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It's really kind of random. It might happen at any point of the pregnancy, it even might start, then stop, then start again.


yeah, now im feeling a little nauseous and tired. ive been snacking a bit and drinking water to kinda curb the nausea.


Do what you must, and take advantage on the foods and drinks you're able to keep down. Eating smaller portions along also helps a lot with nausea from eating and from not eating. It'll get better šŸ’–


Like already said, it's random. I for example wasn't sick at all in the first trimester (yes, lucky me), but suddenly at 24 weeks I had an episode of throwing up. Everytime I ate or drank anything, 5-10 minutes later it just came back up. Stopped as abruptly again as it started. Now at 32-33 weeks I have some nausea from time to time, again in episodes. It comes and goes. Hang in there.


Iā€™m at 9 weeks, nauseous but no vomiting yet. Maybe it will happen to me in a few weeks..


With my first, I had nausea the whole first tri. Puked once in my 12th week and that was it.