Fabio and the small amount of clamoring about a potential return suggests to me a larger issue with this franchise and increasingly the fanbase. The team has gotten complacent and the fans have lowered the bar and expectations to pre Marsch, maybe even pre Henry, levels. Don’t get me wrong, the squad itself is mostly solid but there is room for improvement and bringing back a retread doesn’t exactly scream ambition. Struber might still be too much in the survival/also ran mindset from WAC and Barnsley. Celebrating squeaking into the playoffs last season like a grand accomplishment, lowering expectations before this season and pointing out the youth and inexperience of the squad after every poor result. They have only just now brought in a new Head of sport to oversee Hamlett who is seemingly not trusted or allowed to act independently with player acquisition. The team should be looking for a high caliber 3rd DP and defensive depth in the coming weeks if they want to possibly win something this season.


After watching the Luq video on the main page about having zero English this might be more of a culture fit than anything else. Understand the concerns but a build around Luq seems like an actual identity.


Bring back our Fabio!!!!


[Article being referenced in the tweet](https://www.torcedores.com/noticias/2022/06/atletico-mg-libera-atacante-para-negociar-com-outro-clube-visando-chegada-de-alan-kardec) Far from anything official but interesting option nonetheless. He produced more for us last year than Fletcher has this year, the problem was just that he wasn't quite good enough to warrant a long-term DP contract. Best case scenario is that they go out and find that guy who is worth a long-term DP contract, but if they're not ready to pull the trigger on that then having Fabio back at a reasonable price, possibly on loan again, would be a decent backup plan.


I'd defintiely take him on loan for the second half, not like anything else has worked ​ Maybe put Long at striker if this falls through once Reyes is back 100% lol


I thought this guy was an absolute donkey on the ball, but his familiarity with the club and system is a definite positive in terms of potential striker reinforcements.


Agreed I didn't like Struber getting cute and trying him so often in the attacking midfield role. It didn't suit him at all. He's a bull in a china shop that you toss in the box and see what happens. The goals will be ugly, but they count all the same.


Definitely a bad 10 but obviously we don't need to him in that role anymore. I always felt he was a great compliment to Klimala but we never got to see a 2 striker system together.


That's what I was always hopeful to see as well but it never really materialized. Maybe Luqi and Morgan would have a better chance of setting him up than his last stint here. I wouldn't complain as long as it's not a DP contract.