Do you honesty like it?


How tf do you find time to do everything?


Delegate and train.


How to deal with situations involving associates and how to deal with superiors above you doing the wrong things.


I really want to know how to deal with superiors doing the wrong things. In my time, I’ve encountered this a lot more than one would hope. Every time, I’m frustrated, confused and sometimes defeated... and all I’m ever told is, “They’re going to be the ones to get you promoted. Know the right answers and don’t forget them if you’re asked, but at the end of the day they’re the ones who are evaluating if you’re meeting their standards and expectations and they’re the one who’s going to go up the ladder telling everyone you’re ready.”


It’s okay to ask for support. You do your best and if stuff starts sliding, pick the phone up and call someone for help. There’s a whole army of people at corporate who’s only job is to help and support us at retail level, all you have to do is ask.


Can you elaborate on? How do corporate people help us?


A ton! Somebody slips and falls in the store and you’re not real sure what the proper move is. Call General Liability. Special order doesn’t come in? Call corporate purchasing. Stupid tablets don’t work? Call IS. I spent way too much time trying to hero my way through stuff when it’s way easier and more efficient to call someone


Wow I didn't know this. Good to know if I ever get that far