When my store had a major remodel a few years ago, no one from Publix double checked. We only found something was wrong, when something broke (ie the case went down and all the Pillsbury crescent rolls exploded).


> Pillsbury crescent rolls exploded Dairy Jihad.


We do, but for us it was after the job was done and they basically decided whether the screw up was big enough for a complete redo, a "fix" or a "it's not too bad, leave it alone."


There is one guy, a contractor manager of sorts, that is in control of the whole operation. However, he is more worried about costs and on time. These are some issues we had, and most were handled poorly. This is from only the Bakery's point of view. We have two entrances to the bakery not counting the area in the back between deli and bakery. They were installing a new bread wall, and went precisely by the angles listed. However, when they did the Deli, they added a new case. They "revised" the deli cases because of the power poles between the two departments. Because they didn't want to install new power poles and use the old one, the deli hot bars, etc... were moved 1 foot closer to the bakery. This essentially made the area between the bakery and deli very narrow. The results, The transitional rug is too wide to fit.. so it leaves a bit of the rug bent up creating a trip hazard, and no floats can go through that opening. That means every time we pull a truck, we have to clear an area (moving the cake order book and the donuts glazing table) every time we bring a float. Over time, that will cost a lot in labor hours. There was a box of items labeled "bakery". It included stainless steel dispensers for hairnets, gloves, and some plexiglass for our decorators. That box sat on our table for the few months while they did the remodel. When they were starting to wrap it up, I asked the contract manager about it, and he said he was waiting on instructions on where to install them, since it would involve drilling into the wall. Two weeks later, they were almost finished, and they still didn't put it up. I told the SM about the box, and the SM said they will look into it. They finished, the box remained. After 2 months of it sitting on our prep area, I moved the box to the area where we keep the extra supplies... the DM complained about there being too many boxes there, so I moved it to a more "long term storage" area.... In the next few years, every manager (bakery and store) that sees it has pulled that box out saying "we need to put these up".. puts it back on the prep area where it remains for a month or two before we have to put it back up. Years later, it is still there, and still not put up. I did put two of the hairnet dispensers up myself when the Beard policies were approved. We have a roller that makes our rolls. According to the blueprints, it showed the roller being operated with the back of the operator to the sales floor. It cannot be that way because the main baker's table was right beside it, and if they moved it, the controls couldn't be accessed. I told them that, and they just told me they have to do what they are told... they had to cut the bolts holding the machine to the floor, drill out the floor, make a new floor and put new bolts in... install the machine... And then they realized... it won't work that way. . So, they had to cut it back out, take out the new flooring they put in, re-install bolts, and put it back the old way. Wasted a week, and we had a period of time where we had no rolls because of it. They installed a new drain when they put in our new flooring. Having worked there a long time, and having cleaned that floor over and over, I knew the grading of the floor and where the water flows. They were installing it on a "hump", and I asked them to grade the new floor to where the water flows into the drain..... They put in the floor, and the drain is slightly raised above the rest of the floor, and it's as if it's on top of a small hills. Unseeable with the naked eye, but if you try to squeegee water into it, it flows away from the drain. That was just a few issues with some of the work.. there were quite a few others that aren't listed, but I don't have faith in the re modelers caring about our building, or any quality control inspections being accurate. Our dish washer (original to the store when it first opened) still has that protective plastic on the stainless to stop scratches.... Humidity gets trapped in it, and the vent is beginning to rust. There is a drain for where the humidity falls and goes to the drain.. The copper pipe is small, and has 9 right angle joints on it that is now clogged... Now, it will overfill, and drip rusty water on the floor. It really only needs one right angle.. and maybe 2 if they want the drain to go fully to the floor drain. Also, the condensation vent fan hasn't worked since I started (I've worked there over 10 years) There's many more issues with remodel.. but this post is already long enough. No, they do not do a very good quality control.


store spent a bunch of $$ just to make it look worse.


Or even when they build a new store, or remodel a store from a different retailer that they bought....