Anyone else having trouble gaining weight during pregnancy?

Anyone else having trouble gaining weight during pregnancy?


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Just continue to eat when you’re hungry and take your prenatals! I only started gaining a lot of weight in my third trimester. I’m 34 weeks and I’ve gained 20 pounds since week 27ish 😂


Same. I’m 30 weeks - I lost a few lbs in my first trimester, so I’ve gained 6lbs from my first prenatal appointment or 9lbs from my lowest pregnancy weight - most of the gain was in the last month. I started at a high-normal BMI. My doctor did show me a weight chart and suggested I add an extra snack every day and make sure I eat nutritious food, but she wasn’t super concerned and the baby is growing normally.


My first pregnancy, I lost a couple pounds early and only got back to normal around 17 weeks, so I was probably up about 6-7 lb by the point you are at (5’7” and 135 pre-pregnancy). I didn’t have much appetite that whole pregnancy, and only gained 22lb total. My second pregnancy, I was hungry all the time and did start gaining a few weeks early (like at 14-15ish weeks). I still topped out at 24lb. So I think to a point, your body just gains what it wants to. If your doctors aren’t worried about your baby, then keep doing what you’re doing! Pregnancy weight gain isn’t always linear


If baby’s doing fine, try not to worry. Add an extra high calorie snack like some cashews if you’d like. I was very similar with my first and ended up gaining just shy of 20lbs total. He was 7.5lbs, large placenta, and I had polyhydramnios. Some people just don’t gain a lot. And we are recommended to gain more in the US than in many other countries where they say to aim for 10 kilos or so.


I was almost exactly the same as you due to sickness/how my body works. I weighed about the same at 25 weeks as I did at 12 weeks. Was not overweight pre-pregnancy. The midwife didn't seem worried at all about it so I've just been eating intuitively and not trying to put more weight on. I've found that over the past 2 weeks my appetite has increased anyway. Baby is growing fine and is actually showing up as being quite big if you look at the fundal height!


I'm at 21 weeks and about 15lb less than my starting weight and still losing. The nausea is gone, and I'm eating a lot more than my first trimester, but still going down. I am getting very obviously bigger though, which puzzles me. I actually look like I'm gonna pop any day!


My appetite has been surprisingly small too.. like way less than pre-pregnancy even. 2nd trimester the thought of smoothies made me sick but now in the third I’m having 1 or 2 a day. Everything has been fine but I get scared I’m starving him haha so I added higher cal stuff like peanut butter and protein powder, milk, in addition to bananas, spinach/kale, cocoa powder, chia seeds instead of plain fruit+veggie. If your baby is growing well, you’re good! But the blended route has helped me cram SOMETHING into my squished up stomach!