My department hours got cut really bad these next two weeks, we can't give part timers hours even with 2 people on vacation. Here we are going into new years with no people.


There's how we are right now in grocery. Thankfully I'm on a semi-break from being massively burnt out, but I can see how other part timers are gonna be pissed.


Good luck


Similar in my department at my store. None of the PTers have good hours any of the next two weeks. Think the most any of us have is 17 lol. Hours are so shit that they're having the meat cutters open and close seafood multiple days. Which means less help over there as well.


102% FT burnout...work harder nobody cares


I run high for the first 10 months then schedule every damn soul I can for november/december and crank out a bunch of 90s to end as close as possible to 100%. My backroom looks like the holidays never happened right now lol


Lowering payroll does this magical thing where it increases profits while not increasing sales. Eventually it will catch up and by the time anyone realizes it, it will be too late.


Every corporations productivity mission is reduce cost input to increase profit output. PT labor is the easily replaced cost cutting low hanging fruit. There are always people ambitious, idealistic, desperate or greedy enough to make the big productivity squeeze work. Investment happens with long term assets. PT employees are short term fruit that is too late.


We ran 115% last week




I love it haha 😂


116%. 😵


We ran at 105% to 115% productivity for several months in 2020... but because we had to provide someone to man an overnight shift, we basically only got to have a midshift in produce on the weekend and ad change. The midshift person was the most diligent about good grading and proper rotation, so everything started to fall off in quality real quick. So stupid. I'm sure the executives and store manager enjoyed their bonuses.


I asked my manager today what this means... didn't understand it a whole lot. He just told me that as a CSS, associates will come to us first with complaints about hours. How do I explain this to them?


Think of it this way: The higher the percentage of productivity, the fewer there are people on the clock. And on the flip side, if for example there is a slow Monday night and for some reason you have extra people on that night, the productivity will go down. Since you are CSS your cashiers know that you are more in the know of how the schedule is being made since CSS also run the front and may learn payroll among other things


Thank you. This helps a lot. I might still stand my ground and say "I have no idea" lol. But still thank you.


102 haha. Been running 105%+ since November. It's awful


You get it


I don't understand. Is corporate dictating that departments should run at 102% productivity?


Yes...Oasis scheduling will need to be at a minimum of 102% productivity.


Thanks for confirming! That's wild and unreasonable. With callouts we'll perpetually be short staffed.


That’s the point if you 10 people working that day and 2 call out or leave early you hit your goal of 102% for that day


Isn't it 125%? Ten divided by Eight.


You are correct that would be. But the point was to illustrate that less workers means “higher” productivity which turns into higher profit.


As a manager I haven't heard that in my area but then again maybe it's because they know I won't do it


People shouldn’t have to burn themselves to the ground just to be an employee at Publix. It blows my mind people say that Publix is such a great place to work.


My 115 is laughing hysterically!


Lotta people stroking themselves off in these comments


People are masochists. Everybody wants to brag about them having it worse and making it happen like it’s a positive thing. In the long run, you’re running people into the ground. When a manager talks to me about cutting corners, the first thing I say is,”If Publix is going to cheat, I’m going to cheat.”


Our old RD/VP thought it would be a good idea to make stores hit 102%-105% on a yearly basis. Because once you don’t use those hours, oasis tightens up its hours.


Is that really what happens?


The short answer is yes. The long answer is, yes, definitely.


Can the reverse also happen on stores that consistently are under 100%?


And their bonuses get bigger


Stop allowing exploitation. Without your labor they have no business.


We hit 127% last week productivity. Down over 150 hours


I have 1 8 hr shift next week. Gonna spend that time applying at other places.


I was talking to some one about oasis is program that food lion used right when they kicked the bucket and then we picked it up.


My 118% on a GOOD week is rolling on the floor with cramps from laughing so hard. I can’t get anyone to answer the phone to follow up on an app, show up properly dressed and not get dismissed before the interview by my SM, or finish training. I lost count after #15 of the number of associates I actually hired or had on payroll since March 2020 that quit with no notice. I’ve lost even more that put in and worked proper notices. Losing even more to retirement in the imminent future. No offense, but 102% is a dream for most departments right now so you have it made. I’ve also hit the 130’s some weeks with a deadly combo of quarantines, multiple vacations where the CS dept took it upon themselves to “help” and blanket approved everyone’s pending TOR’s for me, and already flakey associates doing their regularly scheduled callout BS.


I’ll feel bad when they pay us enough to afford to shop here lol fuck this company


Time to move on from this shit show


Every full timer in my department (including me) is sick with what we presume is covid. We have no people lol part timers are not capable of working this department with out us lol


Why does Publix do this to its employees?


Todd and his "Toddlers" have a true disconnect with the associates that do the grunt work for his profits. They stroke themselves with a lube that is called "Best place to work in America " .


130... Ick


my assistant Produce manager (a department I help in to get extra hours when they need me) was joking last week that we were going to have like 600% productivity because they are down like 3 people (transfers, quitting, Covid) and absolutely burning it up for Christmas sales last week. im not sure it will be a joke.


My pharmacy has been running at 140-150% for the last couple months. No one understands how few people there are to hire for pharmacy and how bad vaccines are right now. And we just got word of losing another part time tech. Brb crying




There's pharmacists, who go to school for years, and technicans- techs in most states just have to apply for a license with the board of pharmacy and pay a fee and then they can work in the pharmacy, no training needed. Interns are pharmacists in training. It's a steep learning curve but most pharmacies will take any help they can get. You can cashier without being a technician too. Either out of pharmacy or another department. Last I saw tech pay started at 13.50 base but honestly can negotiate more. Full time positions are limited and usually they want experience but you can ask around, never know. Overall it's pretty stressful and you have to get used to asking tons of questions and learning quickly. A good attitude and friendly with customers goes a long way. Just ask your pharm manager for more details.


The last 4ish weeks 2 of our FTers (non management) have been shuffled off to other departments. It sucks. PT folks are dropping like crazy.


Our weekly is generally 102-110. Worst I saw was a particular Sunday with all the call outs and no shows we hit 135%. Single worst day I've worked yet.


lol I ran almost 105 Christmas week..


Could this be why my hours have been cut back for next week to 14 hours? I’m part time and have worked 40 hour weeks for the last month and a half. I’m taking a 2 week vacation at the end of January though so I thought that would be enough to balance my hours out.


Front service at my store thankfully is pretty good at passing around unwanted hours to others so people arent getting completely screwed but im starting to struggle to pay for gas with my availability being low cause of school and sports so it really sucks to see that i wont be getting more hours


I run mine at like 80 to 90 productivity consistently.. oasis labor demand isn't reasonable.


Lol 102 is nothing


I’ve heard nothing about this. The goal is still 100%. Where are you getting this info from?


The goal on your p&l will always be 100%. Todd will enforce district managers to comply.


102 productivity? Those are rookie numbers you gotta pump that up. We got 113, 108, 112, 104, 105, and 110 in a row. Thats with extra hours being put in by both Team leads and myself


102% those are rookie numbers try running a grocrey department with 140%


You can get away with a 98 productivity. You just need to make sure your dept looks good so they can’t say anything


That’s a dream number! My meat department ran between 125-130 for months and I wasn’t allowed to hire anyone. I don’t miss those days


lol i don’t think we’ve gone above 97% since my manager started showing the scores to me. no idea what we had last week.


My department regularly runs on 110% productivity.


To make it worse, those 105-110's probably include a bunch of unproductive hours of help from another department. That's not to say it's not appreciated but there's a big difference between quality hours and quantity hours.


The productivity percentage is bullshit!


my department runs 112 almost every week... that would be an upgrade for us