The one at my store is longest I’ve seen lol. It’s 16 feet. If done correctly the day before it takes about 2 hours. When it’s not done correctly day before, then it takes 3 hours or so. I can’t imagine what 24 feet would be like. Seems like it would be pretty brutal to say the least.


Mine is 24ft (16ft normal, 8ft organic) set up takes around 1.5 hrs, due to my closing crew being very thorough with the trim and grading at night. The hardest part is honestly keeping the organic 8ft full. A lot of cashiers don’t give too many fucks if that cilantro is organic or not, they just type 4889 and go, so it’s real easy to end up with no organic and 3 cases of regular in the backstock.. gotta stay on those random counts


Do you guys have two people set it up in the morning or one?


We have 2 openers, one at 4am and one at 5am. 4am person is strictly the wetwall, and the 5am person puts out endcaps and starts grading. When my 4am person finishes the wetwall she usually goes up to floral until our truck arrives


Which store are you at? And how much $ do you guys pull in a week strictly produce to have a 24ft wet wall?


It’s one of the busiest stores in north Alabama, we do between 85-95k per week. Not putting store number bc my associates use reddit lol


I know who you are lol


Yeah ours is 12ft and it can take an 1 & 1/2 on a good day 2 or more on a bad day. I would not want 24 ft like damn


Yeah, my old store was a 12ft /4ft organic. It took me 2 hours or so depending on if I do it back to back..if I’m cleaning up after someone else it’s longer just from the lack of QC.