I grab like maybe a birthday card and some wine to go along with my purchase makes it look legit. Don’t just only get one item go grab a few to make it seem normal. And don’t be nervous it’s actually kinda fun.


I’ve always grabbed diapers and other baby supplies with wine. People are less likely to question parents and I’ve gotten someone that way. 🙃 Edit: Go for cashiers who are busy talking with their baggers or don’t look like they’re paying attention.


Whatever you do, if you succeed don't actually purchase said item and walk out the store with it. Had a new cashier do a beverage check and at 19 walked out with a wine 4 pack. Manager almost had a heart attack.


Haha my manager took away my wallet to prevent this they just wanted me to check if the cashier would pass it without asking for ID


In my county the law is you must card anyone who looks under 30. My rule of thumb is if you have baggy eyes/wrinkles around eyes and/or natural gray hair, I don't ask. I still have the macho guys that dye their hair and obviously looks over 50 will give me their ID like I was about to ask. Nope. I wasn't.


The seafood clerk at my store is a 31 year old female and she looks early 20.s :/


well the goal of beverage checks isn’t to fail people. i don’t know if it’s on the first time or not for you to get suspended, but i would hate to be the person to make someone be without a paycheck that week, even if they’re being stupid and don’t ID. beverage checks are always so obvious because their (A)CSM stands pretty openly and the day for beverage checks is always the same. that’s just me being sympathetic but if you want to make it look legit don’t grab a whole bud light case. grab smirnoffs or white claws or something. the diapers w it idea makes u look like u have bad priorities LMAO but like. don’t do it to make people fail. beverage checks are to keep everyone aware of selling to underage people and nothing more


First fail (edit: for alcohol checks only) is a counseling statement and two weeks suspension. Also they aren’t always on the same day, my store just had one late last night with no prior warning and it’s only been about three weeks since the last check we had.


Every time I've been checked they made it so obvious what was going on. My advice is to walk up like you know what you want as if you've done it a thousand times before. "Can I get a pack of Marlboro light 100s?" or "Lemme get a 2 dollar scratch ticket"