[USA] Am I too old? 26 year old planning on applying to masters in psychology as a career change

[USA] Am I too old? 26 year old planning on applying to masters in psychology as a career change


Well, I'm 29 and just finishing my bachelor's. So no, you're fine.


Im 29 and finishing my bachelors in a year and a half go us!


28 year old junior trying to double major in psych and neurosci. We're not too late, especially from what I've been told by advisors and professors since going into the mental health field requires a lot of patience and maturity.


Yeah, I'm not worried about being late. I have a friend that decided to switch to psych in his 40's from being a lawyer. Also, I'm paying for my education on my own so I'll take as long as I want.


I had to pay for my own as well. Takes a while. This semester I maxed out on subsidized loans so now I have to start borrowing unsub. It sucks but I'm almost there.


Same boat, that's our draw in life. It sucks but it is, oh well.


Woo! It's a unique experience for sure


30 years old and 20 credits away from my bachelors


30 years old as well. Last semester before completing my BA and my god is the senioritis kicking in (I need to save up/get experience before applying for an MA program).


30 years old and 14 credits away from mine! We got this! :D


31 with 2 semesters left in my bachelors and I still have plans to get a PhD in clinical psych


Hey same next month I am onto my final exams :D


26? No mate haha. I’m 37 and in my second year of bachelors. My programme leader also started her bachelors in her mid 40s and now runs the programme and does magistrates on the side!


I'm 35 and on my last year of undergrad. I think the life experience is a benefit


No you’re definitely not too old! I am currently in a master’s program for counseling psychology and most of my classmates are in their late 20s-early 30s. Matter of fact, I have classmates in their 50s and 60s. I feel like I’m the odd one out because I’m not married/don’t have kids yet and many people in my cohort are married and have children. Best of luck to you! P.s. don’t sell yourself short! Even though you may not be able to practice dentistry the fact that you have an advanced degree is impressive on applications!


Hey that's good news. Thanks for sharing. I'm 29 and married with kids. I was a little anxious to be the weird old guy in class. Nice to know it's not uncommon.


No, you are not too old.


I sure hope not. I'll be 36 in Oct and I started my bachelor's in fall 2018


My mom started her masters when she was in her 40's. Im going to start (hopefully) next year when I'm 29. Never too old as long as you have the ability.


I’m 27 and in my first year of uni. You got this OP!


You are NEVER too old. Don't you dare tell yourself that


If you're too old then I am definitely too old, I just decided to get my bachelor's at 26 and I am hoping to go for my PhD. I don't think age matters it's about the motivation and effort you are willing to put it.


A lot of people go into psych in their 40s + my friend. Also you can make your resume stronger and still go for a PsyD when you get here. The masters may be a waste of time tbh. But that's your call.


I was going to say this too. I opted out of a masters in mental health counseling since it seems to be a whole shit ton of money for a low average salary. Instead, I plan on taking 2 years to get lab experience after I graduate and go for clinical psych PhD. I want to do research anyway so, works out.


Nice. I'm still trying to decide myself. I want to do orient focus so I'm considering a counseling psychology masters and becoming a kid ended therapist. I have experience in a similar field but the only reason is really I just can't afford the PsyD and I'm not sure I'm a strong enough candidate to get it paid for.


I think that’s an awesome goal. PsyD really is crazy expensive and I’m in the same boat with probably not getting it paid for. I’m choosing phd since most are stipend and I’m looking to focus on psilocybin research on addiction… or psychopathy lol I haven’t decided between those very different areas yet!


Nice! You can pursue psychotherapy with a masters to which is encouraging cuz I've been thinking about that. Mad respect on the psilocybin stuff!! It has helped me a lot


I’m glad it’s helped you. Ironically, I think I’m allergic to it myself lol. Self-reported only of course, so I’m not entirely sure but I’m 4.5 years into drug addiction recovery and have been reading a lot about the advancements being made with psychedelics and addiction… not to mention ketamine and depression and MDMA and PTSD. I think it would be so awesome if the substances that once helped me fuck up my life can now allow me to help other people. (Plus it’s just really fucking cool how it works in the human brain!)


I really wanna try ketamine therapy but it is SO EXPENSIVE!


Well once I have my PhD I’ll gladly take you through ketamine sessions for free… you might just have to wait 5-7 years lmao


See you in 5-7 brotha!


I’m 27 and only 1 year in you’re right on time. Everyone is. There’s no time limit.


I’m 29 and started my bachelors last week. I plan on trying for my PhD. My mom was 50 whenever she went back to finish her bachelors>grad school and became a psych nurse practitioner.


I started my masters at 28. I am 29 now and in my last year, you are fine my friend! Also look up the average age of masters level students.


My mentor was 29 when he started grad school and was the youngest in his cohort haha a lot of people do not go straight from undergrad to grad school. Probably most.


I'm 29 and have a finance undergrad. I just sold the property management company I've been running for the past five years. Taking some time off and then I'd like to get a psych grad degree and go on to hopefully get a neuroscience phD to become a researcher and college professor. I think it's a lifestyle that would be much better aligned with my temperament and interests. Professors work into their 60s/70s+. We could have 30-year second careers ahead of us. If you take care of your mind and body, I don't see why it would be too late. Career switchers: Would love to hear what careers you all switched from.


I went back for my masters at 28. Doubled my salary potential. Highly recommend.


I got my masters in June and it was one month before turning 33, so you're definitely not too old. The longer you wait, the more likely you'll be to wish you'd gone back to school sooner.


I’m 25 finishing my associates.. so no lol 😂 you’re good. My therapist is actually getting his doctorates currently


Just saw this and thought of you! https://youtube.com/shorts/hCBa3XHT7RY?feature=share


I’m 39 and just starting my bachelors! Major career change, but we’ve got this one life, right!?


Shit I’m 40 and in my first semester of Bsc Psy 😆


My therapist started uni at age 28...and he has a successful private practice now. So I think you're good. And even if you might be in a more competitive field...if you really want it, you can leave options open to move to any city you get a place at, right? You can do it. And you'll have experience to back you up. That's more valuable than many other qualifications.


No you're not too old. I'll be 25 by the time I get my bachelor's.


Nope but depending on where you live don’t do your masters in psychology unless you know your going to do a phd or pays program and your prepared for that. I have my masters in psychology I’m 30.. I didn’t do my doctorate after so it makes it hard to get licensed as a mental health counselor (my only option really)


35 currently in my first year of an MSW. Post-military career.


No not too old. You got this. Some people do a career change at 50. You're fine. No worries


30 and getting BA in 2022


I hope not bc I’m 32 and just started my masters in clinical psych.


No you aren’t too late, because I’m 26 and just started my first semester of undergrad, I’m also far from the oldest in my cohort. Go easy on yourself & remember that comparison is not only the thief of joy but it also holds a lot of people back.


I hope not. I’m 37 and will finish my bachelors degree in a year and plan on applying to a masters program after that.


I’m 31 and a senior working on my bachelors. Definitely not. Best of luck!


I’m 28 and in my masters program so you should be fine. Age is just a number, in this case at least


Not at all so young trust me


I'm 30 going for Millwright... never too late


I sure hope not! Im in my 30s and going to college as a freshman, working towards a masters. You are never too late to start living the life you want... I know I won't have the career years others did... but on the flip side, im learning this as an adult witha good bit of life experience under the belt. And that counts for a lot.


How old are you supposed to be ?


My grandma got her BSN at 50. Not a career change, but took her awhile after raising kids to get there. And you’re not too old! Especially with all the education you already have, some of that’s got to transfer to psych.


I started my Master in School Psychology at 30


Im 28 and prepping to apply for grad school and switching careers as well


It’s your life how the fuck can you be to old to live it how you want. So that’s how I feel about it lol


Not too old. I'm 47f in 2nd year. Go get em! 🤓


Definitely not too old! I finished my masters at 24. Now, I wish I was wiser and had more life experience. You’re on your own path. Your timing is perfect! You got this!


Im 27 and taking a two year pause until I can get enough money for a masters. you are good.


My wife is 32 and she’s just finishing her BPS accredited masters this month. UK. Do it. A lot of people on her course are slightly older.


You’re definitely not too old, come on over here! We could definitely use more minds like yours :) it’s easy to get a job and if you have sales experience, the sky is the limit. DC has some great programs for psychology and can help you out financially.


I'm 34 and two weeks ago began my courses for an associates in psych for transfer. I really hope you aren't too old, because that wouldn't bode well fornme at all.


A lot of people in these programs are coming into it a lot later in life than 26. You may have done a lot of schooling so far which makes sense why you feel like you do regarding the treadmill analogy, but you’re never too old to be where you are at. Im currently around the same age and most people in my clinical mental health master’s program are in their 30s


Im 30 with an MBA and starting Masters in Counseling next year. Its never too late to do whats best for you, forget about societal unrealistic timelines, go for it!!


Wow, the comments in this thread are very affirming! Likewise, I don’t think you’re too old and I don’t think that it’s too late! I’m planning to start my Masters in Counseling Psychology next year in order to become a therapist. :) I’ll be 28 by the time I begin. Also in the middle of a career change as I spent the past 4-5 years doing business.


Not too old.