The way I look at it is...Pro gun folks KNOW how the media and the Gov't twist truths and lie. People already know where they stand. Do you think a news report will make someone pro gun? Or make someone turn in their guns? Absolutely not. The news media preaches to their fans and bangs the same drum daily. Who believes a word from the media?


Do bears shit in the woods?


Look at how they manipulate race in mass shooters! They show like 6 white guys but if you look at the fbi mass shooter mug sot list it’s like 90% black men so yeah they are manipulating.


Yes. For one thing gang violence is now reported as mass shootings.




Do bears shit in the woods?


What's even crazier is the fact that googling "gun statistic XYZ" or whatever gets you pages of articles telling a story about the fact you are looking for. So for the average (lazy) person, they read one or two articles which *say* "wE'vE got tO dO sOmEtHiNg!1!" And never dig deep enough to learn the fact which someone interpreted in the articles. So yes, the media I pushing an agenda. At the very least they're generating clicks, ad revenue, and subscriptions. The way they do that is to take advantage of The Big Topic(s) which everyone is talking about. The more articles are written the more hysteria they cause, and the more demand for those articles The new thing is the search algorithm(s) everyone knows and uses. They see those average (lazy) people clicking the top 3 articles, and they keep them (and their websites) as top search results. So whether intentional Orr not, mass media is using cyber warfare on its readers.


Is water wet?


The only things that consistently drive viewer/reader engagement is fear and anger. Fear + Anger = engagement: likes, clicks, page views, time spent on page The media is doing what it needs to do to keep the money flowing into their own pockets. The fact that they are materially contributing to the breakdown of society is immaterial to them


Ummmm, yes.


do you live under a rock? the left has been doing that longer than most of us have been alive


Yes - and it’s obvious.






Always have been


Oh they totally are. Anything for more clicks!


Yea they have been for years


In other news; Water is wet, sky is blue.




Captain obvious has created a post.


In other news, turns out that bears do sh*t in the woods...


Yup 100%


Liberal media has an agenda to disarm Americans. They don’t even care about the higher numbers of dgu. 2016 was a very clear example of them being fake news.




Never get into a land war in Asia... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LUUk6wVNrY


Does a bear shit in the woods?




Is the media manipulating—yes. Yes they are


Of course! You never hear about the guns used in self defence or to stop a crime-in-progress. Its not the gun that kills, it’s the person.


Of course! You never hear about the guns used in self defence or to stop a crime-in-progress.


I'm 63 and as long as I remember media has always twisted crime to an anti gun slant. I no longer watch news on a television, but remember distinctly seeing news reports of stabbings and beatings with a [handgun in a no circle](https://c8.alamy.com/comp/PT858F/vector-no-guns-sign-isolated-on-white-background-symbol-of-gun-prohibition-icon-of-black-pistol-with-red-circle-as-danger-warning-no-handgun-illust-PT858F.jpg) in the background as if the violence committed with fist's, melee weapons and knives demand anti gun propaganda.


Don’t even need to read the article to respond with a resounding yes. The most obviously used tactic is to provide data about gun deaths without acknowledging how many of them are suicides.


*gasp* No, that just seems too hard to believe. The media is fair and balanced.


Short answer yes. Long answer - *yeeeessssssss*


Pretty soon a mass shooting will be defined as more than 1 shooter and feelings got hurt. Every range day is a mass shooting.




🌏🧑‍🚀🔫🧑‍🚀 Always has been


In the early 90's the show 60 Minutes hooked up air lines to an Audi transmission so they could use pressurized air to shift the car remotely in order to show the cars shifting by themselves on national television. They sensationalized reports of a couple cars jumping out of park, when the reality is the drivers didn't fully put the car in park, causing Audi to pretty much lose it's market share.


NBC also rigged a pickup truck to explode! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtpMzGN9uWc


Consumer Reports and others had legal issues after allegedly using ramps to make certain truck based SUV's to flip over during lane change maneuvers.


So I was reading about [a mass murder that happened in San Antonio yesterday…46 (so far) dead after being jammed into a trailer with no functioning AC](https://www.foxnews.com/politics/texas-gov-abbott-blames-biden-dead-migrants-trailer). The kicker here is that **not a single news outlet called this out as a mass murder**. Since it didn’t fit the narrative of a “mass shooting” it’s like just another ho-hum day in Texas. There is no doubt the media plays games with how they choose to showcase “gun crimes” over other crime.




Yeah, statistics is hard for 99% of the population, including reporters who think they have a grasp on statistics when they clearly do not. But just like slowly boiling frogs don’t realize they are boiling, those ignorant of stats don’t realize they are being bombarded by fake stats.


Well they manipulate everything else... so yes, they're probably manipulating national crime statistics too.




You're not that guy pal


Also some antigun states track data 'differently' from others. For example, New York takes shootings, stabbing, or any crime committed with a weapon (baseball bat, brass knuckles, hammers, hatchets, etc.) and lumps them together. Then a lot of the time that large percentage is presented as just gun violence because they're in the same category. This was a few years ago and a lot of groups called them out on it so I don't know if they still do this.


The radio plays what they want you to hear.


Absolutely the media is using anti-gun politicians to push lies such as the AR-15 uses such a powerful round that it breaks bones and shatters them to pieces and eviscerates meat and tissue. All of that is a lie. In fact the AR-15 is best used and utilized with a 62 to a 75 grain projectile fired out of a 1 in 7 twist barrel and is most effective with a 20 inch barrel and it has an ideal range of about a hundred yards with that round. Now with that round you can drop Hogs and deer quite easily with little to no waste. But the versatility of the AR-15 is that you can take the same gun swap the rounds that you're firing and you now have a really great Varmint Rifle that you can use on everything from prairie dogs and groundhogs to coyotes using a 55 to 60 to grain round. Now if we're going to talk about a round that breaks bones and eviscerates meat, we're definitely talking about .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG.


It's really funny to me that they're still pushing the "AR15 round is too overpowered and only good for war" when the Army just decided to switch away from it because it wasn't powerful enough.




Hey, I like a cold glass of milk just like the next guy, but I wouldn’t bet money on very many of my bones not breaking when struck by 5.56


Well of course, but not the way a .270 Winchester would do or a .30-06


Shit, if a round DOESN'T "break bones and eviscerate flesh" what does it do? Isn't that the whole point?


With some rounds for instance the 5.7, the whole point is penetration. While it goes in and an even with hollow points it expands very little leaves a slightly larger wound Channel then just a normal FMJ round it often is flying so fast the bullet does have time to open up and expand to the point it mushrooms out and stop dumping all of its energy. While yes depending on what kind of round you use that AR-15 will break bone and leave a decent wound channel with hollow points, AR-15 was never meant to leave that kind of devastation. After talking with a lot of people who were around during the time that the AR-15 was adopted it was adopted under the pretenses of it was an easier hole to close up then something like a 30-06 like was carried into Vietnam or .308/7.62x51


Sure, they're wrong, but that's not the point... the point is that they're saying a bullet breaks bones as if that's a bad thing...


For the point that I was trying to make is it doesn't just shatter and completely eviscerate bone and Splinter it like they want people to believe it does will it break and penetrate bone absolutely but so will a 32 Auto which are in most firearms circles is not even adequate for conceal carry. There are plenty of firearms that are capable of breaking bone that a lot of people hunt with but to say that they do the things that people claim an AR-15 does is an outright lie. Any real weapon capable of hunting is going to have the capability of breaking bones but very few break and shatter bones sending shards of splintered bone out the side of a person or animal with a couple exceptions which I mentioned up above which was .270, .30-06, .50 bmg and .338 lapua magnum. AR-15 isn't a big bore caliber.


Yes, and they always have.


Uh… you didn’t know?


When has the media ever produced exaggerated hysteria? /s


March 2020-present day.


Oh, way longer than that: Remember the Maine


I’d be shocked. SHOCKED! (/s lol)


I usually like to take a piece of paper to write down all of the media's, anti-gunner's, and celebrities opinions on *firearms* and write it all down. Then I like to wipe my ass with it.


What kind of soap do you use to get all that ink off your butt?


**No more tears** - Johnson's baby shampoo


Yes. They just say gun deaths. They never state that 60% are suicide, 5% are police shoots, I forget the number for gang violence and accidents. Colion Noir broke it down fantastically on his last appearance on Rogan


Yes, but it is not just a manipulation, it is straight propaganda. It is an extremely dangerous situation, if they are doing it with guns - they can do it with anything.


They ARE doing it with everything.


Just remember, most of us here are well versed on guns and easily notice when the media or politicians misrepresent or lie about something gun related. Now realize that they routinely do the same thing on pretty much all topics, you just likely don't know enough about other topics to catch it as easily.




You’d be wrong.


How do you figure?


I thought this was obvious


The media is dishonest.


>Is the media manipulating… Yes. The answer is always yes.


This is a notable exception to Betteridge's Law. As are any self-referential headlines.


They bury or ignore what they don't want you to see. Instead, the devise stories about active bands of white supremacists creating a spike in homicides. Funny, since increases can be traced back to Ferguson. Simultaneously allowing criminals to run rampant while demonizing the police was how we got here. Practice run


Well Yes, Yes they are.


Ya *think*???


> Advocates push narratives with limited data to willing reporters (i.e., violence interrupters) who don’t understand nuances resulting in misleading articles. Most don’t want to understand. Those that do choose not to present the truth because they can make a claim they were following the report while they push a narrative.


For the individual journalists it's like they're just filling out keywords from a punch-card to get Google search hits which in turn is to dump people on a payroll and generate subscriptions. The mass-media is participating in mass-hysteria: just like "Remember the Maine" lead to the Spanish-American war, and the "Satanic Panic" meant I couldn't watch Dungeons and Dragons cartoons. Yes there is an agenda, and yes it is being pursued, but at a certain point the masses do more for the feedback loop than the media.


Exactly. This guy wrote this very unbiased article the Daily Oklahoman a couple of days ago. [https://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/2022/06/26/oklahoma-gun-deaths-jumped-after-stitt-signed-permitless-carry-law/7567774001/](https://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/2022/06/26/oklahoma-gun-deaths-jumped-after-stitt-signed-permitless-carry-law/7567774001/) ​ >**Whether the state’s “permitless carry” law directly contributed to a rise in gun violence is difficult to determine.** But as Oklahoma lawmakers have increased access to firearms over the past decade, firearm-caused suicides, accidents and homicides in the state have increased. Sounds like he's basically still going to make that determination. Then we have this gem: ​ >“When there is an overabundance of guns out there in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them, we are forced to go out and deal with that. … It causes us to be involved in more shootings,” said Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin, speaking this month to reporters about the challenge Oklahoma gun laws present to local police. I love the implication that permitless carry suddenly put a large amount of guns in prohibited possessors hands.


The last sounds like, "people being on an equal footing with the government (police) is what causes police to kill them." Has nothing to do with nature, nurture, society, or any mix, right officer? And if you take them alive they get to serve out a sentence in for-profit prisons.


They think criminals get there guns illegally and then leave them at home because they don’t have a legal permit to carry?


Like 90% of the time someone links me an article on a study I need to hop through like 4 or 5 different articles to actually get to the one that originally reported on the study. Most of the time too the original study either doesn't support what the article they linked said or its some bs study of 150 people from 40 years ago.