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You need to go to a therapist. You have protected sex. You have visiting multiple doctors and gotten multiple tests/scans. All concluding that she isn't pregnant. You say she is telling lies about you threatening her. Honestly, with your paranoia I do wonder if there was a certain level of pressure in her having all these tests to satisfy you're worry, which clearly didn't work. Leave her alone and get yourself help. You have a problem here. Her "symptoms" are also symptoms that many get during their periods. I have extremely regular periods and on occasions it's surprised me too, things like stress and diet and even the time of year can affect periods. Again. Get yourself help for your paranoia.


I think you may be experiencing severe OCD with pregnancy as a trigger. As a fellow OCD sufferer, trust me when I say that getting help works wonders. Consider seeking a psychologist and/or psychiatrist to help you through.


This sounds like OCD. You should talk to a therapist that specializes in OCD and/or a psychiatrist to understand your symptoms.