I have a helix top and I love it and I’m almost finished paying on a fumed spider


What’s so special about the spiders that they go for 1k +?


Craftsmanship they a very sought out piece


I scored a NES top for xmas that I am super happy with. Zee has the best shop but really heady puffco tops have been slow coming. Insta has a lot more going on. Spider makes some sick tops but he only does auction and they are well over 1k these days. Keep your eyes peeled for what your looking for and be ready, good shit sells immediately. The NES top I got at thanksgiving all 5 were sold out in a few hours.


Eternal Flameworks has some pretty sick options.


Spider glass, NIB recyclers, Call Your Fam


Miner Fabegg


I mean I’d consider the Ryan fitt v1 or v2 fantastic pieces for the pro that’s by puff co but you could get a really magnificent custom piece made by a artist for a decent price


The 2.0 is awesome, just ordered a Paulson pieces remixed 1.0, should be here in a couple days I’ll lol the pluses and minuses of both Just as a comparison to the og glass, the 2.0 in chug alone is insanely better and it’s not particularly chuggy IMO. Just the right amount. The original glass to me is absolutely just not good, it almost gives me a headache or just a weird feeling at least to use it bc of how it pulls and it produces less vapor as well as a more severe throat feel. Haven’t tried the pro glass with 4 holes.


Got my glass from [Zees](https://www.zeevapor.com/product-category/puffco/puffco-replacement-glass/).


Ef Norris, call your fam vaccine pump, terp chute by slip9 glass. Best trio for aftermarket quality glass imo. Really used to like spiders but I’ve had fuming issues with half of the ones I’ve owned by him