My first EVER was a Radio Shack Golden Arrow. I loved the hell out of that thing. Many many years later, I picked up a Redcat Everest 10 and it’s been all downhill from there (for my wallet at least 😂 ).


While I had a tyco 1/14 scale full function* Turbo hopper, my friend at school had the Golden Arrow, I marveled at its digital proportional control and 1/10 scale with envy. * "Full function"= there are no degrees to the steering or throttle, it just goes max in each direction of the joy sticks, full on/off style.


Tyco R/C Bandit, Taco Bell black and pink colors


Did you give it the beans? lol


Yessss!!! Was telling someone today about my first being the ‘turbo hopper’. Both side of the front bumper snapped off within a week, turning it into a very effective ankle javelin.


Lol my first toy was a RadioShack Agitator. The body shell was a metallic green toyota tundra if memory serves.


Dude!! The Radio Shack golden arrow was my first toy RC as well! Hahah I loved that thing to death. In fact I may still own it. You just brought back so many fond memories.


I remember driving the tread off the rear wheels. And hated NiCd batteries 🤬😂


Traxxas summit Jack of all trades master of none!


The Summit got me in, the Summit got me out. I went through so many servos with that thing, it almost felt like it there was a $25 fee just to run the thing. That said, I would love a nitro basher or scale crawler, but we got this depression on..


Single servo swap the summit, thats what most people do on the summits and revos


If you stick with dual servos but don't set them up right they will die very quickly lol


I admit, that happened with the first couple. Then it was shifting servos and diff servos. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I put in a new front diff servo. Made sure my linkages were absolutely perfect and as soon as I turn it on the horn just starts violently shaking back and forth. I was done.


Oh yeah xD Best to get rid of those locking diffs, and I threw a center diff in mine, that was nice too! Turned my summit into a excellent 4s basher, I regret selling it :(


Team Associated RC10 in 1988. I’m that old .


I still have a couple A-stamp RC-10s from that era. I put a brushless system on one and it was insane. Like, the way-too-fast-to-be-fun kind of insane.


What’s also crazy is how literally indestructible they are, it’s like the whole industry learned (from that car ) that If they keep making them that way they will never make any money selling parts and upgrades. So they starting making them out of graphite lol


Tamiya Falcon, I’m older.


Same here!


Same i just posted a picture of one of mine ran it earlier today


I had the nitro RC 10 GT and some old associated rc 10 with gold chassis and manual wiper speed control with a ceramic resistor my dad gave me. He said it is old.


2WD rustler. Still have it My dad suprised me with it when he got home from a deployment


Similar story here. My dad surprised me and my little brother with a 2wd rustler towards the beginning of the pandemic. Little did he know, that I was secretly developing an obsession for rc cars before he got me the rustler but I never told anyone about it. It was all a big coincidence lol.


Same car, my dad accidentally pulled me off the couch and whacked my head on the coffee table. Minor concussion, but still happened. So to make it up to me he bought me a 2WD Rustler. The model with the first Electronic Speed Controller


My first RC was a Tyco truck when I was a kid. Wish I could remember the model…all I remember is that it was black. Then I got my first real RC when I got a Tamiya Hornet and built it with my dad. Then I kept blowing shocks on it so saved up for an RC10 gold pan. My buddy saved even more and got the RC10 graphite. Those were the days…


Omghi2u! My first was the black Tyco truck. Google "Tyco Bandit" and see if that looks familiar. From there, I talked MY dad into letting me blow my entire first paycheck from my first-ever job on a Tamiya King Cab. (I still have it. ❤️ ) My next purchase was an RC10 Team Car (Al pan). There were a couple after that, but just seemed like a neat parallel.


OMG that’s the one! Too funny! You’re right that our RC paths parallel a lot. I remember seeing the ads for the Tamiya King Cab in RC Car Action. Man, that was a cool truck!


So many oddball Tamiya models: the Clodbuster, Super Clodbuster, King Cab, that [weird Jeep thing with the giant wheels and short wheelbase](https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-trucks/rc-wild-willy-2000/)... The Tamiya Hummer was my first hobby grade RC.


Technically…it was a Radio Shack RC called a ‘Lightning RS’ Then I got a little more into a ‘hobby grade’ when Xmods came to Radio shack. A local hobby store that was more for cards/warhammer also carried Xmods. They’d host race Nights. Some dudes outside the store after race night where ripping nitro Monster trucks. I was in disbelief… Saved up that summer and got me a HPI Savage X 4.1 🥲


I had a Traxxas Stampede my dad bought for me used off eBay when I was about 12 or 13 (like 2001 maybe). I had always been a huge RC fan and the cheap stuff wasn’t holding up anymore. I had a ton of fun with it. Saved up birthday money and such so I could buy wheels, tires, shocks, etc. it lasted about 3 years before my after a rain storm bashing fried the electronics. After that I had a nitro RC10GT I hated. Traded it off for an E-Maxx I wish I still had. Now I have a 4x4 Slash VXL, a regular 2wd Slash, a Team Losi Mini T, and my original Mini T I kept for parts.


I have a stampede 4x4, but dig the Losi mini-b and mini-t


Tamiya Frog in 1984.


Had one too, that design was interesting to say the least ;)


Tamiya hornet


[Tamiya Monster Beetle (1986)](https://tamiyabase.com/articles/52-things-to-know/165-tamiya-monster-beetle-1986)


That one kicked ass, such a fun car to drive


Wltoys A959, gave it to a friend last Thanksgiving in Arozina to keep it going. Now I have a few cars lol


For me it was a wltoys 144001. In portugal people is broke af, don't have money for expensive cars.


Mine was the 124019 :)


124019 as well! Hell of a toy, still playing with it every week🤟


I miss mine. Son wrecked it into a bush and the motor caught fire. Figured it would be a good time to go brushless, so I'm waiting on parts. We got a brushless 16889 truck in the meantime and it's pretty fun.


Tyco Turbo Hopper that ran on AAs and then a 9.6v Bandit! 😆 I never was able to get anything more hobby grade way back then. On a whim I bought myself a $60 Granite Voltage on sale a couple years ago and that really got me hooked.


Same. There is a landfill somewhere filled with AAs. Graduated to a grasshopper when I hit a post and broke the rear axle in two. Oh how far we have come.


Despite the miserable battery life there was something to be said for those old Tycos though! I’d kind of like to get a simple Tamiya buggy to recreate that feeling.


The Turbo Hopper!! It did that thing where it gave you the speed boost with the last 10% of the throttle. I burned through a lot of AA batteries on that thing because the rechargeables just didn’t give it the same zip.


Dad’s old T-Maxx. He brought it out every now and then when I was a kid. Right now it’s buried in one of his shed somewhere. Once his hips are recovered we plan to dig it up and rebuild it.




Grasshopper and hornet


Hornet was my first, my older brother got a grasshopper and I just had to have something that cool also. Took my a while to earn the money to get it but I drove that thing to death. Wished I would have kept it.


I met a kid with a Grasshopper that claimed it went 50mph. I wanted so bad to race him with my Hornet. I also remember at least 3 times I had to completely rebuild my Hornet when I broke the front shock tower that was part of the chassis. What a crappy design.


A traxxas rustler my uncle sold my mom for $20. We didn’t have much money and the parts we broke we repaired with janky hackjobs. Eventually it broke down entirely when the battery died and the steering fell apart. I then bought a traxxas slash about a year ago and then upon finding the abandoned rustler in a trunk in my house I decided to restore it for my mom for Christmas


Nitro revo planted the seed. 15 years later I got my first one, ERevo 2.0 I’ve since expanded


Expanded and got your PHD in RC.


Duratrax Evader ST


Green body here -- broke so many of the fragile parts. It was made of glass I swear.


Ecx Amp dune buggy


That was my second kit I built (MT not buggy but same car). Awesome little thing. I still use it to run my dogs


Traxxas stampede 2wd with a sidewinder 3 esc and motor combo running 3s, shits would HAUL idk what happened to it after the move.


A nikko dictator!


My first hobby grade was a Kyosho Raider, but getting to drive a Tamiya Falcon was the first taste!


Tamyia Manta Ray in the 90ies. Still have it in a box somewhere on the attic. Received loads of child 'love' :)


my first ever was a kyosho, hated it…2nd was a tamiya hilux, game changer….then i got a RC 10 and that took it to another level, my dad was soo mad after he found out how much this hobby costed…funny thing he introduced it to me….good times, from there it was a new kit every year until i was 15, god i loved him for this…im 41, im still in the game…priceless…ohh, the kyosho was my first “build”….first ever was the tyco bandit 🥹


Hirobo alien mid 4.


I only ever saw that in the towerhobbies catalog - I don't even know what the chassis looks like, lol - time to google....


Its a sweet rig. I still have it surprisingly.


the Grave Digger stampede 2wd, dad got it for me when i was 3. Still have it and i still love the hobby to this day (im 14 now) we have a whole room in our house dedicated to them


Grave digger stampede lol.


Rc10t2 and b2…still have both. Older brother had a gold rc10 and a 1/12 ae pan car that really got it all started tho


RC-10 and Losi JRx2


Tamiya Grasshopper. Probably ~1989 or something. I remember my dad buying it for me, and us spending about an hour a night assembling it when my dad got home from work over maybe a week.


Losi Mini-T and still rocking it often


My First Car was actually an xMods. After that Kyosho Fazer and Inferno Neo


My first hobby grade RC was a 2wd stampede I got as a Christmas gift, but I wasn’t really into it, but then I got an ERevo 2.0 and man I loved that thing. Now I’ve got plenty more haha


I dunno what it is, but the Erevo 2.0 is so cool. I just am in awe of the design and look. The low slung but huge travel nothing drives like it.


It is amazing. I’ve done some tuning for my own personal use such as stiffer suspension with higher ride height since I like taking big jumps. Also the stock tires wore out too fast so I’ve switched over to dboots backflips and they’re great tires for all-terrain driving


Good stuff. I totally dig how the Erevo floats over terrain at high speed.


It’s a totally different animal. When it’s running good, you know it because it’s a like an unstoppable force.


Two-wheel drive stampede.


My parents use to race off road rc back in the early to mid 90s and I remember seeing a Clodbuster at one of the races. It was a few years later that I got my first rc from one of my dad's friend which was a associated pan car. After that I really got into it, which I had some on road and off road Hpis.


My dad got a Tamiya Grasshopper as a gift from some business partner, or client back in the late 80s. That was my first exposure. The first car that was mine was an RC10T Team kit. I ended up having a few more cars and even worked at the LHS (Al’s Hobby in Elmhurst, IL) until I went to college. But stopped not long after college in the early 2000s. 6 or so months ago I picked up a TT01E and brought it to a track. I’d say I’m back full speed now with several cars across several classes.


[Tamiya M1025 Hummer](https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-4wd-shaft-drive-road-ta/rc-m1025-hummer/), circa 1997 or so. Was my first hobby-quality car, and it was technically interesting to build with all the features you'd find on a race quality RC car. The body was heavy plastic, probably ABS, with molded details. It was heavy and probably the only real downside to the model. But it looked AMAZING. From there, I moved on to the Stampede, the Team Associated RC10T3 for racing, and the E-Maxx. Recently getting back into the hobby with the ARRMA Outcast 4S V2 (as soon as Horizon ships the damn thing).


Rc10 old gold


My dad got me a Stampede 2wd for my birthday in like 2012. 5 years later i got an awesome deal on an upgraded slash 4x4 roller on eBay. I traded that stampede to my friend for a bunch of other parts and ive been building it since then.


Tamiya Hornet, my dad bought it for my brother but I drove the hell out of it and years later started wrenching on it myself, still under 10 years old. Now in my 40s and my 6 year old was in toy grade RCs which prompted me to check out eBay for a used hornet. Been hooked since then and now race with my son at a local track running a 1/10 scale tekno and an 1/8 scale TLR 8ight.


My first rc is a Traxxas rustler. After watching Jang's reviews on Ultimate RC, it seemed like the one I'd have the most fun starting off with. 9 years and one brushless conversion later, it's still kicking. Although I might get an infraction, Maxx, or even an HPI Vorza if I can find replacement parts.


Grasshopper in the 80’s Nitro Savage in the 2000’s Rustler this year Now I have the Rusty, Maxx, Sledge, Xmaxx, and Limitless (oh yeah, I had to order a scratch and ding infraction 🤦🏻‍♂️). The addiction is real!


I guess the Tamiya Fox got me into it. A neighbor had one and I begged my dad for one. Instead, my starter was the Tamiya Hornet. When I started racing, I finally got that Fox, upgraded with alllll the Hot Trick goodies. I’ve built probably 30 other kits since then. I love building ‘em!


RC10. Still got it over 25 yrs later.


Traxxas Bandit and Stampede, Bandit being my 1st and Stampede being my 2nd back in the 90’s. Still have the Stampede too!


Unfortunately for 12 year old me, it was a Tower Hobbies Nitro ST-15


SCX 24 c10 as an adult (born again rc enthusiast) and a “black foot” monster truck my grandad surprised us with when I was about 7ish It was the perfect scale for Jurassic park figures I was sold instantly


RC18T the OG one.


I got my first 1/10th scale rc was a brushed Noname buggy a long time ago but it was a bit boring (bc brushed motor and it being slow) and my first "real" rc was a rustler 4x4 vxl about a year from now and my dad and I are going almost every weekend playing around as I got a maxx on Christmas we take both and he sometimes drive along with me and sometimes just watch me drive them


My first hobby grade rc was a reely dunefighter 2.0 a 4wd brushless buggy with around 45km/h top speed for i think around 220€. I got it because the seller said it was a good car and i certainly dont regret buying it.


MRC MT10M was my first hobby grade. Savage 25 was my first big boy one that I ran the pants off of. I think my very first RC truck (that I can remember) was the Tyco Outlaw in red.. also had a Tantrum and Triple Wheels that I recall fondly.


Traxxas Slash 4X4 VXL


MRC MT-10s


Nylint 1/6 Jeep crawler. I would love to have another


kyosho ez-series sandmaster


Tamiya Monster Beetle


Traxxas Rad 2


Team associated rc18t


Tamiya TL01


Started with an Amazon low price truck but really got started with the Tamiya m-05


1988 Grasshopper.


T-Maxx 2.5R


Losi mini desert truck green and silver


Kyosho Ultima back in the 80’s.


18 dollar new bright car 🤣. now I drive a slash.


Rustler 4x4, TLR 22 5.0 into the racing realm


xmaxx really got me into this hobby, now i’m thousands of $ deep into restoration projects of old nitros 😅


Revo 3.3 and savage x wish I still had them


A big blue raptor/dinosaur themed monster truck from the early 2000s. Nikko or Tyco?


1/16 Brushed Traxxas e-revo


LaTrax Teton.


A no name toy grade when I was 4. Haven't been able to stop having them in my life since then. Instead of running them, I tend to design and build them now.


When I was a kid my dad got me the weekly magazines that came with a part for the thundertiger ssk. We built it together over a year or so and that was my first one.


The T-Maxx! Now I have a completely rebuild T-Maxx, Teton and a Hoss


Tamiya Lunchbox… got it from a neighbor ~2002?


Hpi blitz brushed in 2010


Redcat nitro buggy


Arrma Senton 3s BLX


FTx carnage


Tamiya Frog. Still have it and shockingly it still works


RC10GT still have it and love it


A 2003 Duratrax Evader ST. Currently trying to get it back so I can get it running again.


maverick Strada xb evo from like 9 years ago


Traxxas Stampede 4x4 (Ultimate RC shapeshifter) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck8xrObgP6Y&list=PLKqjVVRLtlJLKtX0m1JzmkAnwtqTSd83A


Hpi savage flux thing was a beast once you shimmed the transmission properly


Associated RC-10T. Loved that thing.


Parma California sport truck


Duratrax Evader..... I nicknamed it the Crapatrax. Not that duratrax is bad just that car that I had was XD I was always breaking the rear bulkhead.


A [1/14 Nikko Porsche 911 GT3RS Evo](https://assets.catawiki.nl/assets/2017/7/3/7/2/e/72e9a624-1560-45ce-ad11-c2d21ef5429b.jpg) (not my picture) was the first good rc car I ever had. Sure, it was a car from the toy store, but it had an actual servo, a good controller, ran on a battery pack instead of AA’s, had suspension, and was quite fast!


Traxxas Slash 2WD, I wanted to have a Hobby car that could start me off well, but not break the bank too much


My first car was the bandit cause I thought it looked like the one out of the movie toy story lmao




Last year bought a 4x4 nitro rc truck for 100$ converting to electric soon


Tamiya Grasshopper in the early 90's


New bright corded 1957 chevy, tyco 9.6v bandit, tamiya blackfoot, Losi Jrt then Lxt. many many more.


Tamiya Hornet. It was on clearance and I wanted to see if I’d enjoy building and driving them. I now have 11 kits I’ve built and numerous tear downs, conversions and repairs. I just ordered my 2 identical RTR, one for a friends kid to learn to drive and one for me to upgrade and race him with.


Not enough Nikko Turbo Panther in here.


2wd slash kit, still a blast to rip around the block.


I started with a nikko Ferrari testarossa and my first hobby grade was a kyosho rampage(used). First new was a traxxas hawk


2wd slash 4 year's ago and not getting rid of it


Mini erevo got me in then out lol. Back in with a custom built losi xxx-nt project!


HG P407 (Tamiya Bruiser clone). Steeeeep learning curve, but quite the education. I know better now 😆


When Tamiya released the grasshopper my brain whispered, "this will make everything better" Well that was a long time ago, and I finally now have a hobby grade Senton, and I'm horribly hooked. Ordering my first kit build (Grasshopper) to build over the long miserable winter. Slow burn, but it never left my memory and kept me lurking at the RC world off and on for decades.


WLtoys 144001. Great little buggy and most replacement parts can be 3d printed for free on thingiverse. Really enjoyed it!


had a radio shack (i think) jeep when i was like 4 or 5. It had two speeds, automatic transmission. (load on an internal spring shifted it down to low gear). Got a Tamiya Fox around 85-86 maybe? I was between 11-13, I don't remember when I got it. Raced it every weekend. Damn RC10s had all the toys and upgrades.


I think it was either the Tamiya CC-01 (Pajero body to be specific) , or the original Axial SCX10 that got me into it. The 1st "proper" rc I ended up with was the Exceed RC Max Stone 10.


Team Associated MGT 1/10 nitro. That was a great vehicle to start with being in highschool with almost no knowledge on it just watching YouTube videos (this is sarcasm). My neighbor had an old Traxxas tmaxx that got me into wanting to get a nitro RC car.


In the late 80's my parents got me a kit for Christmas. I don't remember which brand or model it was. It had a very fragile thin aluminum frame that would easily bend by hand, wouldn't steer straight, and was so slow that it would barely jump one foot off the ground. I was disappointed with it but it was mine. I still had love for it and knew this was a hobby I wanted to get into.


2006 Traxxas Rustler, right at the re-design of the body. First year truck for that.


First ever was a Nikko Wrangler when I was like 5 years old. Then my first hobby grade was a brushed motor HPI E-Firestorm when I was 10 or so :)


Not quite a vehicle, but a little old nitro wankel rotary of my fathers meant to go in an RC aircraft.


The countless Tyco RC cars my mom and granddad got me over the years. One year mom got me this off road truck/buggy from radioshack. It has 2 motors and uses the standard shaped 6-cell NiMH batteries. It wasn't fast but it has a ton of torque. It uses the same size shock springs as the stadium and short course trucks, so you can really customize it if you wanted. The first hobby grade RC was an RC10 T4 RTR. .


Radioshack ferrari f40. First hobby grade was a tamaya blackfoot given to me by my neighbor. Then i bought a kyosho blizzard which started my obsession with nitro. Even now with electric overall better, I still love me my nitro's.


It was an old Hobao Hyper 8. The orange body 1/8 buggy BRCA edition with the hyper 21 blue nitro engine. Man that thing RIPPED. Especially when you're a kid and you don't have much money, nitro was the way to get power. I remember absolutely tearing around the dirt tracks (when it ran right). Nitro has always been a chore to keep going though and eventually I had no time for it and sold it, which I regret but I needed the money. I'm all electric now but when I settle down and build myself an RC corner of a garage, I will have a special nitro place and I will get another identical hyper 8, complete with the spikey tyres I used to run. Edit: spelling


Tamiya Blackfoot followed by an RC10CE. Yes I’m old.


Me too. When I was about 13 I came across some guys running a Vanessa’s Lunchbox on a homemade track near town that made me realize they were more than crappy toys. That evolved into an obsession with the Sand Scorcher. I had pics of the Clod Buster on my wall. Eventually I picked up a Grasshopper and a Blackfoot, but I’ve never gotten over the Baja Bug in general and the scorcher in specific.


Tyco Hammer, Kyosho Sandmaster ST, RC10GT FT, HPI Savage, HPI Savage XL, Axial Yeti XL, TRX-4, Maxx. Roughly in that order. Maybe some little guys in between.


Arrma granite was my first. 3S wheelie machine!


I can’t recall what they were….They were from Sears RC monster trucks, there were 2 models the Yellow one and the (faster) blue one. My uncle had the Yellow one and gave it to me….you could plug it in and charge the batteries inside the truck. Was amazing.


hpi saveg was my first.


The normal rustler 2wd, im probably like 70 percent of people lol.


Tamiya Wild Willy, the original. At the tender age of 7 I got to try one that one of my parents friends had. I loved it so much my father bought it off of him for my birthday.


First hobby grade was a good old Traxxas Bandit!


Radio Shack Golden Arrow , the one the only


Traxxas slash


Savage xl. Still have it, engine went to shit as we all know the k5.9 was shit. Bought a force .36 and it rips. I dont use it as much anymore as it was a hassle to drag around all the stuff needed.


Tmaxx 3.3 and it still runs to this day. OG engine and finally upgraded controls last summer. Kids have been pestering me all summer to fix up the 4tec 3.3 that still runs as well(all front suspension is gone, kid crashed it...lol)


Cen racing f450 because I wanted a truck that matched my f250 and I'll always want a dually


My parents bought me a slash, which was my first hobby grade rc, but before that I had new brights, I loved those heaps of shit as a kid but now I love crawlers


First one I officially got was SCX10 deadbolt but later the same day I was given a ECX ruckus and a ruckus chassis


Rustler 4x4 brushed. Great starter car. Only wish I’d gone straight to VXL cause I was bored of brushed within a few weeks and the parts you get different are worth waay more than $100, but I learned how to work on it and the upgrade process taught me a lot.


Traxxas Slash 4x4. It was the Jerry Whelchel edition, and I have no clue where that body is. It's my favorite body for it, and I really want to buy one.


Nikko Dictator back in 1987


Slash 1/16


A wltoys across, black and lime green desert racer.


My first rc was a Tamiya black foot. My first rc that I bought myself was a Tamiya king cab.


Redcat Everest Gen 7 pro. got it for christmas when I was 9. I swear I have been working on it longer than I've been driving it. Right now it needs a new ESC.


For me it was the red cat volcano 18. That thing sucked compared to any other hobby grade rc, but it taught me the basics


I had a nikko 4x4 looking thing, it was white with chevron tyres, rwd and had an engine sound module. Looked kinda like jeep wrangler.


TT-01 then a Savage SS, OG was whatever those tuner cars were you could charge on the receiver from radio shack.


Hpi micro RS4


My first rc was a Nikko Venus


Team corally dementor v1, kept breaking it and fixing it. Really hyped me up to spend thousands in this hobby!!


First gen EMaxx.


Tyco hammer!


Traxxas Rustler 2007


HPI Savage 25 I still have it too, ship of theseus at this point I almost have an entire other Savage in spare parts.


Losi JRX2! 😹👍🏁


Tamiya Baja King


I got a Litehawk Overdrive (Hosim 9125) during Covid, killed that quick, then replaced it with a Traxxas Stampede


I had a million toy grade RCs over my childhood, my favorite was a radio shack Stuart Little convertible. Got it for my 6th birthday and I still have it, it’s on a shelf in the garage. My first hobby grade was an OG E-Maxx that my uncle got me a good 5-6 years ago at this point. It had all original parts and some old “rocket pack” NiMHs. It drove great at first but I lived in apartments until fairly recently so it sat around for a while. When I pulled it out of the garage and got back into the hobby a good 6-8 months ago now I realized the batteries were just toast and the receiver had crapped out so it stopped driving once it was 6+ feet away from me. But I’ve put a bunch of money into it at this point: Spektrum DX3 transmitter/receiver, Zeee NiMH packs (highly recommended), new bumpers and skid plates, new clutch, rebuilt myself the rear diff. Super proud of having done the clutch and diff myself, they were far from bolt-on jobs. It still drives great but I honestly can’t wait to get an Xmaxx so that I don’t have to beat it up anymore. Since getting back into driving it I’ve bought a RWD VXL Slash and put a bunch of mods onto it already hahaha. I also really really like crawling and got a Jeep SCX24 that I looove. Beadlocks wheels and tires turned it into a different beast, it led me to also putting a new steering servo and steering links on to keep up with the weight of the bead locks. It has made me really really want a 10th scale crawler so I’m set to buy a TRX4 Sunset Bronco soon. Then I’m gunning for my Xmaxx hahaha.