sounds like 4/4 to me, but it's heavily swung and the melody gives it a waltz feel since it's 3/3/2 to in each bar.


Maybe that was a bad example what about this one? https://youtu.be/KqrWWa9RKY8 I reckon it would be well hard to spit over that


That sounds 4/4 as well. The funny thing about time signatures is that depending on your school of thought, there are either many time signatures or no such thing as one. It's an illusion for the listener that perceives something in a different time signature created by how the hats, kicks, drums, etc are placed. What sort of full, half, quarter, dotted notes are being played between the beats of a bar. 2 bars of 3/4 can be interpreted as 1 bar of really slow 4/4 with a half time pattern. 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 Time signatures serve a purpose as a communication tool to anyone performing said music in order to replicate the feel of the original composer's version. It says nothing about what a music is or isn't. What defines that more are things like scales, keys, harmony, etc. To answer your original question though, it's not about time signature, it's about the genre and MCs who'd want to spit to that genre. I was at a real dubstep show in Chicago a weekend ago, MC was spitting to some deep bass heavy dubstep with American rap. They do do it, it's just rare in the dubstep scene. And it varies by country. In the US, you'd probably find it to be more likely to be hip hop instrumentals getting rapped to. Perhaps in the UK, you may see drum n bass.


I think part of the reason it's less common is because Dubstep is a bit on the slow side for rap. I made this point on another recent thread -- if you've ever heard a Biggie verse thrown over a Dubstep beat, it has to be slowed down or chopped up to fit (if you know of any where this isn't the case, please share!). Halftime is closer to the right tempo IMO. And time signatures can definitely be ambiguous, but sometimes it's pretty distinctly not 4/4, e.g. 7/8 has a very different feel. They'll eventually "meet up" after enough repetitions, but their rhythms will be different unless you're deliberately moving elements around each measure to confuse the listener :).


On the slow side for rap? Grime, arguably one of the biggest uk rap genres literally began with mc’s spitting over dub tunes la


Yeah but I'm talking about from a Hip-Hop perspective (because this was mentioned in the previous comment). In my experience, most Hip-Hop tunes clock in a bit faster than Dubstep. There are slower songs, too, of course... but they aren't a majority AFAIK. edit: to clarify, it's more that Dubstep *feels* slower. The actual bpm (140) is higher.




Wow thanks for doing that man yeh I have used musescore before and hated every second of it 😂 I get what you're saying about the triplets but what about when the whole tune is in triplets does it make it secretly a different tempo? Look how this example changes the tempo by using the spacing of the triplets from the intro as the tempo in the main riff. Genius imo and I've always wondered if you can mix tempos in dance music that way and what the equation would be https://youtu.be/bWXazVhlyxQ Would you still technically call this one 4/4? In every bar there's 4 notes with subdivisions of 3? https://youtu.be/fuwnmWjEGnI


>when the whole tune is in triplets does it make it secretly a different tempo?Look how this example changes the tempo by using the spacing of the triplets from the intro as the tempo in the main riff. that's just a polyrhythm ​ Personally I would consider the track to remain in the 4-beat tempo if only for the fact that it's simpler to program triplets in a DAW than to make a beat in triple time and program tuplets


A nice electronic song (not dubstep but some aesthetic similarities) that is all in triplet rhythm but I think would still be considered 4/4 https://youtu.be/6YZf9FXdEks


time sigs are kinda funny, both ways you've described are technically correct. the composer is the person who typically sets the time sig, but without that info those are both valid ways to analyze the song. the drums might be 12/8 but the melody isn't really


That makes sense cheers man


I'd call this 4/4. I'd imagine an mc would in a 12/123/123/123 type flow


I dunno I sear there are bare tunes in 12/8, what about this one? https://youtu.be/KqrWWa9RKY8 No MC can spit on that surely?


Yo so this is pretty rough and ready and I'm bare rusty but this is a [certifiably spittable riddim](https://we.tl/t-hXDOnTmOsO)


Dude sick great job


nice lol




Spaceape would absolutely destroy this, RIP


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