I don't see 'dead space' it's finished as far as I'm concerned. Adding additional elements may be 'overkill'....


Step AWAY from the applique. It's done. It's beautiful. Look at this as the rest of Reddit does - with new, delighted, admiring eyes. It's complete as it stands. Utterly gorgeous!


Quilting!! Lots of quilting in the background will make your lovely appliqué really stand out. https://lorikennedyquilts.com/how-to-machine-quilt-applique-blocks/


This so much this.. Quilt it to make the applique stand out!


There is no dead space!! It's gorgeous! Leave it as is!!


It looks PERFECT as is. Some beautiful quilting will fill that without making it overcrowded


I don’t think it needs to be filled at all it’s beautiful


I feel like you may want to put this away and not look at it for a while. I can tell you as others have already, this looks finished as far as applique goes. It's so pretty. I would say maybe do some free motion quilting and it's done. I love this.


Sooooo pretty!! I love it just the way it is 😍 Would you possibly be willing to explain the steps of how you you did the appliqué? It’s gorgeous!!!


Lol. I just cut out petals, leaves, etc, and sewed them on!


easy as that! 😂 well it’s gorgeous


No more stuff! It’s absolutely gorgeous the way it is!


If you want to add more -- which honestly you don't need to -- add texture, i.e., quilting. It's a really lovely quilt already. If you want to have some fun with your quilt, you could quilt elements like bees and flowers.


I quilted a dragonfly!


It's beautiful as is!!! As mentioned before adding more would be over kill.


Sorry but what dead space?!


I’m a die hard quilt it to death person so know this in advance. First thing to do is echo every item at 1/4 inch around. This will keep the appliqué elements distinct from anything else you do and make them pop. Then, you might find you’re done and you can stop there which would be great. Personally, I’d do a graffiti style of quilting. Quilt in some butterflies and dragonflies and birds randomly wherever you think they fit (stencils or freehand). Echo them. Then surround them with swirls and leaves and pebbles a la Karlie Porter. Then, you’re going to need to throw some veins or something inside the biggest elements (in matching thread) so they don’t wrinkle up and look sad and neglected in contrast. Bottom line, imho - echo first, then either call it perfect, or go crazy and murder it with thread. It’s really lovely no matter what you do.


That is beautiful. I especially love the cone flowers! The whole thing is gorgeous though. Well done!


The coneflowers are my favorite, too!


Not sure how to fill large white areas. Bugs? More flowers? Just quilt? The batting instructions said I could have 8 inches of unquilted space, but it seems like a lot!!!


When the batting says this, it means quilting lines have to be a minimum of 8” from each other. Picture a grid of 8” lines on top of your quilt, as long as your quilting plan is closer than that, you’re good.


I agree with the current top comment - this is lovely as is! I think with any more appliqué elements it will look too busy.


I thought lady bugs? Tiny butterflies? But it is so lovely as it is. Edit: those elements are already there too I see!


I would fill it with quilting.


Is this all appliqué?


Yes, all appliqué. It’s for my granddaughter.


It’s wonderful. You could always put a flying lady bug on the right hand margin. I think you only have one elsewhere in your design


Great idea!


How sweet!! Please, please, please write her a note on paper and transfer it across using embroidery or something, keeping the words from you, in your handwriting, on a quilt you made would be so treasured x


I used to be a lot more cluttered under and that affected my creative preferences too. But an artist friend encouraged me to think about how art galleries embrace white or negative space to allow work to shine, and that has helped me to discard and let go of the desire to fill up every space. The negative space is what allows your brain to SEE and enjoy more clearly. Don’t fear it.


Can you share the pattern for this? It's beautiful!


Lol. No pattern. I just winged it!




That’s what I put!!!


Noooo don’t change it it’s already perfect


Not to be that art person but the dead space you are referring to is formally called negative space. Currently your negative space makes the positive space (i.e. your applique and other additive elements) a flatten impression. You asked what you could do to fill it up, but I think a better question is how do you want your negative space to interact... Like do you want to give the impression of depth or to add contrast, do you want the elements you add to be uniform or varied, etc. I know some people are advising you to leave it alone that it's good where it is, personally I'm a horror vaccui kind of artist so I'd say experiment. If we're using smaller bits of applique go ahead and put it on there but without sewing it in and move those parts around. If you want to go with say a filling stitch like in embroidery, then I would recommend drawing out the filling element like a circle or a cross or a star on paper cutting out those pieces and play with them on your piece. It looks btw 🙂


You are correct. I’ve had no formal training. I just kind of wing it!


Oh I didn't mean it that way... I was just mentioning the term bc it's a more useful description


I see a little space in the bottom left corner that would be the perfect size for your name (or initials) and the date (maybe just the year?). Signed like you might for a painting. Otherwise, it looks pretty perfect already. :-)


Add your granddaughter’s name in the lower left corner. It would add a special touch of love to her family heirloom.


If you need to add quilting for stability (I know you commented it says 8” but nothing for scale), could you add something very loose to help stabilize? Little trails behind the bees, or gentle waves and curls to indicate the blowing breeze?


It’s perfect but if you just can’t leave it, the only thing I’d add would be light yellow/gold rays of sunshine. But really, it’s gorgeous as is!


So beautiful! Echoing the majority opinion here - it’s done!


Maybe a simple fairy or two?? Or a humming bird?? Like tending the flowers?


I love the fairy idea!!!


I think it’s perfect as is.


Its beautiful as Is.


I think its done and gorgeous 😍😍😍


What dead space? It’s perfect


I wouldn’t add a thing. You need some negative space so you can appreciate what you’ve done here, which is really fantastic!


You might tuck a ladybug into that center space between the stems of the purple flowers


I love it. That space is great for the impact of your color choices. Maybe just quilt in those spaces with something resembling leaves? In a thread that matches so it’s super subtle! I love your color choices and all the pretty botanical designs.


It looks perfect right now


This is beautiful and it looks like it’s finished to me.


Ummmm……If it were me I would leave the white space. You need it to balance out your beautiful flowers. The white works!!!


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Love, love, love!!! And it’s beautiful! 😊❤️


This is beautiful and doesn't need another thing.


That is beautiful the way it is.


It's beautiful as it is. Will you share an update when it's quilted?


It looks amazing. You could always add some "dew" to the flowers with clear seed beading, or maybe a lady bug button here or there if you wanted but it also could be done right now!


WOW 🤩 that’s gorgeous! Beautiful colors and design. Did you use a pattern?


No pattern. Just cut out a lot of petals and leaves!


I think the design is perfect, would just quilt in the negative space. You have significant talent for design and color. Bravo!


Looks great as-is! Is it raw-edge or turned edge appliqué?


Turned edge!




Quilting time!


You need dead space to give your eyes a rest. It is perfect as is.


It’s absolutely perfect the way it is! 💕


Add some tiny bees - maybe embroidered - or better yet, nothing. It’s already perfect.


It looks finished, don’t add a thing😀