we made this so much harder than it needed to be. Hopefully we can come out swinging Sunday and not just for a home game but to bring some momentum into the playoffs


So it looks like we’ll most likely play Miami. Also, to clinch a home playoff game we have to equal/better Miami’s result on Sunday


If we beat Charlotte we could easily end up hosting Cincinnati, they play at D.C. which should be an easy win for them and if Miami loses Cincinnati jumps them. Mimai hosts Montreal but Montreal is playing for #1 in the east so they should definitely be bringing all they can to beat Miami and earn that bye and seed.


So only a win at home 100% guarantees a home game. Miami win against our tie means they own win tie-breaker. Nope, can’t see that happening; this team would never let that occur [/sarcasm] I’m crossing my fingers.


And against a team with nothing to play for and with Miami playing a good team with something to play for. Who could foresee such horrors...


Normally this would have "trap game" written all over it. But our home form is so bad that I think it flips the cliche on its head, and the surprise result would actually be 3 points. So I'm gonna tell myself that's exactly what will happen.


Great piece! Thanks!


Appreciate your very information posts. 👍


I just want a home game but we seemingly can't do anything easy. There's no excuse not to just beat Charlotte at home, they should be burnt out from emptying the tank trying to win tonight.


Yup I think they’ll probably just give key players some rest and integrate some new players as their season is over. We are playing for a home game so we’ll definitely need to amp up the place. Bringing all my friends