customer service is a very emotional job on both ends its super understandable but we deal with all different types of people that try to find the validation they seek through us individually so they will make petty comments or try to engage in conversation with you bc they crave that attention even if it's from a worker at their local grocery store enough with the psychology but it is super uncomfortable and awkward & it totally makes sense that you feel that way but it's just part of the job we all have to deal with unfortunately ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ for me it's kinda like when ur cashering & have to hear the repetitive "ohh i couldn't find the million dollars/winning lotto numbers" or the weird flirting or inappropriate comments but that's on my end


I wanna get promoted to CSS as soon as possible but yeah, I realized that one of the biggest points of the role is dealing with the BS that cashiers and FSCs can't. One of my CSS people who is an absolute sweetheart once told me during training that if I ever had a customer get uncomfortably irritated, aggressive, flirty, or gross, I need to call one of them over. She said it because "you guys aren't paid enough to deal with that kind of behavior, but we're paid and trained for those customers, so just send them over to us." CSS is definitely a place where the leaders shine through.


I make a joke out of it. Like “I’m sorry, i sold the winning ticket earlier” or, “that’ll cost ya extra” most people who play lotto religiously have a sense of humor so just go along with it and see where it takes you. Yes our customers want premier service, but they also love a laugh once in a while. Plus, I always say, “if I give you the winning ticket, you better remember your humble Publix associate” 😂


You might let customer know that you are not known to be lucky.


i just say "not today!" or "next time" lol