Trust me, its NOT just bakery clerks that don’t get taught anything. Every department doesn’t given proper training. Apart from the random CBTs you watch, you’ll just gradually get a hand of things as you work more, and just ask your more experienced coworkers questions and advice.


I’m a bakery clerk and I wasn’t taught jack shit either 😂 They seem to expect you to learn as you go or be taught by the other clerks. As a fellow designated closer, you get used the cleaning and stuff but other things are harder. You also get used to your manager always criticizing you for screwing up but not telling you how to improve lol


I've been Deli for 12+ years and trust me, I know there is no proper training whatsoever. A computer training course can only teach you so much. Whenever there is a newbie in the department I do my best to teach them based on everything I've learned.


Bakery person here! Let me know if you have any questions! I know it can be a lot at first and it sounds like your managers just kinda threw you in the deep end. They should answer your questions and patient But a lot of this job is things you learn and pickup as you go. There are just so many different scenarios that they can’t possibly go over them all until they happen and you ask how to solve them. Took me 3 months to feel like I knew what I was doing. Another 6 months later and I’m still learning stuff all the time. I would always ask the night after I closed if there was anything I forgot or I could be doing better. The opening people will notice things that should’ve been done by the closer.


just had my first day at the deli today... literally just got thrown in on the spot. i luckily have friendly coworkers who occasionally went out of their way to show me something if i asked, but other than that i’m lost.


I always tell new clerks I help train that it never hurts to ask questions, it'll definitely help you out. It's sad that they'll just train someone for a day or two and then go, that's it, you're on your own and expect you to know everything right away. I think I got two days of training before that happened, and it did take me awhile to get to know everything. And years later, I'm still learning new stuff. Doesn't help that things constantly change every so often. That's why I try my best to help out new clerks, so they don't feel like that.


As a FT Meat Cutter, I see the same thing with my poor Meat/Seafood Clerks. Thrown to the wolves with no training outside my extremely limited free time. Company just doesn’t seem to get that proper training is important.


You will be lucky if you get more than 1 full day of training as cashier.


Yeah no training at all, just thrown into the deep end and expected to get things done


In my deli department there's like maybe two or three people that'll actually train someone everyone else is like in the mindset they're just going to leave anyway. To the point where my deli manager told our last hire thatif you had any questions more than the one he just asked to ask someone in orange shirt not her


Deli manager did that? Should be ashamed of herself. My first deli manager had experienced people show me the basics and then on like the 3rd day, she pulled me aside & worked with me a couple hours & said "you're learnjng it fine but before you start picking up other people's bad habits, here's the standards and what i expect..." She really followed through with the 'what's' and the 'why's' of things. I'm grateful for that -- learned a hella lot of things from it. Like, dont necessarily believe what people tell you, sometimes short-cuts are necessary but not all of them are acceptable. (example: please dont dump a bucket of water on top of a deli slicer). I think every department manager should be required to spend one-on-one time with new hires. Would ensure that (1) correct procedures are known & followed, (2) new people feel comfortable knowing they're doing things right, and (3) trainers are training.


Yeah isn't that shameful? I was surprised to hear but not really cause she's like that


No it’s not. Ask as many questions as you need to. They shouldn’t get upset. If you need anything feel free to ask. I’m an abm.