When I first was a CSS like 8 years ago, the closing desk person would go to the cash office and help them out, verifying deposits, etc. However, this hasn’t been a thing in many years. I haven’t seen a closing CSS at the desk scheduled to help CO for quite some time. So yeah, you’ve been pretty lucky to have that help.


It’s always only one at my store, unless something’s gone wrong and help is needed


Depends on how busy the store is. Example 782 has a CO from 3-12 (closes at 11). Stores with regular business and close at 10 typically have one person close the CO from 7:30 - 11. Closing CS shouldn't be anywhere near the CO.


At our store the closing CSS is scheduled til 10:30 (we close at 10). We have to stay up there until all customers are gone, then we have to check the registers and restrooms to make sure the PM cleaner/whoever cleaned the register did a good job along with finishing any chores that weren't finished. The only thing the closing CSS person does for the CO CSS is help them out a bit with printing money order reports, and pulling tickets. We have no FEC after 7PM so no FECs helping out.


How can you not have a closing fec?


Express closes at 7 at our store and there only has to be an FEC when express is open. We're not a busy store but not slow either. After 7 the CSS at the CS desk is in charge of the front.


The person closing the back at my store is by themselves all night. The closing FEC usually checks in about 15 minutes before they're scheduled to leave to see if they need help if everything else is done in the front. If anything, the FEC seals the deposit bags and opens the drop for the CO staff to save a little time but that's about it. When I run the front and I'm done with my duties, I stay with the CO staff until they've counted the office in case there are any discrepancies and most, if not all, people scheduled as FEC for the night do the same. The CSS who closes the front office usually helps the cashiers block at the end of the night if it's not done, other than that they just go home.


In my store, the CSS closing the front office always helps the CSS closing the CO. I had no clue some stores didn’t do that but it just makes more sense since we have 11 registers to count (although the CO person usually has 6-7 counted before we close) and then we count checks, and stamps to verify they match. For some more experienced CSS, we stay until the CO person finishes just in case they need more help or anything to speed the process along. I think special consideration is given to my store because the person who closes the CO from wed-sun is 77 years old. We love him so we stay and help him put the trays in the safe and drop deposits in the drop safe.


At my store the closing CSS is on their own all night and we also have no closing FEC, makes it even more fun when the closing front office person doesn’t have numbers :))


There is usually only one Customer Service Staff scheduled for CO and they do it all alone. However, there have been a few times where I came across a situation where I needed help and the CS or FEC associate came back and looked at it and we figured it out together. While technically it's the job of one associate and should therefore not be expected, in the occasional case where it's needed, I appreciate the help and the kind gesture.


I want to know how slow of a store you are in to where you close at 9 p.m. What are the store's weekly sales?


our closing CO person is by themselves the whole day too. usually they come in at 2 or 3 and bag/cashier until 7 (we close at 10pm) and stay until 11. the closing FEC usually checks on them but most will get out before 11. our closing front desk person will do floor care with our closing FEC until that’s all done then we go home. unless the CO person pages the FEC to come help them, they get no help at all. lol


The stores here in Tennessee only have one person closing office. The cash office is usually done by the time the fec is done with their duties. If not, they usually just drop the money or recount office if there is a discrepancy. If im responsible for the office at pm i do not want someone else handling the money for accountability purposes.


Should only be one person doing it.