Any similar albums to The King of Limbs out there?

I really REALLY love TKOL, and while this is definitely an unpopular opinion, I still find it surprising that so many people dislike this album. Like, seriously, it's my favorite.

This being said, I'd like to have an wider array of albums similar to it, but that's pretty hard for me to find. What I like on TKOL is not really how the audio loops (as that's what most point out when they mention this album), it's more about the extremely intricate and complex rhythms that start out as chaotic but slowly unravel onto a coordinated sequence of just ethereal bliss. This is what makes TKOL my favorite album, it manages to encapsulate the feeling of healing into music pretty nicely, especially in songs like Bloom and Codex, where it's outright subliminally mentioned a process of healing/enlightment. Another thing that makes me really like this album is how the drums and/or bass specifically are really complex and lively, which give the songs this upbeat feel while still managing to hold its dark somber atmosphere. This takes me to the next point about what makes this album my favorite, which is a very specific feeling that I get when listening to it, which is a feeling of "being invited to the woods". Whenever I listen to any song from this album, especially the first 4, I get this feeling as if I'm being seducted into going inside the woods, this album just makes me want to run as fast as possible to the nearest forest and to be amongst its complex ecosystem. I really think that the complex rhythms resemble things plants do like photosynthesis and respiration, as the sporadic nature of this album really reminds me of waves, and the reverse guitar in Little By Little reminds me alot of wind or blood pulsating, kinda like how nutrients would be spread across a tree.

Anyways, is there any album that can convey this nature-close and spiritual feeling which also happens to be really intricate and complex? I'd love to hear your suggestions!


You should definitely check out cosmogramma by Flying Lotus


Yes yes yes. Check out all Flying Lotus. I’d browse all their albums, esp Flamagra and Yasuke. And THE INSTRUMENTAL VERSIONS… Just as strong.


I have. It's also one of my favorite albums, especially tracks like cosmic drama and zodiac shit


totally agree. as others on this thread have said, flylo's music is fantastic, but also this seems like the most influential album by far on TKOL, or at least most representative of the vibe at the time. Thom was on cosmogramma, and there were other hints at the time they were pals (maybe photos or dj'ing together?), and then when their album releases and bloom hits, it fits right into the cosmogramma/flylo vibe.


Nah, listen to four tet’s “rounds” and even “there is love in you” if you want to hear the edm influence on radiohead


Flylo opened a bunch of shows for Atoms For Peace.


Came in here to rec exactly this album.


He opened for rh at acl a few years ago. He was like “i swear I got my own fans” haha


Try Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk. It does NOT sound especially like King of Limbs, but it does sound very natural and earthy and yet complicated and nuanced at the same time.


If you dig this you also need to listen to Laughing Stock - which I think is a better album


Laughing Stock is the conclusion of Talk Talk's journey into minimalism, or possibly you might even say Mark Hollis' solo album is. But you need to start with Spirit of Eden otherwise the silence of Laughing Stock may be too shocking to the untrained ear. But I have to say that great as I recognise Laughing Stock to be, Spirit of Eden will always have a special place in my heart. In particular Inheritance.


Hmm, Laughing Stock was the first record I tried from them and I fell in love with it immediately. Ever since RH, I never really had to 'get into' artists using 'more accessible' albums, and I'm not sure why that is.


Cool, that's great


gosh, if not for Talk Talk, RH wouldn’t have known how to operate


TKOL2 should drop any second now.


Still waiting on Kid B


Waiting on OK iPhone


That's why TKOL is such a masterpiece: nothing else sounds even remotely like it.


100% agree


Bjork, four tet, burial, portishead, battles


… All sound nothing like it


For The King Of Limbs vibe I shift to Thom Yorker’s solo albums and Atoms For Peace - Amok.


My suggestions aren't nature related, but are works I find rhythmically pleasing. Definitely check out Remain in Light by Talking Heads. If you're unfamiliar, I'll say it Radiohead terms: it's like the music of King of Limbs with a Kid A asthetic. Probably my favorite album of all time. Very rhythmical, very fun, super interesting. Some of King Crimsons 80's work also fits this bill for me. I'll just throw out some songs, stuff like Elephant Talk (watch the live from Fridays video,) Neal and Jack and Me, Three of a Perfect Pair, Thela Hun Ginjeet, Waiting Man. All very rhythmically complex and fun songs. Waiting Man is probably the one you'd like best (live in Munich is a great clip of this song.) Other than that? Maybe check out stuff like Modeselektor, who Thom worked closely with around this time. Other Electronica may fit the bill, and of course Aphex Twin has some very intricate arrangements. As for nature? Not sure. Maybe listen to Graceland by Paul Simon. Now that I think about it, that's a great rhythm pick too, and definitely has more of a "healing" sound. Another one of my favorite albums. Hope you find something! I'd be interested to know what you find, I'd say I have a similar itch.


>Remain in Light by Talking Heads. If you're unfamiliar, I'll say it Radiohead terms: it's like the music of King of Limbs with a Kid A asthetic. This album definitely has the exact same feel as TKOL. The intricate almost loop-like bass on Born Under Punches is a PERFECT match to my description of TKOL, currently listening to the album and loving it! Thanks for the suggestion


> Remain in Light by Talking Heads. If you're unfamiliar, I'll say it Radiohead terms: it's like the music of King of Limbs with a Kid A asthetic. That is the most unfitting description of that album I've ever seen


Yeah, sure. Remain in Light was sonically a huge influence on Kid A and in regards to creating songs from loops, a huge influence on TKOL. Songs like Magpie off TKOL sound like Talking Heads polyrhythm or early funk songs. It's just shit shorthand to sell a huge influence on Radiohead to someone unfamiliar with the work.


Always been a fan of Stop Making Sense and never had a listen to Remain in Light. Thanks for that, loved it


Here to second the 80's Crimson!


I remember when TKOL came out I was checking [TheKingofLimbsPart2.com](https://TheKingofLimbsPart2.com) on a daily basis. I love what you're saying about the album's themes, and I think you're spot-on, but I didn't find a fully satisfying experience till I heard the Basement version. I think it's even more alive and welcoming than the studio version, which to me doesn't sound playable by humans. It sounds like intricate laptop rhythm programs, which hurts the "healing in nature" celebration that the album is about. They also didn't include "Supercollider", which is ALL about being healed. I believe TKOL is meant to be thought of as two halves, or like a double album. Tracks 1-4 and 5-8 do feel like perfect halves, but again, the Basement version is a fuller experience, with two juicy sets of 5 songs each, with "Separator" marking the middle of the album. TLDR: I love that you love TKOL, and I think TKOL Live From the Basement is even better.


I haven’t seen the basement recording of TKOL in awhile. It’s amazing to watch the songs build. It used to come on HDNet back in the day. I’ll have to look for it online


I got the blu-ray. It's also on the Radiohead youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI5YMDioDBY


Much appreciated!


Third by Portishead does it for me




Heligoland - massive attack


I would go for Laughing Stock by Talk Talk, no album is gonna be as rewarding as that one if you pay enough attention to it.


I know im cheating by saying this but The Eraser by Thom Yorke has a similar feeling to it, with a more electronic nature to it. I first felt this when I heard The Clock and thought it was similar to Feral


To me, KOTL sounds like it was very much influenced by Aphex Twin (as does Kid A). So maybe check out some Aphex Twin. There's a lot of different stuff with Aphex Twin and lots of weird stuff, maybe start with the Richard D. James album.Also the entire IDM genre that he inspired. Check out Warp Records and Brainfeeder. Also Bjork for nature + electronics, specifically Vespertine, Homogenic, Biophilia


Tkol is my favorite too, as a long time fan.


Vespertine by Bjork My Life in The Bush of Ghosts by David Byrne and Brian Eno Remain in Light by Talking Heads Out of Doors by Bela Bartok


Wixiw by Liars came out a few years after and is clearly influenced by TKOL. It’s a great album and while it’s not the exact same, it’s very similar, albeit a bit more electronic.


Mirrored by Battles A Livingroom Hush by Jaga Jazzist


Upvote for Mirrored. Atlas is an all-timer!


while i don’t know any similar sounding albums, i’m just stopping by to say although im not really a tkol enjoyer,i really like your way of thinking! never looked at tkol the way you described it before, might give it another try!


Remain In Light and parts of Deathconsciousness is about as close as it gets


I'd say check out Four Tet/Burial/Modeskelator (sp) - Thoms collaborated with all of them - and also Boards of Canada come to mind. I like all of these I also got I to Ghostpoet a few years ago which is quite different but if you like any of the first ones I mentioned like burial, I think especially ghostpoets first two albums are more electronically seated, progressing as the albums go on to a more full band sound. Like I say that last suggestion is quite different to TKOL but the first few I think you'd like if you like TKOL & if you like those you might then like Ghostpoet too


I feel like Flourish // Perish by Braids is pretty Amnesiac/King of Limbs like. https://braidsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/flourish-perish


maybe the future embrace by billy corgan? its pretty different, but that quiet synth drum loop thing feels similar maybe adore by smashing pumpkins for that melodic build up into chaos thing


What's your most favorite song off TKoL?




Me too. Bloom bros🤝


If you like the more sinister and chaotic sounds of TKOL, try Microtonal Flying Banana by Kind Gizzard, its so good.


Try self titled album by Burial. It's not exactly similar to KOL, but I think you can hear some similarities/influences on KOL.


Love TKOL but only after listening to it many many times. It’s so complex but there’s definitely a tipping point where the seemingly chaotic sounds become a sensational must listen to album. Still on the Talking Heads link, you must watch David Byrnes ‘American Utopia’ … that is an absolute masterpiece


Maybe ultraista? Its produced by Nigel Godrich so they do have the same sort of undertone imo


my former band couldn’t shed the RH comparisons https://theenvycorps.bandcamp.com/album/born-in-fog


Oh cool, another underrated bandcamp band. His voice is almost identical to Thom's, it's surreal.


That’s me AMA


Do you plan on continuing making music? You DEFINITELY have lots of potential. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this album, I'd be ecstatic to know that there are going to be more songs released


we have lots more music on streaming, but thats our final record


Homogenic by Bjork


Check out some Bonobo. You may enjoy the rhythmic layers, atmospheric textures and unique arrangements that he puts together, especially albums such as Black Sands,The North Borders and Migration. But all of his work is great. I can see lots of parallels between his work and TKOL.


Talking Heads - "Remain In Light" Modeselektor - "Monkeytown" Apparat - "Walls" Kiasmos - "Blurred" Liars - "WIXIW" Lusine - "A Certain Distance"


God I hope not.


I think it may sound strange and probably uncool but Lullaby and the Ceaseless Roar by Robert Plant was like a twin album of it for me. Similar time of release and earthy dark tone was doing it, idk?


0 by Low Roar - ethereal, breathy, spooky indie. Warped and low all over the place. Anything by Sparklehorse really. Mark Linkous was super connected to nature and it comes through in a lot of their music. If I didn’t know the band I’d say start with It’s a Wonderful Life. Neither of these have the grooves of TKOL, but I think I’m terms of atmosphere they’re in the same ballpark.


[polica - give you the ghost](https://open.spotify.com/album/5zAuXuDKnbv7TxUHJzitKd?si=SJaBHm1LSp6ZT7F7ZT7rUg)


Ultraista - Ultraista definitely scratched that itch for me! It's Nigel Goodrich's band!


ZABA by Glass Animals (yes, I liked them back in 2014 before they were cool) before they were cool) sounds like it was recorded in the jungle. Very different from TKOL but has that ethereal feel.


Check out Nootropics by Lower Dens.