You'll find an infinitely larger amount of help on the RW Discord server than here. Just click the download button a bunch of times and eventually it will work.


I check the session log in the main RW folder, and in the bottom of it I found the problem, somehow, CRM cannot connect to the proxy and the web where is CG allocated, but it shows the link of that web, so I check that and it was a mediafire file, I downloaded and installed manually in the place that moded regions are saved and it worked, so, It is a temporally solution, hope the developer of CRM or CG noticed the problem, don't know if anyone else is having it, but I found a solution for me.


Do you have EVERY MODS you need for custom regions? Some of them need aditional mods


CRS automatically downloads all mod dependencies. Even if that wasn't the case, the error message clearly tells you about a completely different issue.