Target is the worst if you're happening to wear a red shirt with khakis. I'm 5' 17" so, I just look like that I know stuff. One time, a Target shopper got impatient with me while I was speaking to my wife and actually said to me " It's lovely that you two are having a personal conversation but I need help sir... " I didn't even bother telling him that I didn't work there. I jumped right to "go f*** yourself". I think they sought a manager to "report me", for what, I don't know.


It's why I wear a jacket when I am on my break or off the clock, so no one bothers me. I get strange looks, but they tend to leave me alone unless they know me. And if I know them well enough I might help or ignore them entirely. Yes, I even wear my jacket in 100 degree weather just so I can smoke outside on my break.


I take my name tag off and blend in :)


Yes! The publix cashier's uniform looks nothing like any other store, but i got stopped 4 times at Target by customers. I help them to the best of my abilities, when I feel like it.


Hey, you're right!


I'll get off work at my store, start driving home and realize I need something and then go shopping in my uniform at another store. I usually help people anyway


One time I went into the liquor store with it but no one asked me for help


I was always bit shy about doing so. I even bring a shirt to change into in case I know I need to pop in somewhere on my way home like Walmart


The only time I've ever had a Walmart employee address me without me asking them for help first was because I was in my uniform. "Ooooh! I'm telling!"


I was in 2nd and Charles one time and I wasn't wearing my uniform, but someone asked me if I had worked there.


Had someone demanding that I help them get lumber at a Home Depot while I was in my uniform after work, and refused to believe me that I didn't actually work there - she thought I was lying about working there to be lazy. Took the Home Depot store manager having their loss prevention officer escort her out of the store for me to finally be able to buy what I came in there for. At least the SM there was actually really a fun dude to talk to after. If you're reading this, thanks again Phil!


No because I never go anywhere in my uniform besides publix, or another publix