Is this card good or something

Is this card good or something


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yeah its used for hand control because it can constantly limit it while doing a lot of damage, two birds with one stone heh heh


Looks like it https://ptcgozone.com/ptcgoprices/


Pretty sure the reason it’s so expensive is because a. It was only printed as a promo and the box it comes in is super expensive and hard to find and b. Because the deck it’s played in uses mew and mewtwo tag team, which was recently given out for free on the VS ladder. The deck isn’t top tier or anything, but it’s pretty good.


The only reason it's 50 packs is because of that mew3 deck. Before, it was only around 15. And I sold 4 for 8 a long time ago.


it’s not mew3, it’s the upcoming shadow rider deck.


Actually no, it is mew3. It only went from 15 something to 50 because the mew3 deck won a large tournament and has been successful ever since.


It's a big market out there. If you are on for long enough we are all gonna sell something that skyrockets in value or buy something that plummets in value. It happens.


Yes cause this is probably the last expensive gx since mewtwo and dedenne were given in the ladder, so when a card gets cheaper another gets more expensive. I've sold mine, i wouldn't be surprised if this become a ladder reward.


oh yes very good card might get better one chilling reign comes out hold on to it for now. Also only trade for the current set packs because shining fates and darkness ablaze are not are valuable as current set. This site [https://ptcgozone.com/ptcgoprices/](https://ptcgozone.com/ptcgoprices/) has trading prices for cards!


that is getting quite expensive, and quite good.


Yeah, it's one of the hardest GX Cards to get a hold of as far as I can tell, it's probably spiking because it's expecting to see a lot of play in Shadow Rider decks


No, no. It's terrible. Give it to me and I'll take the trash out for you /s It's a pretty powerful card that's being used in several meta decks at the moment and it's also a bit on the...not rare, just hard to get side since it was only released via a tin that you can't get anymore.


never seen a single player use that card ever so it can't be that good


I have and it wrecked me






But you can't use Slowking with a Mew&Mewtwo GX. ​ I think sell it, after the new release of the packs.


Can't really say that it's cheaper if it hasn't been released yet.


But it only does the GX effect. If Slowkong V did the same as night watch and was relatively cheap I would agree with you, but 0 people play Trevnoir exclusively for it’s GX attack.


Do you know how Mewtwo&Mew GX card works? ​ You need that card in the discard pile or on the bench and the Mewtwo card can use his attacks.... You can't use V cards attacks, only GX card attacks. ​ You just want energy for Mewtwo and not for any other cards.


I know how the mewtwo card works, and it can use the attacks of any GXs, which is why Trevnoir is played with Mewtwo and Mew as it’s normal attack is quite powerful.


Trade now before it rotates