he/she drafts a memo to the judge recommending the judge admonish this attorney for not respecting the solemnity of legal proceedings.


It says "even to this today." Whole thing reads weird!


It has some typos for sure.


I have never read a legal document like this before, but some of the language they used did seem like an odd choice. That's one of the reasons I was wondering where this was found. Is this even legit?


The grammar is just awful. The long sentences make it so hard to read. I pity the judge who has to go through this poorly written document


I agree he went over the top for a professional document. How do lawyers normally distinguish between two parties with the same last name? Because I assumed he used Erika as a way to distinguish her from Tom? (And possibly to point out that the Erika Jayne shell company was obviously her private piggy bank.) Is it just Mrs and Mr? Personally I prefer first names over that, but I'm not a lawyer reading an official document, and I know legal decorum is usually very antiquated so I understand how that could be a major faux pas.


I mean, the Mr. and Mrs. part probably distinguish them.


Yes, I understand. I personally prefer to not use that in general for various reasons whe it can be avoided, but like I said, I understand if that is the way it is done in legal documents.


I would initially disclose the party’s full name and then in parentheses state” hereinafter to be referred to as co-defendant or “Mrs. Girardi”). I mean, I didn’t take the time to look into it, but does he refer to Tom by his first name? I don’t know, Ronald Richards rubs me the wrong way. I’m super curious about Erika’s attorney. He’s got exceptional credentials, but the few public statements I’ve read with regard to her liability and the LLC were a bit of a head scratcher for me. I’m guessing that he is hoping to craft some form of settlement arrangement for Erika, but boy she is not making it easy for him with her social media and performance on the show.


I haven’t seen people referred to by their first name either but 🤷‍♀️


I keep reading it in Bethenny’s voice, “who is she Madonna?”




Tom is the “Debtor.”


Clearly I never did bankruptcy law.


Thank you. And apparently the document barely mentions Tom. He's referred to as "her husband" once and Thomas Girardi three times (always his full name). I'm sorry, I read the document at 3 in the morning so I obviously missed some things! Definitely seems unprofessional to call her Erika in an official document then. The only defense I can think of is that Tom is so well established in LA that Richards is trying to make sure people don't read Girardi and unconsciously think it's about Tom. That and that general discourse when it's possible most people usually try to avoid calling a woman going through a divorce by her married name until she's had time to decide if she's going to keep it. But I understand that is in general interactions, not formal legal interactions so thank you for clarifying that it is still standard for her to be referred to as Mrs. Girardi. Yeah, I don't know much about RR, but from what I've seen he definitely seems to be too wrapped up in all the drama of situation. I'm actually really surprised a reputable attorney has stuck with her! I'm actually the spawn of two lawyers so the overwhelming importance of keeping your damn mouth shut if you're ever accused of something legal has been drilled into me literally since I was a small child. I know he threatened to walk away once, but I'm really surprised he didn't actually do it!


She’s been through a few lawyers.


Yes I felt it's poorly written as well and not in a legal tone.


I assume this was written by RR. If so, it’s surprising just how much he’s been allowed to get away with, so far. I think he’s really touched by what’s happened to the widows and victims.


To me it’s a lawyer making sure his personal feelings are being appreciated, which really should never be the case in a legal pleading. If I could change something about this case it would be to replace Ronald Richards. His opinion is irrelevant, but she can use it to say the proceedings are biased (which of course they’re not….but it does give her die hards something to cling to).


I disagree with the idea that he wants to make his personal feelings known. I think he knows Erika and the others obsess about what he says and does, as do the fans following this case. I think he's purposely using this grandstanding, pearl-clutching language to provoke a reaction from her and from everyone else. Naming Lisa Rinna in this complaint was, in my opinion, part of his strategy to hammer at her alliances.


And what attorney blabs to the Tabloids??


Michael Avenati….things worked out really well for him.


Attorneys FOR celebrities do it all the time, just generally the other side doesn’t. All’s fair in love and war though, I guess.


One who is purposely using this grandstanding, pearl-clutching language to provoke a reaction from her and from everyone else.


We can agree to disagree…it’s cool. I just find his presence in the case to be a distraction.


Oh I agree with you that his presence is a distraction, I just think that's exactly what he's going for.


I noticed that also but was not mad about it. 😀


Wheeewww weeee, CHILE!


$175k a MONTH?! Is she aware you can do your makeup and hair by yourself for free? I don’t even think Kathy Hilton has a glam squad. Rich people are annoying. Jesus…


You want to be really annoyed? Go look at Kris & Khloes new side by side mansions. Kris's is the bigger one. You know, the woman who just has a br and no kids or dependants. She has the larger house.


Kim’s is down the street and ridiculous.


Honey, have you seen her makeup lately? Maybe it takes $40K. I’m thinking a good beauty blender is a good start, but I’m not a successful pop star, lead in a Broadway play, tv actor and a best selling author, so what do I know?


I was gonna say the same thing. Her makeup next week is AWFUL.


I’m sure mine is hideous too. Lol. But, instead of gas bagging she should have been paying attention OR good god, there are a gazillion YouTube videos she could learn from. Anyway, it’s hard to be charitable. Where are her Fox four friends when you need help with makeup? Hmmm. Erika, call your friend Rinna.


I’m not yelling at you but… The fact that the elite and celebrity culture think someone’s yearly salary per month is necessary for getting their hair and makeup done is so sad.


Clearly. Who said it wasn’t? If anything, I was being facetious. Girl could pick up a beauty blender at the dollar store and work at it, when she’s done vacuuming.


Most of that money was spent on her drive to become a pop star. This is precisely why virtually no one self publishes and self finances a pop star career. It's really really really expensive. You need the backing of a music label to buffer the costs.


Uhh have you not seen Erika’s wardrobe? You think that costs $5 a month, and the rest is on her “pop star” career?


So far the legal team has found $25 million on EJ Global. That's what I was referring to.


Lady Gaga did it (but she was born that way).


lady gaga is just so great.


She made her own disco stick with absolutely zero backing..


because she was standing here waiting for you to bang the gong.


Yeah I make $100K less than that in a YEAR and I'm pretty comfy. Wtfffffffff.


Seriously, we live comfortably and save as a single income family with about that in a year! Even if we lived somewhere more expensive and our housing expenses were significantly higher, I can’t fathom spending close to that!


What do you do? Soz being nosey


Project Coordination and Admin Support.


Continues to fund from unknown sources! I’m so glad that was included. This lady spent $175,000 a month while she knew those babies and their parents were suffering and going without. I just can’t. This makes me so upset.


Every day must be excruciating for them when things come out, on top of the pain and lack of treatment that they need. It’s so sad and makes me angry.


He’s hinting that she has some other sugar Daddy at the moment.


I thought is was about offshore assets.


Turks and Caicos money!


This is funny because they are using her Housewives Tagline against her. Erika thought she was so cool to have a glam squad and this expensive persona and now they are attacking it. The fact that she stole that expensive champagne says that she's still extremely materialistic and clueless to the severity of the situation. I'm waiting for her to be humble.


feigned willful blindness combined with pretend amnesia


I love the ostrich reference!


I chuckled at that line!!


He is on Twitter answering questions about it ✅. @ronaldrichards


What does he say? I got a timeout again


I got a timeout once for saying “redneck hillbillies.” Really? And it wasn’t even directed to an actual person. Just referring to a group of people who were being lame. And are in fact redneck hillbillies. 😀


I have a friend who keeps getting put in fb jail for calling people white trash. I begged him to switch to garbagio blanco so I wouldn't miss out on pictures of his dogs.


Garbagio blanco! LOL. Use Spanish or other language the GBs can’t speak! (Or the automatic filter)


I called someone grotesque & disgusting for her actions last week. I guess she just logged on and saw it last night. Wuss! I won’t say who so as not to spark any politics in here but since when is the opinion of a nobody worthy of being banned? Twatter sucks.


LOL! He is mainly explaining the lottery payments which were attorney’s fees— a client paid them in lottery payments instead of cash. There is no way they should be distributed to individuals like Erika and the other people whose names were redacted.




Some shady housewife (Rinna) will play on that for their tag line next year. “This glam is supported by the real deal.”


My husband saw Rinna’s confessional with her hair pulled back all purple look and her usual look and asked why she wouldn’t choose to look like that and not the look with the mop on her head. I don’t know why she won’t give up that look. Yeah, it’s easy, but come on. She has a terrible personality, why not burn the bucket hats and go to the salon?


It’s sad that none of this will be addressed in the reunion




I think they will be all over this at the reunion to the extent Bravo allows them to.


Can’t wait for the After Show.


“The glam cannot be supported by the sham” is gonna be my new tag


I hope Sutton uses this as a tag line next season


Just made it my flair. 😀


From all the public information i belive that Erika knew almost all shady stuff. 🤥


I wasn’t 100% sold that she was fully aware of where the money was coming from, but this changes everything and opens my eyes, for sure. Makes me wonder how much of it was HER idea and she convinced Tom to take the money. It would make sense that he would do as she wished to keep his young, attractive wife happy. Then somehow he was caught, and at the first sign of trouble she bailed - divorced him, claims ignorance, tries to completely throw him under the bus. Incredible.


Me too! I always kinda thought maybe she really didn’t know and she didn’t ask because she was getting what she wanted. Out of sight out of mind. Not that this should waive her of all liability, but it would probably play a factor in sentencing or whatever. I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt. But this changes EVERYTHING! I now have no doubt that she not only knew but actually aided in the plan. I am now even more sure that the divorce and everything since was all so the estate could keep the money in some form, a plan absolutely hatched by Tom. She deserves to go under the jail with her all of a sudden “mentally deficient” ex-husband who was winning cases right up until this whole thing dropped. They are both vile human beings and deserve exactly what is coming from them.


The best friend of the mother of one of the victims worked with him. She thinks he had her go on RHBH to supplement their income because he was having trouble keeping up. She was featured on the ABC special about the case.


He stole from them because he could no longer support her extravagant lifestyle.


The AMEX card Erika was using was issued to her on the Girardi Keese master account and was paid directly by Girardi Keese. Erika and Tom's personal 2018 Schedule C tax return shows income for EJ Global LLC of $1,063,572 and expenses of $2,723,864 for a loss of $1,660,292 If Girardi Keese was paying the American Express bill directly, then shouldn't those payments on her behalf have been considered income? Did Tom call these AMEX payments "loans" to EJ Global LLC, but Erika thought of them naively as a gift? Was EJ Global the "investment" he was referring to with his clients? Erika couldn't leave Tom because he spun her up in a web of debt and tax fraud? (This seems really dark and calculated and I can't quite wrap my head around it) Here's where it gets really dicey for Erika: In a five-year period, you can claim a business net loss up to two years without any tax problems. If you report operating losses more frequently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) might rule your business is only a hobby. I read somewhere her gross income as Erika Jayne was $6 million, but expenses of $25 million. If Erika's LLC declared a loss every year since 2008, the IRS can go back and claim that it was a hobby and now she's liable to repay any deductions she took for TWELVE YEARS with penalties and interest. Not only will she owe the original $25 million, but also millions to the IRS. This girl is screwed, blued and tattooed.


There is away to get out of the hobby rule. If you can prove your intent was to make money you can get away with the 2/5 but I don’t know how strict they are about that. IRS doesn’t play 🤷‍♀️


The thing that **really** gets me is **"Erika has repeatedly contended that she is entitled to any left over money from this Estate**". She literally does not give one shiny fuck about the orphans and widows. PK only scratched the surface with his assessment. Inherently cold ain't even close.


>The AMEX card Erika was using was issued to her on the Girardi Keese master account and was paid directly by Girardi Keese. This is what I think. It sounds like Tom gave Erika a black AMEX but it was the firms card. He wrote them off in the books as loans to Erika. The back account must have been linked as the form of payment. She could have been spending the whole time without a clue it was the firms money. She’s so screwed. He completely screwed over. I wonder who filled out the Amex paperwork?


So question? If you were from a Producer point of view how long could you keep Erika? One more season, season 12 to squeeze out story, because beyond that would be embarrassing? Plus she has more lawsuits coming right?


I think they’ll keep her past 12, because filming the embarrassment (although she’s incapable of that) is something they’d see as entertainment. As messed up as we may see it.


Yes I agree with you but the outrage will be a lot


If I were Erika Chahoy Zizzo Girardi, I'd be looking real hard at finding a new husband. I can't see her being Erika Jayne the performer anymore since she doesn't have a bankroll to fund it and it never turned a profit on its own.


I thought that was the new thing. She already had a new man in her life... I know she was linked to Scooter Braun earlier this year/late last year ( time has no meaning to me anymore in this covid space time continuum)


>Erika couldn't leave Tom because he spun her up in a web of debt and tax fraud? It's possible, but the fact that she was signing over the lottery payments to herself instead of the law firm makes that seem incredibly unlikely. I suppose she might have felt like she was in so deep she had to go along with it, but at that point she had to know she was comitting a crime. "Oh, the law firm wants to gift the annual payments from the lottery it won in a settlement directly to me? That seems completely on the up and up! Fabulous!"