Already missing being pregnant (she’s still in my belly 😂)

Already missing being pregnant (she’s still in my belly 😂)

  • By - HKtx


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you'll continue to be a unit at least through the 4th trimester :)


I felt this way. When he came out it all went away seeing him. Being able to hold him and kiss him and still experience him being against you and those little hiccups.. amazing ❤️


It doesn’t sound silly actually. It’s quite an emotional thing I think. I’m 37+6 today & going for my C section tomorrow due to high BP & gestational diabetes… and I feel really sad about her coming out. I feel like I want to keep her in there so I know she’s safe, plus I reckon this will be the only time I have pregnant (40F) so I want to cherish it. Good luck with becoming a mamma 🥰


Thank you for this 🥲 best of luck to you too!


Thankyou. Can’t believe it’s my BIRTH day! 💖


Me too! I wanna see him, cuddle him. I wanna know how he looks. But then I am sad cause he has to leave my belly, his special place where he spent 9 months!


It’s such a conflicting feeling!


Omg. I am in a really similar situation. I feel like I just need to let it out so forgive me for ranting. I am 38+5weeks, and yesterday, at my obgyn appointment, my blood pressure was a bit high. They re-did it, and said it was good, but my doctor still sent me to do blood work to double check that I am not developing pre-eclampsia. My bloodwork was mostly good, but my platelet count concerned her. I have to monitor my blood pressure at home, and it has been great. I'm getting my platelet count checked again later today, and my doctor said if it is still concerning, I will be having my baby this weekend. Sure, I am close to my due date, but I really don't want to be induced, especially since, in my non medical opinion, it doesn't seem like I have pre-eclampsia since my blood pressure is good (only had the one bad reading) and I don't have any symptoms other than that platelet count in my blood work. It is messing with me because I am worried that an induction is not actually necessary. If it is safe, I would much rather carry my little guy for at least another week and get the chance to go into labour naturally. I have heard from others that we have a choice and we can advocate for ourselves, but if my doctor thinks I should have my baby, I can't see myself ever fighting her on that because I'm not the one who is educated in this area. I'm just really hoping my blood test goes well today.


This is so much like me! I didn’t want to be induced at all, especially at 37 weeks on the dot. Obviously I will do whatever is safest and most important for my baby, but it’s disappointing. I’ve had to monitor my BP at home as well, and unfortunately it has stayed pretty high so there’s no chance I won’t be induced. Thank you for your response, and I hope things go smoothly for you and your sweet baby!


I'm really looking forward to not being pregnant anymore and hopefully getting some semblance of my old body back! I relate to what you're saying about the treatment and attention that comes with being heavily pregnant though, I love having random people in the street congratulating me or telling me how beautiful I look! 😅


I felt like this right after delivery and I cried so much bc I missed him being inside me but I love him so much more now that he’s outside. He still does the same things as he did inside, he sticks his butt out and keeps his arms by his face all the time. It’s super cute and since I’m only 6 days PP, he’s stuck to me like glue so I’m still with him 24/7 like when I was pregnant