Yea I have never understood the pay scale. It’s gonna have to get a major upgrade once minimum wage goes up


Yeah…in 5 years But real talk, these raises better be double come August.


Feel like my raise is gonna be a double of 0


The sad reality is accelerating CPI @ 5% + already for the 1st 1/2 of 2021. For someone making $13/hr now, they needed a 75¢ raise yesterday just to break even. Will they give out $2 real raises in august to account for inflated prices/reduced spending power throughout 2021?.....that won't happen. The raises will not be a double of 0, they will be > negative number


Yea I figure what managers say is probably too good to be true


this...terrifies me


Mine, too. Capped out.


Yea for real honestly. Just don’t have a good feeling about it tho


We all laughed! Double in August. We all laughed harder.


the min wage goes up to $10 an hr in September & goes up $1 every year each September, so they'll be needing to tweak it pretty damn soon & will continue to need to tweak it for five years.


This is an unpopular opinion but customer service is one of the worst departments as far as pay scales. Unless you're really trying to move up to management it's going to suck where as produce or bakery positions cap is above 15-16 iirc


Have you thought about cross training in bakery?? More money per hour and a higher top rate. Maybe less stress too. Maybe less competition to get into management as well. I started at the end of November of 2017 and make $15.25 an hour. Started at $10.50. August raise could be $1.50. I honestly don't see the appeal to working in the front end. I think besides deli, at my store anyway, the front end has the most call outs and turnover rate.