That means a lot right now. Thank you.


Yes THANK YOU to all the Publix and other retail employees for being there to keep the stores open and cleaned during all this. We appreciate you!


Im lurking to get insight on restocking but yes definitely you guys are the real MVPS right now and fuck hoarders.


Thank you for shopping at Publix!


Where shopping is a pleasure


But working is a pressure


T&P valves are needed


Thank You For Shopping Publix * FIFY


Thank you all for not being "Grumbling Gerty's"! Understanding and patience go a long way!


Being exposed to costumers got me sick, and, in succession, my fiance. Whether it is Corona or not, employees are still getting exposed to all sorts of diseases. You are welcome and appreciate you, but, at the same time, saying "thank you" is not really helping the situation. Please use our delivery service if you need food. Stay home. Do not come to the store.


Right. To clarify. I'm a pissed FT employee but I think coworkers are the ones who will be exposed, infected and then at the SAME place every day for all the incubation period until symptoms show. By then coworkers will likely be infected. So customers exposing us is awful but I'm worried we are going to pass it around like a basketball among eachother at a higher rate of contagious spread than customers are giving us yet. Idk tho. But corporate needs to do more https://www.forsythnews.com/news/health-care/forsyth-publix-employee-tests-positive-coronavirus/ Of course if we get sick and preventative measures are neglected, so do all of our customers. Many of those elderly coming in early and all at once after we touched product on literally every shelf. Also the cdc says its airborne and lasts in the air up to 3 hours and on surfaces such as cardboard or plastic for 24 to 72 hours. Plus our sanitizers don't seem to be alcohol based so idk what that is even doing! It's about to become a much more exponential publix-epidemic if appropriate actions aren't taken. So far he has announced hiring 100k more people, not taking care of who he has in any meaningful way. We aren't allowed masks and will be sent home and/or disciplined for wearing one despite cdc recommendations to use if exposure is likely. Itll look "scary." As a customer, I hope you understand, we want to serve, but we are the ones who are scared. We have immunocompromised coworkers, family members and friends. We have elderly family. We know we are near hundreds of people a day. And the stores ignore/are exempt from the ban on gatherings of 50 people or more so it's a perfect storm. People have nothing else to do and no where else to shop so they hit the few chains like publix that run generally "business as usual." Customers were walking around sipping deli soda and saying they were happy to get out of the house, despite needing no essentials or actual food. I'm stressed.


Could it have been a coworker tho?


It really does mean a lot thank you. The amount of bread I've had to make is crazy and they fly off the wall as fast as we put them out.


Really really really appreciate your hard work!


Trust me I know I’m getting almost 50 hours


Everyone on this reddit are the cringey workers everyone secretly hates


100% lol. Walk into your publix and actually look around; we’re being overworked. They think they’re doing us such a big favor with OT


I just quit and started my new job on Monday. Didn't fully realise how much they actually abused us there. Working less now and making more money than before! I encourage the rest to find something better


I’ve been considering quitting myself for a while now. This week has not changed my mind one bit, never mind the fact that I’m constantly being berated/scolded by management, coworkers, AND customers for trivial things. I just want to not have to worry about getting sick and bringing it home every day. I work in the deli, and I personally don’t think we should still be open.


The deli should 💯 not be open.


It's my pleasure


No Problem!






Thank you for your kind words. It's what we are here for!


Thank you for being kind! Some people are not. The kinder you are to us, the more we want to go above & behind for you! I hope you weather through this well!


We’re just doing are jobs and that is to serve are customers


Thank you for saying that! I had one customer say thank you today after what felt like hundreds just being nasty and aggressive and it means a lot!!!


We appreciate you guys appreciating us.


As Mr. George said, we’re in the people business and we just happen to sell groceries too.