Rejections after interviews, what am I doing wrong?

Rejections after interviews, what am I doing wrong?


Yo I haven't even gotten an interview yet lol the silence is deafening.


I'm right there with you. Stay strong!


I would say just keep going and what's meant to be will happen for you. Rejection is apart of life and whether it is for schools or something else, it will happen.


You can do everything right, answer all the questions correctly, comport yourself appropriately, etc, and still get rejected. The fact that they wanted to talk to you shows that you have what it takes to get in- those programs just weren't the right place for you. To put it another way, it's not you, it's them. > I’m assuming I didn’t get accepted You're not rejected until they tell you. There's still hope! (Unless they ghost you. Some programs do this, it's shitty.) It sounds like 3 programs haven't started accepting people yet. What can you change? I don't know, I wasn't there. 7 schools have wanted to talk to you. You're doing something right. Good luck!


Just keep in mind that just because you weren't accepted immediately afterward doesn't mean you did poorly. Like others have said, it could just be that you weren't a good fit for that specific program, but if you're really concerned try to do more mock interviews and compile some common talking points (ie. weakness/strengths, why PA, etc.). Those really helped me when I was interviewing. Also, don't give up hope until you've been officially rejected. Sometimes schools send out more acceptances when all of their interviews are done and it's not uncommon to get off waitlists (that's how I got in to my school!)


Consider taking propanolol. I have SEVERE anxiety about interviews (start sounding like I’m going to cry immediately) and this has been a god send to help me calm down and be way more articulate. I only take it 30 mins before I have to do a high stakes interview or speech.


Did your doctor just prescribe it to you when you asked? Or did you have to ask multiple doctors?


Mine prescribed when I asked and explained how crippling it is. I am naturally anxious and could probably benefit from a full time medication but I use this maybe 6-10 times a year and it calms me and makes me feel very articulate and feel like I can be myself without fight or flight kicking in. No amount of mock interviews or calming breaths will help me lol


If you have the chance do mock interviews through your school’s advising program or through the pa platform


I second this, getting some professional feedback from experts is probably the best thing you can do right now


Check out the STAR interview method. You’re probably talking too much about nothing tbh.


No one can say without any info on your background, grades, etc. No one can really say on here overall. Ask the places if they have any feedback. FYI you ARE going to get rejections. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.


hey, i've been feeling similarly "insecure" about my interviews too! as in... feeling really good about them, but apparently not good enough :/ i don't have an answer for you, but if you'd ever want to zoom with me and ask interview questions back and forth, i'd definitely be willing to provide you with some feedback about anything that stands out to me etc. and honestly, like so many have said, it may not be you at all, just the program! hang in there, i have hope for us:)


Post stats, if you have 3.7+ c & s gpa maybe your interview skills suck. Other wise look everyone wants to avoid the fact that GPA is king, schools say they look at the whole candidate but If you have a 3.9 they dont really care about your interview


I have a 3.97 and got waitlisted from the only interview I’ve had so far so I’m not too sure about this (anecdotally)


2.4 overall/3.7 masters/40k HCE hours/Massive upward trend Mix of interviews and rejections here. But yeah, the majority of programs don’t look past GPA for interviews


well, I have a science GPA of 3.93 and cumulative 3.94, but got rejected after an interview lol


I got ONE acceptance and two waitlists.. thank you all for your help and kind words. I am so happy I got ONE!! My stats for those who asked: I applied to 13 schools 1st time applicant 21, graduated in May this year Invited to 7 interviews (so far, it’s early sept) Cgpa 3.54 Sgpa 3.49 Pce 2000 Volunteer 250 at local free clinic! Stay hopeful to those of you that are still waiting 💕




Pa schools almost exactly match the applicant pool. Average applicant is a mid to late 20s white woman, not surprised that the schools reflect that.




Sure but schools don't care about that pretty much at all, they are interested in students that will pass school and pass the pance. They are looking at stats first and foremost and so the pool matches the students.


How about choosing the right candidate based on academic ability and experience....ethnicity shouldn't even be an option on the application IMO. Not every white applicant comes from the "burbs" and not every minority is disadvantaged. Choose the right candidate based on qualifications and not on meeting a diversity quota.


I ALWAYS look at the class photos lol. I'm a brown Hispanic woman and it really is disappointing when I see no diversity. I once called this program because I could not find their demographics anywhere and they said their PA student population was "97% Caucasian". ...


As a Hispanic woman, I completely understand. I'll be attending PA school next month and my cohort has about 10 Latinos. I know the demographic can be discouraging but please don't let that prevent you from pursuing the profession. If you have any other questions send me a DM. Best of luck !


I really appreciate that!! It's disappointing, but not discouraging. I am still applying to schools because how will the change ever occur? I'm definitely focusing on more diverse schools though. Thanks so much again <3




I grew up in a small rural town that borders Mexico and saw the mistrust first hand. Shoot, I'm guilty of it too. I really hope diversity improves because it is so important for patients to see familiar faces so they feel more comfortable.


I think some interview coaching would be useful. Depending on your stats, that many rejections after interview could indicate that you’re not interviewing well. Could be a coincidence but if it were me, I would get some professional practice.