From a management point of view it is not a good idea to do this, but it does happen. It is less troublesome for an assistant department manager to be promoted to a department manager position as the associates already look to them as management. Where problems occur is when a line worker is promoted to management in the same store. This can cause tension as co-worker friendships formed when they were working side by side can cause difficulties for the newly promoted manager who now has to direct their former co-workers.


Yeah. My current CSTL was CSS at my store.


I went from APM to PM in the same store.


I know someone who got promoted clerk->gtl->agm->GM all in the same store.


It happened at my at store too. Granted, the person had previously left publix as a GM and was good friends with our DM at the time, so they were put on the fast track to GM. It all happened within like 9 months




Yes. My BM got promoted in store from ABM.


Yea I was in stored to GTL in my store


I’ve seen it done a few times. I had someone years ago that I trained for office staff. I was OS at the time and was trying to move up. Then they got promoted within the store and was my boss. How awkward is that? I trained my boss.


Yep I've seen it. One of my former CSTL got in-store promoted to ACSM and ended up the highest respected manager my store has ever seen.


Yea. I got promoted to assistant deli manager to deli manager in store. If that counts. It Halle s a lot in my area.


Yes. It's happened at my store.


Yes. Happens often.


One of my CSTL was promoted to ACSM once


It largely depends on the area. I've seen it a LOT at my current store, where we have two Publix stores eight miles apart and the next-closest Publix to either of those being an hour or more away (so almost all promotions we are either keeping in-store or just trading people back and forth between only the two stores). You would NEVER see it at my old store, in an area where there were four Publix stores within 20 minutes of each other and probably close to 20 more stores altogether within an hour's radius.


at my old store 273. from css to cstl but it only happened once.


273, I still have nightmares


wait.... you worked at 273?


Just at the last inventory tagging for a couple days, so it was extra clustered in there


im so sorry.


Yeet, at least they're getting a new store "soon"


it was supposed to be 2019... now its first quarter 2020. smh.


I was talking to the GM and he said 2021, it'll come when it comes I guess.


lol or never.


Happened at my store last week lol Hasn’t gone well at all


Both of my GTLs are from my store


I would’ve cried if i got in store promoted to Department head at my previous store. Yeah I’d been at higher volume store but i was ready to get the hell outta there lmao.




Happened to me, and I know of other people it has happened for. Just today we promoted a GRS in store


It's happening quite a bit up in my district in NC. Were kind if short on managers though.


Happened at my first store but just stock clerk to team leader. I honestly butted heads with him and we were good friends. It’s a good idea to switch store upon promotion imo.


Short answer is yes. More likely to happen when your store is 50 miles from any other store.