Yeah it’s bullshit that people can come in as cashiers and not clean, you should know how to do everything under your position


At my store a cashier will basically only ever clean if a bagger goes home early and their shift happened to end when their PM clean shift started. And a few other times when we had no floor care available baggers so cashiers did it once or twice a week for a few weeks. ​ Unless you mean under your position in the sense that you should know how to do the job of every position down the ladder, so to speak. But I'd say it doesn't really matter unless you're CSS. Though it is an advantage if you're a cashier and do know it since you'll appear as a knowledgable and helpful associate if you're looking to train to CSS. I don't think cashier should know, but if you started as a cashier it's a good thing to know.


Everything to be completed is outlined on the cleaning checklist. Cashiers can perform the role but typically don’t because it’s a role and responsibility of the front service clerk


"it's a role and responsibility of the front service clerk" That honestly makes no sense. Shouldn't be the responsibility of both the cashier and the bagger since they are both integral parts of the front end?


So I do cleaning in three sections. 1) Trash. 2) bathrooms in back and front 3) break room, manager's office, dining room. Then I finish with register trash. I'm done by 8:30 or 8 usually. I do any extra tasks they need or help out as a bagger. At 9:30 I do floor sweep. Cleaning is a part of the front service clerk role, not a cashier's role, so they don't normally do it.


So tomorrow and the next day I'll have closing shifts. My break typically starts around 6 and ends at 7. From there, I head to the cleaning room, make sure everything is on the cleaning cart. Fill up the bucket with the floor cleaner crap. We have 4 bathrooms. I stop by customer service for a clean mop head. I start with the public bathrooms. Women's bathroom first, as it's the hardest. First I clean the toilets, then I use the glass cleaner, then I use the green neutral crap that you don't want to inhale on the stalls and hand devices whilst checking air fresheners, paper towels, seat covers, hand soap and what not. From there, I sweep and get all the paper people lazily leave around, and empty the trash (as well as those surprises inside those white boxes). Mop + wet floor sign placement. Repeat for men's bathroom. With enough effort, it means more time goes by. Once done, turn around and go down to the back bathrooms and repeat. After I'm done, I take off ze goggles and cleaning apron and move the cart next to the break room, unless grocery makes the hallways extremely tight, then I just bring a broom, the red surface cleaner crap and garbage bags. From there, I steal a float from grocery and head out to the vestibule, grab the inside garbage bins and combine them with the outside garbage bins, and yada yada. Get recycle, load it, take it to the back. From there I have a smoke for 5 minutes. Just kidding. Afterwards, I go out to bag and or bring in the handicap carts and what not. Then I bag some more. 10 PM hits. Customer check. Bag until nobody left. Get a bucket full of water, and find the cleanest map. Mop where the floor machine can't reach. End. \~7 PM to \~8 PM : front pair of bathrooms done (it typically takes 50 to 60 minutes, they are larger) \~8 PM to \~8:40 PM : back pair of bathrooms done (it typically takes 30 to 45 minutes, they are smaller) \~8:45 to \~9:30 PM : break room + outside trash (break room is fast but it takes a bit of time to FIND A DAMN FLOAT and empty everything outside) From then to close : bring in carts, handicap carts, bag, etc. Mopping when the customers leave.


How I usually do it -start out at 7 with collecting trash and recycling from the front of the store -coffee machine (take it to the back break room and fill it with fresh water and coffee; our opening bagger plugs it in in the morning) -back break room (Here is where I set up my cleaning cart) -back two bathrooms -upstairs break room -front bathrooms -empty my cleaning cart, get a bucket and mop all the bathrooms (by then usually all customers are gone)


7:00pm grab a cart and clean the coffee and refill 7:15pm grab the “elephant” and throw trash in the trash compactor. 7:20pm empty all the trash and recycling outside and in customer service 7:45pm clean up the break room 8:00pm clean the bathrooms 8:50pm pick up floor mats 9:00pm vacuum floor mats and vestibules 9:20pm floor sweep 9:40pm sweep floor in the break room and stack chairs 9:50pm prepare for cleaning the bathroom floors 10:00pm clean bathroom floors 10:45 foam san 10:50pm tidy the front and stock bags 10:55pm put all electric carts in register isles 11:00pm clock out


I have, as a cashier, have doner pm cleaning. Also the floor machine. The job was rotated between about 20 people, both cashiers and baggers.


i didn’t train to pm clean until i was well into my customer service staff training (i started as a bagger). i mentioned to my managers that i couldn’t coach the associates cause i didn’t know how to do it 😓


My break is from 7-8, at 8 I do trash and typically finish at 8:45, at 9 I roll out with my cleaning cart and clean until 9:45, takes me about 15 minutes to vacuum the foyers and blow outside, at 10 I start stacking my rugs on floats, which in total it takes me about an hour to pick them up, lay them down, vacuum, and then pick them up again. Then at around 11:15 usually, I'm out. DONE.