The Superbowl I want but will never get. Yesterdays win made me very happy.


That TD pass to DJax was stupid. It was a diagonal pass to the right that almost looked like it bent downfield as it was going across. Fucking 15/10 difficulty. Absolutely ridiculously perfect. Only people in the league who can make that pass are Rodgers, Carr, Russ, and maybe Mahomes. I’d even argue that Tom Brady, the supposed goat can’t even make that pass.


💯 This is the way…. One could easily say only a Jedi could make that throw…


Or one of those assassins from that ridiculous movie where they bend bullets.


Mahomes is bottom 15 in deep ball


Usually I don’t jump on the hate train for Mahomes nearly as much as I’d like too and I think you’re exaggerating here, but Mahomes is definitely overrated as a deep passer. The main reason that is is because all his receivers run insanely fast. We’ve seen it with Derek and Ruggs, the deeper the throw, the more the receiver has to adjust to the ball. Running like MF wind allows you to make up for more lost yards. Making a deep throw to Tyreek Hill is a hell of a lot easier than making it to even guys like DeAndre Hopkins who have great hands and route running but just aren’t quite as fast.


i can only find a top 10 list for last year and mahomes isn't on it. i remember him being 15 or 16th when i saw the whole list shared somewhere, but i dont think it's fair to say his recievers being fast lower mahomes' numbers. Hill is constantly wide open or making a ridiculous circus catch that most wrs wouldn't be able to do because they're too slow


I like how Carr threw it and you listed Rodgers first? Lol I mean I do agree with your synopsis but cmon man…


I’m still blown away that with all that this team has dealt with, and on a 3 game slide the “experts” still show no love and just say the cowboys played bad, they didn’t have starters…we lost a head coach m’fkrs!


Thank god we won lol


Proves what I've always said. The NFL is better when the Raiders and the Cowboys are good. I live in Dallas and most of my fam are Cowboys fans. I root for them so long as it's not against the Raiders or doesn't hurt the Raiders playoff chances 😂


I also live in Dallas county and fuck them sorry ass cowboys lmaooo


I'm pretty sure that was 30M people rooting against "America's Team."


You guys think the NFL makes us face them in prime time the next couple of years? 🤷🏻‍♂️


absolutely, but we won't see them for another 4 years unless we finish the same place. BUT, if the NFL really is rigged these numbers absolutely help lean the rigging toward a Cowboy/Raider Super Bowl


Well you know we face the division opponents twice, then they have us face another division or two, but then there's always one or two games they just mash people together. I figured it would be one of those one or two games


Holy shit that would be a huge Superbowl for the NFL. And tha RAIDAS


Is 26 Naruto running


He is. Right out of bounds after Djax hit that cut up.


Americas team is really the raiders.


We all know it’s the COIN


My whole family (parents, siblings, grandparents) at thanksgiving actively rooting against the raiders for unknown reasons while I pace back and forth like a mad man during 4th/OT.


The Raiders win their first Thanksgiving game since the Mad Bomber (Daryl Lamonica) won it for them in 1968. 38.5 million people saw it! I don't hate the Cowboys, they are my 3rd favorite team but a win is a win. Raider Nation 4 ever!


The real battle for America’s team!