Well , they want pretty insane standards to be met with less and less help and options, what do people expect if we become like Walmart, we will have Walmart type turnover..


I really, really hope not. I like Publix and most associates with management and most of the customers. Some associates came to work with "us" from Walmart. Some are saying it's getting to be like their old job Walmart now. Oh yuck!


Yupp I heard the same thing.. Walmart is still worse, but if we keep going down the same path, it’s inevitable. (Walmart will always win the low price game, except vs Aldi.) But that’s not smart, because we can never compete with their prices. We can’t compete with Walmart at its own level and sacrifice customer service and quality for production numbers ..


The problem is only going to get worse as the overall quality of the management pool continues to get worse, as the quality of the average employee starting with the company gets worse. In addition, with the top pay of a non manager being so close to the starting pay of being an assistant, why deal with the nonsense that managers have to deal with and not get that much more pay...


No kidding. I cannot believe they don't make more. But really I think it's the way there treated. I just wanna be a good foot soldier associate. I do miss the bonuses though.


My topper how meat cutters make 21 I’m an assistant making 17.10, I make 20 dollars more. It’s not worth it.


Used to be of you lasted a year you would be ok. Now assts and dept mgrs are quitting at an alarming rate in SC. Even ones that try to step down are being told no, and are getting a transfer closer to home or having accommodations made to make it easier. Why dont they just make it a better job to have, and try to locate everyone closer to home, and not be a dickhead of a SM or DM when confronted with a request for a quality of life change.


yeah management isn’t what it used to be when my dad was in management for publix. I feel like managers are just tired of the bull crap they have to deal with on a daily basis. Like we had an assistant bakery manager who wanted to quit but DM said no and told her to just step down and he’ll accommodate her somewhere else with a good pay.


i have an asst in a near district that was told to wait until they had a replacement. no a lot of candidates.


In past years there was a lot of moving around.


What district are you?


district 128


I stepped down from department manager and, while I miss the money, I’m much happier.


oh, I bet you are!


I wouldn't be surprised. Ive seen a few asst. managers ask to step down. Even a dept. manager asking to step down to regular worker. I thought that once they made dept. managers hourly, it would make it eaiser and actually cause more people to ROI. But it seems to be the opposite. Managers went from 65+ hours to 48 or so,and it seems to be worse. Every once in a while your going to get chewed at, its part of the job. But to have it happen EVERY time, it just gets to much.


I feel like them going hourly applies more pressure to them since they have a limited amount of time to accomplish so much in that time frame. Like back when they were salary the upper management would want them in store 24/7 now that they went hourly all upper management is chew them out more and more.


I am a department manager. Some of it has already been written; that it's more an individual/situational experience. But managers get promoted and step down and have been doing so since the position existed. And it's always been stressful, that isn't new. What is new? Social media outlets, like reddit, for people to broadcast. It is also partially a sign of a thriving business because we are expanding so rapidly there is a need for rapid promotion, but that need can sometimes cause a person to be promoted before they are ready and that can cause people to want to give up. I also know that there are many associates that are dazzled by the extra money without fully realizing what a huge commitment it can be. It's for this reason that I tend to be a pretty tough judge on who among my people are ready for promotion. I sometimes like to compare it to the military, plenty of need for people to stay, but a very small percentage find it within them to do so.


It’s all about location, employees, and management. You make your own environment that surrounds you. Nobody said it was supposed to be easier and Publix is expanding and making more money than ever. We’re a great company. There is no “new” work ethic. There is work ethic and there isn’t. You don’t like the job? I’m sure there is a pile of applications waiting to take over if you aren’t happy and leave. Just saying.


People aren't happy, so they are leaving. The ones who are staying moving up are probably some of the worst people I've ever worked for. Nepotism is rife.


That’s just your opinion.


we are a great company is a fucking joke lol.