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Stiff person syndrome is progressive, so the likelihood is that her ability to tour and perform will not improve. It's a very series diagnosis.


this is such a bad PR name for this affliction... and it's actually quite serious omg


Just had to Google that... By the sounds of it she's going to have to cancel this tour. My heart is with her so I hope this doesn't sound too insensitive, but these artists need to cancel shows under these circumstances and refund ticket sales. As of now she is doing what many artists did during the pandemic; endlessly rescheduling. Meanwhile your ticket money that you paid for is in someone's account collecting interest. By the time they refund you, they've recouped a lot of the "lost" profits via interest. It really isn't right.


Woahhh!!! I never even realized the whole interest thing. That is wild! I do agree refunds should be made or at least offered for those that dont want to wait or cant wait because of possible other obligations on the future dates. That being said. No hate to Celine. I hope shes ok. 💛


Yeah that's the policy with these shows; it's just about impossible to get a refund unless they're cancelled. So artists will postpone again and again, and sometimes end up cancelling after postponing for 2 whole years. That's a lot of money sitting and collecting interest for 2 years. And yeah I feel terrible for her. What a shitty diagnosis. It affects every aspect of life, even something as simple as going outside and hearing a car horn or someone startling you can cause a muscle spasm and I guess the spasms are super violent. Horrible


yeah, this is so devastating. I'm sure she'll get the best care possible, but if it continues to affect her voice, she won't be able to tour again.


What's that?


So sad to hear about her diagnosis. She’s so incredibly talented, that voice is a GIFT. I’ve been listening to her music a lot lately, I really love her 2000s albums. Her version of I Drove All Night is probably one of my most listened to songs this year.


Life can be so cruel. She’s experienced so much loss in the past few years, only to now be faced with losing her greatest gift, her voice, and worse, potentially her life. Certainly life as she knows it at the very least, if not her life entirely. Just tragic. Praying that better treatments for this illness are on the horizon.


This diagnosis is so awful and devastating. I love Celine so much. I got refunded for my tour ticket for Oakland awhile ago because it got rescheduled to a date I couldn’t make it for and now I regret it. I can’t see her touring again if it’s incurable and progresses rapidly 😔


It sounds selfish but I really wish I went to see her in 2019 when I had the chance. Sadly you never know what the future holds.


I remember begging for weeks and weeks to get my parents to let me go to the Taking Chances tour when she was in Atlanta. Neither of them wanted me to drive that far because I was still 17?18?, but I never let up and they eventually relented. I never, ever imagined that would be my only chance. I spent the time since then either flat ass broke or chronically ill/stuck at home. Now this. It is a cherished memory now.


Such a fantastic album that tour must have been amazing.


It was amazing! The staging was "in the round" and every part of the show was incredible. The backup dancers especially killed it. The intro to Eyes on Me is spectacular! The costumes, especially the pink dress was uh, life changing magic (oops I'm a little gay, and started to realize it around that time lmao). I took a friend who wasn't a fan and she still wasn't a fan at the end, but ended up really liking the show. The only thing I wish was different was I wish I could have seen the more French focused variant performed outside the US. I have the DVD version of both but it's not quite the same. Still, happy memory!


Get well Queen Céline Dion! I've been playing Céline's Christmas album (These Are Special Times) a lot. The highlight as always is [Don't Save It All For Christmas Day](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdRncshZ4Vw). Listen to this song and add it to your Christmas playlist. I also realized recently that the Spanish version of All By Myself, Sola Otra Vez is not on any streaming platform. I wonder if I could still get the original CD single that released in Mexico with it as a B-Side.


[https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/5991913?ev=rb](https://www.discogs.com/release/4445308-Céline-Dion-Sola-Otra-Vez-All-By-Myself) Someone is selling it in Mexico for USD249 😳😳😳 And also, Popheads doesn't have a Céline Dion flair? You're kidding, right?


I'm looking at that and I'm seeing a CD single that is Spain exclusive. WHAT?! It's cheaper than the Mexican CD single. Not kidding on the flair.


My apologies - here’s the Mexican one https://www.discogs.com/release/5991913-C%C3%A9line-Dion-Sola-Otra-Vez-All-By-Myself


Her version of Feliz Navidad is the definitive version imo, she brings so much energy to it


I've seen her twice in the past and she is truly wonderful live so it hurts to see this. But I wonder why not cancel in full at this stage and do a whole new tour (as the album is long past at this stage) once she feels ready? I do fear she may never perform in the same way again (and she may feel the same tbh) but the constant pushing of dates seems a bit odd given how much rescheduling has occurred


I’ll be shocked if she tours again…as someone else in this thread mentioned, her condition is progressive. If we get a few one-off performances at some point I’ll consider us blessed…but I can’t see this tour not being completely scrapped by the time 2024 actually rolls around 😔


In one study I could find 80% of the patients with SPS eventually become disabled despite treatment. I couldn't find a time frame for that claim, but I don't have much optimism. Such a shame, she's a wonderful person and artist.




Gosh that video really got me teary and I’m not even claiming to be a Celine stan or familiar with her discography. I truly hope there’s a miracle and this gets better but I was reading another thread and there were lots of users with stories of friends and loved ones with this diagnosis and it can be extremely difficult once it progresses. Hoping for nothing but the best for her, she’s been through so much already and stayed with a sense of dignity always


seems like the people that are so full of life always get debilitating issues like this. just so unfair


Heartbreaking, that sounds awful.


Get well soon Celine Dion.


She was diagnosed with an incurable progressive neurological disease...


I know the people saying "get well soon" mean well but this disease is progressive and there is no cure at the moment. Watching this breaks my heart for her and her family.


Celine dion has been through so much over the past few years, losing her husband, her brother, etc, this must feel like a kick to the gut :/


My heart is broken. Shes not been able to catch a break in her personal/family life. You can hear the pain and sincerity in her voice.


Is this tour still connected to the album that came in 2019? 💀 This is now officially the longest era in pop history.


This is truly the Era (singular) Tour 😭


I know it’s not the same illness. But like Linda Ronstadt it really sucks watching your favorite singers lose their singing voice to something out of their control. Please get well Celine. ❤️


This is so awful and I feel terrible for her. She's one of the few celebs I honestly believe is a good person, whose life was not easy despite the fairy tale like come up. The disease sounds so cruel and awful, it's not fair. 😭


I’m so glad I saw her December 2019….something in my gut tells me I may be able to tell people someday I was there for one of her last live shows ☹️ She’s an absolute icon and my earliest fave so I really hope I’m wrong, but with how many times she’s cancelled/pushed back shows now and how emotional she is in that video….this must be devastating for her


I love her voice suddenly she’s so sick


Get well soon Queen!


sadly, she can’t :(