Anyone aware of prepper laws also known as anti hoarding laws?

Anyone aware of prepper laws also known as anti hoarding laws?


You’re free to buy as much of anything as you want. Just don’t try to price gouge


exactly- Most of the laws surround price gouging, that means charging a massive mark up on a necessary item during an emergency. The actual definition varies by jurisdiction, but that is generally what it is. You can store as much as you want, but if there is an emergency, you cannot sell for insane prices. That simple. My personal rule is to stock up on what I will need, and not worry about being able to sell it if there is an emergency.


There are no laws against stockpiling food, hand sanitizer or any other supplies for personal use. The laws are against price gouging during a crisis. You can stock up as much food / material as you'd like, the government isn't going to care. It's only when you try to take advantage of others during a crisis that they would come in. If it is for your own use, it is perfectly fine.


No price gauging is ok when corporations do it but when a individual does it it's not ok. You do know the government is causing an artificial demand when the government pays the farmer higher then what the consumer will pay then tells the farmer to destroy their crop right? That's not fair.


You can stockpile money as much as you like though, they even have a whole industry devoted to it. People with millions of times more of it than the majority are admired and the media report their views on what the rest of society should be doing.


I can just buy a stack of fake 100s just to show off it doesn't mean I should. I do think it might be a good deterrent for would be thieves and to catch a thieve though.


You just can't do it during a crisis and sell it back higher than mark up prices. You also can't do it during a crisis if the government is looking for the things you are hoarding. If you supply yourself with these things before hand they can't do anything. But who knows what kind of crazy things the government will do during a real crisis. They did confiscate gold from people. They did raid homes during the start of the pandemic who bought or had a bunch of hospital PPE. All u got to say is. Don't brag and don't try to profit from your preps. If the government still comes knocking. Let them know people won't stand for it. Don't let them take your life line willingly.


US government has the right to take it, but have to give just compensation to it (eminent domain). Gold would be harder to legitimize, but PPE was easy, and you should have gotten a check for how much they were worth (likely the pre pandemic price wholesale)


The Government pretends to be upset by price gouging during emergencies, but what they are really upset about is not being able to collect taxes on the enterprise of reselling.