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At that stage I quit cold turkey. Talk with your doc to come up with a plan. There is usually a smoking cessation group that can help with tips and tricks. These are usually free. Start reading on the impacts of nicotine on baby. I started disrupting my routine to help curb the cues it was time for a smoke. When the craving hit I would use a strong mint to side track things. The physical craving lasts about 5 minutes so you just need to side track yourself for that long at a time. The first 3 days were the worst.


My dad used mints to quit! He’s still addicted to them 😂 you’ll find mint packets laying all over the house ❤️ but he quit when I was born so it definitely stuck.


I'm good in the house, half the time I don't have any in my purse but my vehicles... they have tins of mints in them.


I'm trying too quit but so hard Ive smoked for years


I hear you! It is definitely a challenge. Take it 5 minutes at a time and you'll get there.


I used to smoke but quit a decade ago. To do it I had to change my associations with it. It wasn’t a nice way to relax, a social behavior, something I needed to sleep, etc. anymore, it was something that smelled horrible and was slowly killing meS I had to beef up my brain’s disgust reaction. So I’d think about smoking and think about something I already was repulsed by. Every time I wanted to smoke I’d do this. I’d force a disgust reaction and then I’d list all the reasons I should smoke anymore and all the new associations I wanted with it which were all negative. I had fully quit in less than a week this way and aside from the occasional smoke have never started again.


I’ve smoked since I was 14. I’m 33 now. I quit cold turkey the night we went to buy the test around 3 to 4 weeks. Any time I really having a craving I think about how much I hate being addicted to smoking and wish my mother never did it around me when I was young. At 26 weeks and haven’t had one. The smell makes me ill now. Will power is the only thing that will get you through. This is the first of many sacrifices you will make for your child.


There is an app called myquitbuddy. It really helped me. Quiting smoking is a mindset, it's a boundary with your present self for your future self and in this case, your baby. You only have to quit for 9 months, you can start smoking again when the baby is born. This helped me to just quit. I also had really bad morning sickness, so that helped me quit too. Give yourself a deadline and stick to it. Quitting smoking is three days of pain and a few weeks of emotional cravings and its done. You're not doing this for you, your doing this for someone else who is completely helpless. That might help too. Good luck, you've got this! Every time you don't smoke you are closer to your goal.


I quit cold turkey too after being addicted for years and it was rough for the first week, but after that significantly easier. It’s been three months since I quit and of course I think of it occasionally but it’s been soooooo much easier not to smoke once I just stopped completely right away. Not the most fun to hear but that’s what worked for me good luck!!


It’s early pregnancy I would stop cold Turkey.


This is the way I think of it. I rather stop smoking for the duration of my pregnancy than having to surrender the normal up bringing of a healthy baby for the rest of mine and it’s life. Having a child who has any health defects is a full time commitment. It is hard. It will emotionally, mentally, and physically drain you. And if you’re fully prepared to deal with the consequences of the health of your baby, when your no longer alive , who will take on the responsibility. It’s not worth it. Cold Turkey.


Gotta cold turkey it. I don't know about cigs because I know it's hard but it's better for your bean. I stopped smoking/ eating mj once I had a positive test. Ngl first week was really rough I was so used to having it a night to help with insomnia. My mood was straight up unpleasant too my anxiety was bad for a bit. Now I feel a lot better but my insomnia is kicking my ass. You should talk to your doctor about options to help. 💕


Similar for me, and when my insomnia became too much I talked to my doctor about pregnancy safe options and she recommended magnesium (which honestly helped with so many things) and unisom as needed. Unisom made me feel groggy so I only take half a tablet once a week to get a really good, hard catch up kinda sleep and the rest of the week just take magnesium before bed and limit my screentime in the evenings as much as possible. Cannot freaking wait to be able to enjoy some mj again though.


I'm glad you found options that help you! I'm planning on asking my doctor about safe options on Monday I'm 12 weeks and I think due to lack of sleep I've been getting migraines again. Thank you letting me know hopefully I can figure it all out with my doctor. I try my best to limit my screen time but it's hard when I'm physically exhausted but my brain won't shut off and sleep won't come till 4 am then I wake up at 5am when my so gets up for work. I end up sleeping during the day because it's uninterrupted unless I work that day. I miss MJ alot but it will be a few years for me since I plan on breastfeeding 🥹😌


Taking half a unisom about 30 minutes before bed saved me, I started it at the beginning my 3rd trimester and wish I had started sooner. I was struggling with insomnia, I would wake up and my mind would be racing and I couldn’t go back to sleep for hours. I was miserable at work and it was such a struggle just to function.


I'm definitely going to ask my doctor about it. My brain is fog and I'm just exhausted I can't imagine how I'd feel in the summer when baby is almost here and it's hot and I couldn't sleep.


First trimester is hard, so hopefully just the fact that you're headed into your second trimester will help things, but I'm sure your doctor will have some good suggestions as well. I'm 39 weeks and won't bother telling you about all the lovely symptoms that come with this stage of pregnancy, but it'll all be worth it when our babies are here 😁 and then when we're done breastfeeding and they're little toddler terrors well have some MJ to look forward to whenever we have free time to unwind.


You can do it! Let yourself believe it’s possible, because that’s the only way it can happen. There are lots of good tips out there for folks trying to break that habit. I’ve been eating ginger chews for nausea, they’re a strong flavor so might be something that could act like the mint tip. Finding a habit to do -instead- of the act of smoking is helpful too. I’ve been exploring different kinds of flavored drinks in the evenings (teas, bubbly waters, etc) when I used to be smoking pot. It’s an adjustment for sure but absolutely worth it. Just remember, you can do it! (If you have people around you who still smoke it can be a trigger - if you need ask them to try to be more discrete, if not stop in solidarity, but everyone’s different and this is about your journey)


Oh thank you I'll have too give that ago just need to find something too keep me busy at night but idk what I'm gonna do when I'm trying to go too sleep I do have a housemate that smokes which doesn't help at all but I am looking too move cause this environment is unhealthy & I don't want my baby too be around it either Thank you for the advice I appreciate it!


Thanks for this too !! I like your drinks idea


Cold turkey is better for the baby than one cigarette a day.


It's just fine and recommended to go cold turkey. It's the best way -


For me, someone who used to smoke daily.. Quitting for a baby was pretty easy, tbh.. I am not doing it for myself, but for my child.. I also make no promises that I'll remain smokefree forever, which also relaxed me..


I was a heavy spliff smoker for 10 years basically until 1 week before I found out I was pregnant. (I wanted to quit before conception, but also had trouble). For me, I became very anxious about hurting the baby or having a child with health/developmental issues. I don’t know if weed would cause that, and no judgment or pressure, but for me the benefit and relax I got from from smoking suddenly seemed less important than preventing the stress of raising a child with serious issues for 18+ years. That said, it’s not easy but after the first week gets so much easier. I’ve been making yummy mocktails and shrubs and leaning into cooking creative and elaborate dinners. It takes more time in the evening between prep, cooking, eating and cleaning the kitchen, but it helps takes my mind off of smoking when I normally would have. By the time I’m done I’m pretty tired and just watch a show and go to sleep. Sometimes if the cravings are bad I just go to bed early and distract myself with social media or a book. It’s been about 2 weeks and I honestly don’t crave it much at all anymore. It also helped that my partner quit with me too so there’s no weed in the house for if I had felt tempted.


For weed idk, but i was a smoker before for a bit longer than a decade, basicaly i was lucky and my body started to deny tabaco and alcohol, it was really weird, i couldnt smoke a full one without feeling disgusted, whenever i got alcohol in front of me, even my fav drinks i got nauseated...for me was like, i wasnt an heavy smoker, getting nauseous by it made me smoke even less, when i found out at 8 weeks it only took me a while to quit, i would feel extremely terrible but i just couldnt do it cold turkey so i broke the cigarets in half and smoked that, then i alternated with a vapor with really little nicotine, it only took me a week or less to quit. I dont think cold turkey is the best but definitly talk to your doctor, they wont jugde you at all, be honest with them and they will help you whats best for you.


I got sick from cigarettes and alcohol too, before I even realized I was pregnant. I smoked for 12 years too and I quit in three days after finding out with using the gum. I couldn't do the smoke anymore thankfully, I really think the aversion is what helped me quit but I really needed that nicotine to help me taper down those few days. Cold turkey never worked for me before thanks to nic fits, and I've been trying to quit for years.


Oh for sure, being used to having something to cope was really hard for me, and not even that but also having to change habits, i cant go out, have a smoke and drink a sangria anymore, i cant just have my brake at work and go outside to smoke, its weird being on the other side but i just wanted to quit so bad and never could till now, i look at it as a blessing.


Thanks everyone for the advice now it's just making more eager too talk to my doc & get some help on what to do. I wanna do it the safest way possible for my baby I have my first scan next week so I'm hoping all is healthy & well. Thank you again everyone I really appreciate all the different opinions 💕


Quitting is the safest. You’re only doing good things for your baby by not smoking. Quitting cold turkey does not “shock your body” and will absolutely not harm you or your baby. It’s hard and it sucks, but it gets better. You can do it.


Cold turkey, mama! My husband and I quit cold turkey on New Years as we’re trying to conceive this year! Almost three weeks in and I don’t miss my nicotine, and I’m not constantly looking for my vape out of habit anymore. The first three days were really rough but we both found strong mints, all the flavors of gum, and ice cold water throughout the day helped tremendously. Also helped that we’d check in with each other throughout the day and give words of encouragement! You can do it! I always thought it was so embarrassing to be dropped off for school smelling like cigarettes because my parents smoked (never in the car or in the house) but we’d always smell like cigarettes by association. I vowed to never let my future kids feel that embarrassment I did growing up! ETA: I purchased and printed these for motivation! I get gratification from crossing things off and seeing my accomplishments! [No Nicotine Calendar](https://www.etsy.com/listing/1358205553/)


I smoked cigarettes and weed, and drank. When I found out I was pregnant I quit everything cold Turkey. The risks to the baby were too high and while I’d tried to quit for years, this was the easiest it had ever been to quit. I just told myself I didn’t have a choice. It’s been almost 5 years. I will occasionally smoke or do edibles but never went back to alcohol or cigarettes. There has [been new research](https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/article-abstract/2795863) about the effects of marijuana on the fetus. You’re going to be a mama! Now is the time to start putting your baby first. I’d also note that I am 9 months pregnant and frequently have blood work and urinalysis and I have seen the results and noticed that they routinely test for drugs while you’re pregnant.


You know that urban legend/possibly true story about the woman who lifted the car that was crushing her baby? You can be that mom. It might seem like the hardest thing in the world, but quitting cold turkey is the best thing you can do for your child right now. We're all rooting for you!


If I remember correctly your OB should be able to help with that! They should be able to help you come up with a plan that works for you. Best of luck to you! Congratulations on your baby!


Go to your doctor sis! I know it’s natural to want advice from others but only a medical professional that knows your history can help you make the best decision. Ultimately you are going to have to stop but how you go about it needs to be done with medical supervision. There are so many reasons to not smoke with baby. I read that babies whose parents smoke have a higher chance at SIDs


I did find each day without got better. First two weeks were awful but I’m almost due and don’t think about it anymore. Try hard to hold out for two weeks and then it’ll get much easier. You got this!!


I cold cut it. Body instantly rejected, I'd have a puff of a cigarette and start choking. Baby out, almost instantaneously back to "normal"


My girl vaped a lot before we got pregnant, she was using 50mg nicotine juice and disposable vapes so a very high dosage in terms of nicotine. The day we found out she never picked the vape up again and baby is doing great and growing rapidly. She was more cranky than she would have been but other than that no bad side effects. The nicotine levels you get off tobacco is actually much lower than that in a vape, around 1mg or less per cigarette, and even less out of say a b*unt wrap. So it would be the nicotine that shocks the body it would be the chemicals and such that come with tobacco in modern times. No amount is good for baby, but talk with your OB and see which approach she recommends you take. Honestly more often than not those who ween off end up relapsing back to a tobacco more than someone who quits cold Turkey. It only takes a little over 2 days for your body to expel all the nicotine in your system, from there it’s just the mental cravings you get during your daily routine where the missing smoke breaks are. If you can fight these you’ll be golden if you do end up doing cold Turkey, I suggest getting some life saver mints, gum, or my favorite altoid mints. The altoids are the strongest so those are what helped me quit cause it made my brain focus on the sense of taste and the bit of burning from the mint and helped me pass the cravings a lot easier. Plus each altoids case comes with a ton of mints so they last a while too.


I should've also added I struggle to sleep & get anxiety that's why I'm finding it hard too quit!


I’m also a very anxious person , pregnancy has me going crazy with worry , so I totally get why we smoke but yeah , I need to start shaking myself and think about baby xx


Have you considered vaping to quit? I was a vaper (former smoker) when I got pregnant. I switched to nicotine-free juice and have successfully cut down to a couple times a day from multiple times per hour. It sucked but it was more doable, compared to having no outlet for the cravings like with quitting smoking cold turkey. If you go that way, I recommend the vaporesso xros (1 2 or 3, doesn't matter.) Simple and inexpensive.


20 weeks preg and my scan is today , I was a heavy weed only smoker and like you I’ve cut down a lot , I wait until night time , i told myself I would stop after this scan , it is so hard as I also have parosmia for over a year and smoking helps me with food in so many ways , I went from eating loads to only being able to eat some cheese no meat etc no onions garlic so smoking helps me eat when I didn’t want to ! Anyway , just to say the fact that we have managed to get away from day smoking is a big win and I know that we can both do the next stage of giving up the night smoke .. I saw on the tv to put an ice cube in your hand when yog wanted to smoke it’s meant to make you think diff , I haven’t tried . I’m really worried about my scan today and that they are gonna tell me that the baby has gone and then I think it will be my own selfishness I don’t really know where I’m going with this but I feel you and I understand but maybe we need to look at why we are really still smoking and see if there is away we can take for whatever reason it is and take from something else , relaxation ? Maybe yoga ? Me doing yoga 😂 Ps I did try making cookies , but I’m thinking maybe it’s the whole rolling thing etc also I do put less in my blunts aswell but I’m still annoyed at myself I always said I wouldn’t be one of those people 🥰🥰🥰 sending you strength


Have you talked to your OB about this? Mine regularly tests for drugs and alcohol each time I get blood drawn.


My midwife knows , I’ve had blood taken twice and nothing has been said ? Not sure if they test for that in uk ?


In the us you can be prosecuted and child protective services can be called, even in places where cannabis use is legal. I’m not sure about the UK. Either way, please prioritize the health of your baby. It’s not proven safe in pregnancy.


Thanks so much for commenting makes me feel abit better knowing im not alone. I've always had a routine with weed I don't smoke during the day which helps alot but it's just the night time I struggle especially with sleep Do you smoke just blunts? I smoke bongs which is addicting hits better too me in my opinion Let me know how your scan went I bet it went great if you made it too 20 weeks bub would be healthy? Maybe colour in books haha or knitting 😂 need something too distract me at night Thanks again for commenting I appreciate that Sending you strength too!! 💕🥰


I really recommend cold turkey because if you’ve been smoking for a LONG time, it can stay in your system for months even after you stop completely. When you give birth they will drug test the child, and if you’re positive or the baby is, Child Protective Services will HAVE to get involved. So be mindful of this even though you have a med card


Yeah I just smoke blunts but they are thin I don’t heavy pack them as I’m trying to cut down, I would normally have packed them more and had 2 -4 for day/night I would have bonged it prob if I knew how lol at 41 you would think I would know it’s been around 20 years I’ve smoked for , sounds disgusting saying that but I’m not a drinker so this was always my thing lol knitting sounds good as it would keep hands distracted ! I’m sure we will both get there ! And if you ever need to chat about it jus msg if it distracts you for 5 mins then please do Thanks for you wishes today , the countdown is on until scan at 1pm jus gonna keep my mind busy , I see my bump and pray wee one is still in there doing good Xx


I think that's already a huge progress for us just by cutting back alot hopefully soon we can stop for the sake of our babies Haha yep I feel you I don't drink either smoking was always just what I've done nothing wrong with a blunt! I don't have many & when I do it's such a nice relaxing feeling. Can knit clothes for the babies haha 💕 Hope the scan went great for you, same too you message me whenever you need as well! 🥰


Scan went great !! We have a healthy baby and it posed for some pics ! What a relief ! I can finally get a sleep 😴.. just wish could have more time at the scan just watching it move about , so amazing what you can see .. post here when you have your wee scan if you can and want, would be lovely to hear how you get on xx 🥰


For me quitting weed was more heartbreaking than not smoking cigarettes, but my doctor was okay with me smoking weed still, I stopped that around 24 or 25 weeks Just so it won't be in baby system when he's born. (Even though I have a medical card) Cigarettes is physically harder though to quit than just about anything, and I have had previous vices in the past. I wish you luck it is so hard.


I'm just so sad too stop weed Ive smoked for so long kinda worried how I'll cope, same here im prescribed medical weed so not sure if that changes anything I have an appt next week I haven't been able too really talk to anyone about it cause it's still so early


It changes nothing. You are going to have to learn to cope without vises.


There's plenty of drs that are fine with women continuing to use their medically prescribed marijuana actually, it depends on what you're prescribed it for and if the benefits outweigh the risks.


I have it for some pretty extreme PTSD and anxiety and I've been kind of suicidal and just spiraling downward during pregnancy so my Dr was fine with me continuing, she even said I could smoke the entire pregnancy if I choose but I stopped when I did just in case the hospital has any Karen's that would want to call CPS of it's in baby's system when he's born. As I'm still in a illegal state but legal medically. You know how people can be, I hope you have a Dr that's open to your needs and understanding, there's a lot that are! It's not like it used to be thankfully.


Weed was easy enough for me to drop, but I vaped nicotine like my life depended on it for years, so it was a little harder. Luckily I had a feeling and confirmed I was pregnant very early on. Personally? I put my vape in a baby sock. Completely kicked the habit in two days, and took maybe three puffs during that time. It’s largely about routine/cycle breaking. I believe in you!


Honestly with it being so early I’d just go cold turkey because the baby is barely even developed enough for it to be a shock or issue. I quite nicotine the same day I got positive lines and I’ve been a smoker for 7 years so I know you can too.