In my case, I asked my department head if I could have a set day off, it was pretty simple. I had open to close availability and all other office staff had more or less fixed schedules due to school or family obligations. He said it wasn't a problem, that it was more or less an unspoken rule that fulltimers got one set day off to handle life. He asked what day I wanted so I went for Friday as I hated working when everyone else was overtime and leaving early and he said it was fair due to everyone else's special cases. I've since moved stores and departments and my Friday set day has been honored. YMMV, though. Edit: I had no idea about the fulltimers get one day off thing before that conversation. He offered it up.


I'd be willing to bet many managers don't even know it's in the MRL.....


FT CSS for years... schedule has been different every week.


It's a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. When I got promoted I didn't have a set day off for about 9 months until things settled down. Just talk to your manager.


1 day Monday thru Thurday. However vacations or fmla leaves could mean you would have to work. But that would only happen a couple times a year.


I have been unavailable on Mondays since I started working here 4 years ago. Eventually, I opened up my availability completely except for Mondays and I got full-time at the end of last year. When my store manager sat me down to talk to me about my benefits, I explained to him why I have my availability closed off for that day and he said it's not a problem as long as I can find a way to make myself available during the holidays if one happens to land on a Monday. So I guess it depends on the manager!


You can submit a change of availability form to your manager. I'm full-time and have worked for Publix for about 6 years now so things change. When I was in college I had every Tuesday and Thursday off, most recently I had every Saturday off and no I've moved to having every Sunday off. I still get my 2 days off a week, one day is my set day off and the other is whatever my manager decides, though he is usually pretty good giving me the same day off.


As with almost every rule or guidance given in the MRL, this one comes with the same "out" that many manager like to use - "Business needs". But, in answer to your question, no there is no "place" to put it. You must sit down and talk with your manager.


I've always had it. Occasionally there is a day switched here or there but it's rather consistent.


For me personally, I just tell my manager the one day I always prefer to have off and they always give it to me.


thank you all for all the info. I can always talk to my Dept. Manager if need be.


I'm a full time produce clerk and my manager just laughed when I mentioned that to him. :(