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Why do I get the feeling she asked for a prorated refund and was denied?


Or was asked to pay the balance of the year. 100% one or the other.


"She still gets worked up when I mention about her class teacher" What parent would keep mentioning something that will upset their small child?


"She also gets really upset when I talk to her about her class teacher while holding her feet over hot coals"


"Honey? Do you remember when Teacher punched you in the face?" -verbal 'Ahh.. there's the tears I wanted. So tasty.. now I need the shot glass to catch them all..' - thought "There's a good girl." - verbal /s Isn't that like the thought line of the evil queen in every Disney movie?


Last night at dinner I mentioned you and then immediately pushed a needle under my daughter's fingernail. She wasn't the same all night :(




Not even that, but how often do you bring up a previous teacher when you're in a new school with new kids and teachers? I mean, occasionally, but that's not a hugely common topic


*Image Transcription: Review* --- Its been a year and i still regret sending my daughter to this non nurturing and non supportive school. My daughter who was just 3 years old used to be punished, shouted at by her class teacher.. which defientely has traumatised her little heart.. she still gets worked up when i mention about her class teacher. Unfortunnately the school were least bothered to take any action when this was brought up to them and i was told, they have a long waiting list and if we are not happy they can find another school for my daughter. So rather than providing a healthy, nurturing environment for a child to grow and blossom, this school just seems to be very militarian ( which definitely is the worst thing for such tender minds) >**Redacted School (owner)** > >Dear [*Redacted*] > >We are surprised and puzzled by your negative review as you left the school with lots of praise and positivity as highlighted in the email below which you sent in May 2021: > >Dear XXX > >Hope you are well. > >We are relocation to [*Redacted*] due to some unavoidable circumstances and hence we wont be able to continue XXX at [*Redacted*] Its been a wonderful school and i hate XXX to leave it. The team at [*Redacted*] have been so very supportive and excellent and i am going to miss it. I am very very happy with the education, creativity and support XXX has received. > >We plan to move end of May for good. > >I regret the inconvenience caused. > >I hope that XXX does have an opportunity to be part of [*Redacted*] if circumstances permit and we are back in the [*Rest of text cut off*] --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Good human


Whether or not it’s legit or not I have no idea, but the person who wrote the quoted email and the person with review don’t sound alike at all.


I notice a number of similarities in odd sentence structure and missing words honestly


Can’t you just let me look smart? What did I ever do to you u/chocorikal


If it makes you feel any better, I gained a ton of karma finding a pattern where it didn’t exist because I calculated it wrong and I’m still ashamed to this day. I will find a pattern whether or not it exists


It doesn’t, it makes me feel worse because now I’m not even mad at you for stealing my delicious karmatic updoots. Now I find you funny and my detailed planning of a karm-ed robbery is a waste of time. This is me right now (GMT 00:00) : 🙁


I enjoy amusing. Sadly we will never know the truth of the pattern 😔


That attempt to spell definitely, definitely hurt


Eh sounds like a "trust me bro" type of comeback Like I could type out an "email" like that on a Google review section in 2 minutes. But why would I lie, right? ;)


99% of "review and clap back" posts are entirely he said she said.


Yes exactly, it's bullshit all the way down


With just these two posts to go off, the "letter" sent to the school reads like it was written by a different person than the review. The sentence structure feels different and the tone is definetly off. The letter to the school reads like an organisation appologising to a customer about an interruption in service "sorry if this causes inconvenience" what parent would ever think leaving a school is an inconvenience for the school. Thank them for good service yes, praise their environment yes, but say sorry for inconveniencing them?! And moving away for "reasons" is sus. Can't be sure of course with just these two communications, but I'm inclined to think the "school" is trying to mitigate a bad review by attacking the poster.


Another person suggested perhaps they'd requested a refund and were denied. If we go off of that, you could speculate that if they'd paid for a full semester, had to relocate for financial reasons that they're embarrassed about and asked for a refund, that would be pretty inconvenient for the school.


I used to be heavily involved in preschool office administration and I would understand a parent thinking their causing an inconvenience, if maybe the parents think the school is counting on their tuition or for staff to teacher ratios, like maybe they brought in a 2nd assistant because the class went from 17 to 18 so the school let parents know that they were bringing in another assistant but now they're back down to 17 (in my preschool is was a 6:1 ratio) or for "disrupting" (not really but a parent might feel that way) the teacher's plans. The review and the email do sound different but like someone said, there could have been a refund dispute after the fact.


Maybe they had just finished the enrolment for the next year or something, and all that would be useless?


Your legit first thought is that school risked it's name by making false information? Holy fuck dude, go touch grass outside


Why would you call your child XXX? /s (Just in case.)


You taught Vin Diesel?


Then the parent immediately went to complain to friends about how WOKE this school was.


What could a for-profit school possibly have to lie about?


Reminds me of an after school I went to with my little sister back in like 3rd/1st grade respectively. It was very big and me and my sister were in different rooms. My teacher was a very aggressive old Asian women who wouldn’t stop screaming at me to do my homework while I was thinking about the answer. I have adhd and I also didn’t like to write down my work, so I ended up getting nothing nothing done cuz she kept distracting me with her constant screaming which made me forget what I was doing, causing me to need to do the problem all over again. On the other hand, my sister’s teacher was a younger asian man (like 20-30 if I remember correctly) who was so bad that he made my sister cry. Fuck both of those assholes.


I helped found an alternative school and we got a parent like this our second year! She loved us, her daughter loved us, but she kept missing school (like 2-3 days a week), we required students to attend regularly. We brought it up with her, requesting she either attend regularly or withdraw to free the space up and she ended up withdrawing her daughter, but with nothing but praise for us. Two months later she asked for a refund for "2-3 days a week of unattended school time" for the year, which we of course refused. She then lambasted us all over Facebook/social media/email saying we were terrible, never met her daughter's needs, that they couldn't attend more than 2 days a week because how shitty we were, etc. and filed a police report (lol). It was dumb and blew over not long after Some people be crazy. 🤷


Writing a we are leaving letter and praising the school is only consistent with the parent being a liar if you don’t consider that the parent may be worried that their kid will be further harmed by telling them what they really feel.


Yeah, I feel like the letter was made with some hard sarcasm. Knowing how most schools like to sweep stuff under the rug and ignore concerns. I’m thankful for the elementary school I went to for actually doing something when our parents complained to the principal about our teacher yelling and cussing at us.


That response is just....*chef's kiss*.


I will never understand why people lie. Especially about other people.


As someone who was verbally (and occasionally physically) abused as a child by a day care worker, it pisses me off when people fake it. Makes us sound like we are lying