Yes because the green shirts are the grossest texture and leave arm pit stains that are embarassing.


My entire store, except one manager, wore theirs.


MICs couldn't wear them so probably why lol


Yes they could. The manager I’m talking about wasn’t MIC. the MIC had theirs on.


My mic said he wasn't allowed to wear his today.


Mines did too


No, any manager scheduled as MIC wasn’t allowed to wear it..


ALL of leadership had theirs on at my store today.


My mic wore his all day and my SM too


Wasn’t the case at my store.


Why couldn’t MIC’s wear them?


Edit: the overall rule I was mentioning is for holidays, it’s for whoever’s scheduled MIC for that day, not just if you’re an MIC. I was assuming it applied here too. Because the overall rule of not wanting to look unprofessional in a situation that requires the MIC. And easy was to see it is you wouldn’t want an elf looking manager coming over to be professional about a situation while not looking professional at all.


Weird. Both our store managers & DM wore theirs 😏


No because they gave me a medium when I wear an XL and didnt know until I put it on this morning and looked like Phil Collins in Trailer Park Boys


Yes, I asked for a larger size and was told what they got me would fit. No, it did not and never will. So, I’ll cut it up and incorporate it into the t-shirt rug I’m making.


Yeah this bitch is comfy. I’ll make a nice night night shirt






Almost everyone at my store wore theirs. It was nice to work in a t-shirt...plus, who doesn't look good in black?


Everyone I saw at Publix was wearing these today, they all looked like they didnt wanna be there too lol


I actually never got mine. Which is sad, cause I wanted it. Mostly to wear as an undershirt for my actual work shirt.


isn't dishonesty in the code of conduct?


Yes.. but missed out on the free lunch as usual because we were just too busy


A lot of employees were wearing them today including the produce manager


SM told me to, so yeah. I felt like a “scene kid” in the all black outfit, lol.


Exactly why I wore it, shit felt so off I was laughing at everyone else wearing it too.


Its soooo comfy


Today was my last day and the whole store knows it, so I wore it for the irony


I wore it as an undershirt. Its actually pretty comfy tbh, but yeah I'm not ever wearing it openly. Comfy or not, its false advertising.


Exactly the reason I didn't wear mine. I was one of three that didn't wear it today. In fact, mine is still in the shrink wrap probably to be thrown away.


You can do what you want, but it honestly is a pretty comfortable shirt. It would be good at least for a chore or workout shirt. It's actually quite soft.


Pretty sure mine is going to become a rag when working on the car I can’t wear lies that bad on my body lol


Very good options for an old shirt. Donating it is a valid option, too. I was more expressing the point that I'M not going to wear it.


I forgot to wear mine, oh well no one freaked out at my store. The free lunch was kinda eh but free is free so not going to complain too much. Overall another crazy busy day as usual.


Yes. A customer told me I looked like I've been taken over by Olive Garden.


Lol a customer told me I looked like I was working security, especially with my cashier numbers around my neck.


I don't get paid to advertise, so no.


My SM didn’t give us a choice 🙃 if you didn’t have it on they were giving out extras and making us change


Fuck that, tell them to send you home then.


I was one of 4 people who didn’t wear it. Mine didn’t fit, two people never got one and one girl didn’t know it was the day for it. I didn’t really have a choice to wear it.


Fuck that guy, I wore my green shirt and went on break took off the green shirt like I do and ironically since I wear black the picture they took “matched” lol


well good thing you didn't have to pay for the shirt either lmao


I didn't receive one. I'm currently not working in an open store. I was just making a point.


Eh flip it inside out and rip tag out, good shit bucket t shirt


I keep them and use them for chores where my clothes might get ruined. Or order them in a larger size and use them as sleeping shirts


Lmao imagine being a team leader and saying this…


I’m a team leader and I also said something similar to this Its being forced on us that Publix is a great place to work when it’s not currently, between some bad leadership, poor company choices and most of all not paying associates a decent wage. The money they spent on these “free” shirts for us could have been a raise for each associate. But, yea, let’s take a day, spend some money on shirts and food (if you’re lucky you work at a store that put a little bit of effort into it) so that the associates in lower positions forget for a bit that we are paying less and getting worse. It’s like those memes where the staff is working hard and underpaid and they ask for more and the company is like “most I can do is a pizza party”. Imagine thinking that all leaders actually drink the green koolaid the higher ups pour. Just because someone is a Team Lead or manager doesn’t mean that they don’t think stuff like this is ridiculous as they watch their associates in their department continue to be underpaid and mistreated Edit: and inB4 the “well if you dislike it so much why do you work here comment”: I didn’t say I disliked it. I very much love my position as a TL and can’t wait to move forward, except the part where I’m watching this company make poor decisions and underpay my entire team. I’m moving up to help make a difference. If you choose to wear the shirt or not it’s fine (if I was a CSS still I would’ve worn it just because I hated the office staff shirts) but coming and saying that someone shouldn’t think a certain way just because of their position is not fine. The more people moving up with the mindset of this company should do better is (hopefully) only going to help in the long run


The value of that shirt is so low that it wouldn't amount to any raise at all. It's just a little morale-booster for those who enjoy it. Free lunch is nice, too.


That was a hecking good response lol. And I couldn't agree more.


Lol bro it’s not that serious. Like it’s a shirt. Wear it or don’t😂 enjoy life and don’t take things so serious


This is their life for this ppl lmao. They think they fighting a war against corporate instead of looking for another job or going to school to better themselves


School isn't for everyone.


You sure showed them


Yeah our whole produce department actually remembered


It was mandatory at our store


my csm forced us all to wear ours 😂


Almost everyone at my store wore it today, myself included.


Was on vacation and changing stores during the order time so I never knew anything about it


Same. Heard about it on here though and just picked up an extra when I got there


Lol I went in at 6 am and knew nothing till about 9


Yeah most of my store wore them, me included. The shirt is super comfy


Mine didnt fit was too small


i did. better than the insufferable pharmacy smock they normally have techs in


I did, but I’m on vacation so wasn’t in store. Lmao


Was thankfully off today so didn’t get a chance to wear it. I would’ve though since the regular green one is probably the single most uncomfortable shirt I’ve ever worn in my life. The abrasive material feels like a hairshirt from the Middle Ages. I guess corporate can’t spring for a cotton work shirt (hell, they could even keep the ugly Exorcist-style pea green color as long as it was comfy) with all the billions they’re raking in… 🧐




Wasn’t there ✌🏼


Didn’t wear mine, not comfortable wearing a shirt without a collar when I’ve got the aprons to wear as well.


i was the only person of like 4 people at my store to wear mine


Had a 91% participation rate at my store


YESSSS And mfs had them tucked and sum didn’t have them tucked so I just said f it and did half and half through the night💀


I didn’t know if I had to wear an apron or not with it, so I stuck with the good ol neon green shirt


Hey, when you not sure, always go for the tried and true green! Some people in these comments are saying they didn't have a choice about wearing theirs. Did your managers make a big deal about it?


No, they didn’t really seem to care


Honestly I requested two sizes over just to sleep in it….


I’ll use any excuse to wear a t shirt to work.


I threw mine in the garbage when I got it


Nah. I try to limit how often I lie to customers.


I didn’t……but most of my store did.


Everyone in my department except me did. I’m not advertising for them when you can’t even pay me the new minimum wage


Never received one so no 🙃


pfff, HELL no! I stayed home enjoying my shirtless day off.


Most people at my store did, I didn't because women's pants have tiny pockets so I need my apron lol


Majority of my store never got theirs


If Publix is so bad go get another job , there are plenty out there . Good luck to all of you searching for greener grass . Some of you will be lucky and find it . I’m not a manager .


Sometimes people enjoy working with their coworkers and like where they work and want better benefits for doing a job they like so they can support themselves and (potentially) a family without having to kill themselves for it. The “get another job” response is so fucking tired at this point.


Didn’t work. I always work Saturdays, but not this one.


Went to buy groceries today, about half the staff had them on. Was a bit out of place though, really felt like it was other random shoppers and not actual employees


Wore it, but missed the cookout because the Produce truck was three hours late. 😒


I’m so sorry that your managers are so short sighted as to make everyone work through an employee appreciation event. Publix has opened and closed stores for over 90 years - they will survive. Allowing associates 30 minutes breaks in rotation during the cookout time - to…celebrate…their… work… place…would have been a lot more motivating than refusing to allow you to participate.


They did no such thing. I made that decision for myself. Besides, my lunch break occurred before the cookout. I had plenty of opportunities to partake after my shift.


Didn't get my size, or I would just to not wear the polo


I didnt know I could wear the shirt till I walked in full uniform felt like a fool.


They gave me a 2xl when I wear a 3xl, so it wouldn’t fit. Bottom of shirt wasn’t even long enough to tuck in, & was tight. So I just wore my normal uniform. About 40% of our employees wore theirs.


Yes but I wore it under my coat. It was very comfy and so much better than the button up I usually have to wear. I did keep my coat zipped up though so I didn’t feel super uncomfortable wearing it


Shift started at 3pm, All us closers came in to all the food being gone, and management told us they weren't ordering anymore so guess we just got screwed.


I’ve been long retired from Publix, but I still get so mad when I see posts like this of managers being cheap and stupid by not treating associates properly. He day was literally designed to celebrate how great a workplace Publix is, and they literally made it a worse experience for the entire closing shift. Personally, I think a note to the your district manager is in order, “Dear DM, I just wanted to bring it to your attention that the managers at (your store number) actually made working at Publix worse on (date). This was supposed to be a day of celebration, but due to their poor event execution, they ran out of food and refused to replenish the catering for everyone that was on the closing shift. While we should be celebrating, (put the part of the mission statement about value and dignity of employees here), there was no celebration and (number of employees on closing shift at day), all learned that we really aren’t appreciated at all. It is so demotivating to be blatantly passed over on a day designed to celebrate where you work. Another idea - figure out who all worked that night and host a bonfire where you all burn your t-shirt.


We were required to wear ours or face a write-up yesterday. The one they gave me was way too tight for my bust and shoulder size.


If a manager is on MIC roll then that person could not have the shirt on. My ASM was the MIC and was bummed because he wasn’t allowed to wear it. My GM was loving it because he wasn’t MIC at all so he had it on and no customer bothered him or gave him grief because they thought he was just a regular associate. BTW my GM is a great person to work with!!


I didn't know that. My store manager wore hers and she was MIC last night. But I guess since she's the store manager it wouldn't affect her maybe.


I was told by the ASM that the DM said that who ever is the MIC couldn’t wear the T shirt while in that role.


Guess my manager didn't give a crap then😂


Publix gives me nothing I always get stuff last or not at all


I saw maybe 5 people wearing theirs yesterday. Probably because no one went around and asked for shirt sizes, the CSTL just guessed (only ordered maybe 65 shirts, and no one bothered to hand them out until sometime around noon 🙄)


Sarasota warehouse did. I got my mom putting my last name on the back of mine.


Nope I got scheduled off so it’s sitting on my counter and I’ll wear it on my days off


I did. Was quite nice actually. Felt free


Ugh God I love it so much; between that and the old gray one.