They removed the option for certain non-management positions to "dress up" last year. Previously, most positions with the word "clerk" in their position were given the option to wear a dress shirt (and a tie for males.) They removed this option not long after they stopped requiring manager's to wear a tie with non- Publix branded dress shirts. Some stores do not seem to enforce this,however.


Most men in a management position don’t even wear a tie. They usually just wear a long sleeve button up. Not sure exactly what you are asking though (dressing up for what?). If you are a team leader the same logic applies, you don’t need a tie. Same thing if you work up front and want to wear a white button up, or doing an aprons presentation. There’s not many situations where you need a tie.


If you are a non-management associate male and you want to wear a dress shirt you must wear a tie.


This option was removed last year from the dress code.


Not 1 person in my store wears a tie. None...


Let me rephrase, not that it matters. My SM told me that if you are a non-management associate and a male in the deli, you must wear a tie with a dress shirt. JFC


Exceeeeept even that is against current dress code.


Searched the handbook, searched passport. I can't find where is is allegedly against the current dress code for a male in the deli. But ok