BOGO Fruit is getting out of control...we’re all ready to kill each other 😫


God I completely understand, generally we love each other back there but lately we want to kill upper management and each other. If one more manager comes back to check on us with how’s it going ladies one of us will throw a knife. I swear.


Buffy that bastard!


Yeahhhh ready for bogo to gogo


I'm unfamiliar with Produce sheets - Does this mean you have to bring out all of those items in that amount to the sales floor? Or does it mean you actually have to cut every one of those counts and then put them on display?


It means this is what I have to produce that day. That was our production for just watermelon. It did not include the other 3 & 1/2 sheets of other items we had to cut


Publix should NEVER put a production item on BOGO during a holiday week. PERIOD!




I love it when our PM goes on vacation on BOGO watermelon and fruit salad. I've lost so much respect for him


That’s ridiculous


How many cutters do you have??? Holy shit


We’ve had five up till today, we only had three... 5-4, so much fun


3 cutters with that kind of list? That’s insane.


Yup, we didn’t get to about 1/3 of the list and we all stayed late so they know we tried our hardest and that’s all we can do till tomorrow.


We had 1/2 the med and a little over 1/10th the smalls with 2 cutters (1 was newish). The list wasn't finished till 6


Once we leave no one comes in to finish the list, it would be awesome if they did but we are so busy there really isn’t anyone else to send


Our main cutter did a 12 hr shift because of it.


I’m pregnant and draw the line at 10, but before we have been there for 11 plus hours


Geez. We're not as busy as yall, probably 4th in our District. But my PM is expecting us to sell a lot of sm watermelon tomorrow, we have fireworks behind our store so our lot gets packed.


Ya know today I was complaining about cutting 100 mediums today.... I see this & I take back my complaining. Bless y’all Edit: holy cow i just saw how many smalls y’all had to make.... how do y’all do it? How does it all fit in the cooler? I have so many questions lol


We constantly are running product out. Yesterday as soon as we went out with mediums the smalls were empty again. It’s a battle, one we fight every time there is a sale. 7 days to go, good luck to you all today!


Wow. That’s crazy omg. My store really slow so I had no idea ;( thank you good luck to y’all too


Thank you we will need it . New knives and away we go


Yes 1 week to go with new sale items on top of BOGO GO TEAM😱


Are you at a beach store along the Gulf Coast?


Nope, I’m on the middle of central Florida in what use to be a little town but honestly isn’t that big yet


Bro my heart hurts for you