It’s possible. Getting into management will help a lot as the more money you earn the more stock you earn, the more stock you can buy, the more you can invest in retirement. You started at 17 now your 20. Let’s say you become a store manager by your mid 30s which is definitely possible if you put the work in. Do that for another 25-30 years into your 60s being a millionaire should be in the bag.


I think it can still be done, especially over a 20-30 year period. People have gotten pessimistic because the stock price topped out over 3 years ago. I sure can't predict how it will trend in the next few years, because the industry is changing quickly. But the people I know who became millionaires did it by using all bonuses and dividends to buy stock. A few did it by borrowing against their stock to purchase more, but I haven't been brave enough to do that. No, I'm not a millionaire.


Probably. I would have a diversified portfolio though


At your age you can retire as a millionaire easily with any decent paying job and smart saving, spending and investing.


Yup. Even if you started and kept the lowest paying job, a bagger, at $9.50 and contributing 3%, you would hit 350k by retirement(age 20 to 65) in your 401k. And obviously in that time you'd have assets like a car or house, and you obviously won't make 9.50 for long.


those days are history at publix....... our stock has done extremely poor, in 2006 split 5/1 at $17.65 now 2019 is only $44.10 and the profit sharing allocation is only 8% of gross wages, i'll put my money somewhere else and just a small stake at Publix (10-15%) . Todd said it years ago Publix is not making millionaires out of grocery people anymore !!!!!


Todd actually said that??


yes at a meeting when he first became president around 2010, we where all wondering why Todd our new president and future CEO has never bought any publix stock until he became president he them started to by publix stock, he is not a believer of publix stock or securing and rewarding our associates financially.......




This is partially the reason I second guess a career at publix. I'm 20, been here since I was 16. The stories of my store managers who have been with us since the 80's is not the same reality I will face. I just don't see publix having exponential growth ever again.


honestly at 20 yrs old Ill be working the hrs am going to be working at publix "and have nothing" on my own business only way to make a few bucks at publix is management and that will be as a ASM or SM working crazy hrs and being mentally abuse as well as physically for nothing, 1980'90's was a different game we worked hard and long hrs but our bonuses and benefits "as well as Publix stock" was awesome, and cost of living was affordable, in 1990 I was Produce Mgr and made $55K a dept. manager makes now 2019 maybe $65K-$75k at a good store...


Sure, work 40 years FT. Your a millionaire that will only be worth 250K with inflation.


Still possible but don't really 100% on just publix things. Legit go to a financial advisor to get things sorted. It can be intimidating trying to set up a whole life plan, but it's the best security you're gonna get.


Better question, where do you expect Publix to be in twenty to forty years when you decide to retire? Assuming the expansions north and west continue, I definitely see the company going some places and making some moves we aren't expecting yet, and don't feel super confident about it.


30 years here. 401k + ESOP = 992,000. Yes it is definitely possible. Fingers crossed for 8k.


Yes! Put 10% in 401k and leave it alone. Between Esop and 401k you'll be set in 30 years


The problem is, old timers will tell you that when they went through orientation (Welcome to Publix) class, they were told about CASHIERS retiring as millionaires. Of course, that was when there were full time cashiers.......never happen now. Impossible as a regular associate. Impossible to get full time as a bagger or cashier.




We just had a grocery clerk retire two years ago a millionaire. She put in 30 years though.


34 years with Publix=1.3 million ESOP+401k plus .3 mil purchased stock plus .4 million additional investments. Was in management most of my career. When I was first promoted 60+ hours was the norm. I was fortunate I had enough to retire because no way I could do that job now. I feel bad for people just starting out. I don’t think the stock will perform like it did in the past. Save your money because some day your body will say no more!


coming back after 2 years to say after working 60 hours a week damn near for the last 2 years (f\*ckin 'rona) at $20h 10% into 401k yeah i think its possible esp with how much we've expanded these last 2 years alone