Can’t we tell them to fuck off and go fuck themselves?! Fucks sake. fucking homeless smurf pigeon wankers. It just looks like we as a club have no fucking balls. Letting them use our stadium time and time again with no fucking resistance. Grow some balls and say “no we’re tired of our biggest rivals using our fucking stadium”.


The league made us, but not next year.


RB should grow a back bone and tell them to fk right off.


They don't own the arena. They just operate it. Its owned by Hudson County. I'm fairly sure they have no say over the events that the arena hosts as long as it doesn't conflict with the RBNY schedule.


Our lease gives us total control


That's not entirely clear. > [HCIA will have the right, during the term of the lease, to hold up to 48 “public use events” in the Red Bull Arena each year.](https://www.theobserver.com/2016/07/27/town-scores-red-bull-revenues/) But there's also this from Red Bull Arena, Inc. v. Town of Harrison > [Under the leases, tenant (RBA) is responsible to pay $150,000 annually in fixed rent net to landlord. Tenant has the exclusive right to manage, operate and control the Premises, including the exclusive right to: schedule all events; negotiate and sell all naming rights and broadcasting rights; negotiate and execute all sponsorship, signage, rental and vendor agreements; conduct all advertising and promotions; make all decisions regarding stadium operations, admissions, ticketing, merchandising, concessions (including the right to set ticket prices for all events in the stadium at its sole discretion); and implement all construction and alterations of improvements. With the exception of rent, landlord is not entitled to any income generated by operation of the stadium. As tenant, RBA is entitled to all revenues from the stadium, including from such sources as the sale of naming rights for the stadium.](https://casetext.com/case/red-bull-arena-inc-v-town-of-harrison-2#N196786) > ["Events" is broadly defined to include uses related to team activities, and exhibition, presentation and broadcasting of other amateur and professional sporting team events, live entertainments, fairs, fireworks displays, trade shows, motor sports, and other events not related to soccer. Plaintiff must provide landlord with notice of the intended event prior to its occurrence and may proceed with any event unless that particular event has a "documented pattern of murder, riot, rape or substantial property damage" at the venue or surrounding neighborhood, in such case the landlord can bar the event from taking place only through obtaining an injunction.](https://casetext.com/case/red-bull-arena-inc-v-town-of-harrison-2#N196786)


County needs to grow some balls then


The county prefers making money to support the community over butthurt Red Bulls fans.


The money earned from letting our biggest rivals use our stadium prolly doesn’t even go to the community anyway lol but go off


It literally goes to the county...


Soft to block someone over a minor disagreement


Wonder if they'd try MetLife. Giants play the Sunday of that playoff weekend but they could get it in Saturday or Monday.


It has to be magnitudes more expensive to hire maintenance/hospitality crews for MetLife compared to RBA or other soccer-specific venues.


Whose decision was this? I'm trying to figure out why its such a big deal if we play there as the "away" team. I would have guessed all parties involved would prefer Red Bull Arena to something like Hartford.


I wonder if we would be able to fill the away section if this ends up being the case.


They don't let the Third Rail sit in the South Ward -- there was actually a controversy over this for the first game NYCFC played there, but RBA/Red Bull rectified it. They're somewhere else. I wonder if they'd make us sit in like a...makeshift secondary away section. That'd be weird.


I don't remember them ever sitting in the South Ward but they did have nycfc banners covering the South Ward for the first game and maybe even the few after but a lot of people emailed their reps about it and they ended up stopping it.


bro fuck th pigeons, why is this a thing


Lol what a joke


Absolutely fucking hate this


Mayor Adams needs to do more for homeless people who only own a covid 19 cup


It’ll be easier for us to get tickets if they play at Montclair.


That would be the best. I'll rent a U-Haul and just watch from the parking deck.




I'm in. Can we grill inside of a U-Haul truck or should we be looking at one those open trailers?


You can definitely grill inside a U-Haul. It's just that it'll be your last ever bbq