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Boy problems *still got ‘em*


Oh no Edit: said in Carly's oh no of the second verse lol


She peaked with that.


ahem Roses, First Time, Higher, Now That I Found You, I’ll Be Your Girl, The Sound, Automatically In Love, Real Love, Fake Mona Lisa, Window, Let’s Sort the Whole Thing Out, Western Wind, All of these are on the same level if not better than Boy Problems.


*Boy Problems* isn't even the best song on that album lol.


I disagree, but that's ok!


E•MO•TION is my favourite album of all time (tied with Tegan and Sara’s Sainthood) but she *definitely* didn’t peak there, she reached her best and never came down :)


I'm glad you are still loving her releases! Cut to the Feeling was the last song I really loved from her.


downvoters are clowns for not letting you respectfully have an opinion


All good! But thanks 😊


Now Beach House make a song called Carly Rae Jepsen and complete the circle


This is gonna be a weird album, no clue what to expect, but seems to be a decently big departure from the last two. Her vocals on this are even strange, kinda very casual and talky, unlike her previous style


This song really was not what I was expecting in quite a few ways. I know it has fans divided, but I enjoyed it and I love that she's feeling confident enough to do something this odd. If she takes that same devil may care attitude into the rest of the album, who knows what we'll get.


"I got a lake house in Canada and I'm probably gonna harvest your organs" is the lyric of the year and it ain't close.


Honestly if I turn up to her show in Vancouver this October and there’s no shirt with this emblazoned on it on the merch table I’m gonna be so disappointed…


It'll go perfectly with the "Public castration is a good idea" shirts


For those who were confused like me, [context](https://www.reddit.com/r/carlyraejepsen/comments/d1iecd/man_trolls_carly_at_vip_her_face_is_legendary_i/)


This moment in pop history is second ONLY to the fan who had Charli XCX sign their douche.


unfortunately charli later said that that made her pretty uncomfortable :/


That thread doesn't do much to call out that it's just a band shirt. [Link](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Castration_Is_a_Good_Idea). I'd never seen that before, but it's funny: I don't own that shirt, but I literally went to the last CRJ show in my city in a [Swans shirt](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0397/1609/products/24899064_1687154921334995_1231631399_n_grande.jpg?v=1571438765).


Hopefully front and back “I’ve got a lake house in Canada and…/I’m probably gonna harvest your organs. *The Lonliest Time* “


Andrea Swift voice: “That’s my baby who wrote that lyric, and if you ask me, I’d say I’m really proud!”


Ya'll's reaction on this sub had me really dreading listening to this, but it's honestly just really fun, tongue in cheek bop.


Yeah I wasn't joking lol, I think the whole song is fucking hilarious in the best possible way.




Oh wait I was hyped that she was collaborating with Beach House… but I’m sure the song will be good


Fuck it, i'd be down for that honestly.


could u imagine


"I got a lake house in Canada and I'm probably gonna harvest your organs" it's giving Dahmer


this is an American dad episode


omg i love the chorus, it's so perfectly her sense of humour! who are the male vocals, does anyone know?




Popheads just quadrupled their male artist listening history




Should I know one of them?




They all have great voices, future pop stars 💫


idk why but their voices reminded me so much of 4\*Town from Turning Red XDD or maybe this is just another example of what happens when you don't listen to enough male artists


I really wish they weren’t on it.


I honestly don’t know why Carly has such a hold on me but… I can’t help but love everything she puts out. This song kinda has the same vibes as Let’s be Friends Same type of humour. Camp


I thought this was very Let's Be Friends (especially the guitar and the humour) and I loved that and I love this one!!! Very much more up my alley than Western Winds (sacrilegious I know)


this is A LOT better than *Let's Be Friends* in my opinion. *Western Wind* is really good, but it's not sacrilegious to prefer the boppier stuff!




I love that every time Carly releases a song it’s flared as a 🚨POP EMERGENCY🚨. Just feels right. 😌


She is the mother is this sub! Only fitting she alone gets the honor


the lyrics are mad funny and the song has a great groove, i just wish it was longer. some of it just feels unnaturally short, but the organ harvesting line still makes this a very good song.


I need it to be a full 3 minutes so she can have her time post the guys all chiming in


kinda too short for me to really get into it, but i love when carly shows off her personality in her music. she’s so goofy and likable, but her songs are so polished you wouldn’t know it sometimes!


If Carly wanted to make an entire EP of sarcastic songs like this where she drags men I would be here for it.


seems to he an unpopular opinion here, but I'm loving the male voices on the song. it adds to the camp-ness and goofiness.


Same, they sold the song for me.


I also really love the male voices. I think that because they are normal guys and not singers they don't pull focus from Carly.


tiktok is gonna eat this song's bridge up


I respect CRJ for being in her mid 30s and still singing about “boys” tbh


It really feels the same as 25 when you have no kids or husband!


And it’s awesome 😌


Charli just turned 30. I could see her doing the same, talking about going to the club with the girls showin up and cheating on her SO.


inshallah she continues


This is why she is a gay icon. We stan artists with Peter Pan Syndrome


Carly is cursed with perpetually looking 22, so she can pass as 22 for the rest of her life.


I'm 34m and the amount of "girls" I have dated that are in their 30s is way too high. I imagine women have it just as bad. Dating in 30s is very disparaging tbh, so I vibe with it.


Mark Hoppus has been singing "*nobody likes you when you're 23 / my friends say I should act my age*" since the 90s. he's 50. :)


>“I’ve got a lake house in Canada and…/I’m probably gonna harvest your organs. I turn 40 in 2 months and my email address has the word "boy" in it. I cringe a little every time someone asks for my email address.


Do you think guys grow up? 😂


I love it so much. Its a full 180 from western wind and i am here for it. The album will be interestinf


Oh good cuz I still haven’t fallen in love with WW…


Damn am I the only girl who LOVE Western Wind


I can’t trust this sub anymore 😂 THIS IS FRICKING AMAZING!!!!!! i was so prepared to be let down from all the early listeners reviews. Catchy AF and short enough that the male voices didn’t bother me at all. I actually think they add to the uniqueness.


Part of it is because the version that leaked was a shitty phone recording. The studio track is much much better. Especially in atmos.


Right?? I was so worried after reading some things in this sub yesterday but I should know to never doubt Carly!


Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/23Pi81mwR6wNeFhym9mUMx?si=729lYrEbTNOWmKqD99hDFg


I love Goofy Carly Rae Jepsen so you know what I love this! And I like the guys' bit idk I think it works and it's a fun call and response. (It could have got closer to 3 minutes though, come on girl) Although interesting that Let's Be Friends and It's Not Christmas Until Somebody Cries (which are very much in a similar vein) haven't ended up on any albums but this is on one.


Needs TW: Men flair


The way phcj has been [LEAK]ing into this sub since it became private


Wait what happened on PHCJ? Why is it private?


just part of lady gaga's promo for joker 2


Rj/ To stop the spread of monkey pox




I’m sorry what






I saw you made fun of my Grimes flair, but then deleted. I want to clarify the flair is ironic, and I was actually banned from r/Grimes for criticizing Elon Musk. rj/ stan our cyber-eco-fascist queen


Which sub became private? But I’m not even jerking when I say that sometimes hearing a male voice can throw me off a pop song and a warning would have been nice. We don’t always choose our biases. Edit: now I see the other subreddit is gone for me. That’s sad. I thought I was one of the good ones. 😔


I always let the good ones go 😞


It’s closed for everyone right now. The only people with access are the mods ~~and cockhampton_~~


us youtube music streamers need to be fed, carly! edit: delicious! [youtube music link](https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=3m0-6PciQWQ&feature=share)


Stay strong my pophead in Christ 🙏😔


Oh God, I'm so confused earlier. Glad it is there!


This is really fun and chill, I’m so excited for the album!!


She‘s out of pocket for the "and I'm probably gonna harvest your organs" line 💀💀


From Western Winds to this ?? What a ~~360~~ 180. This song is such a bop!


Babe a 360 is ending up in the same spot, what you mean is that she Did A Full 180™


>Did A Full 180™ everything reminds me of phcj


When that meme took over the sub and that format got banned for a while. We burned too brightly over there 🥲


Everywhere I go, I see his face


DUA lipa taught me this


Haha you are so right 😂


360 because both were great




Someone should've told Microsoft


Do you know why they call it the Xbox 360?


was hoping to see this here


i wish it was fully solo because i love her vocals on this song so much, but its good song regardless !


I just wish she sang along with the other voices. Or brought back the Warm Blood 90s rap monster voice filter


I loved the days when Carly was so independent from men she just vaped a bit and turned up the voice filters when she needed one.


ooh that would’ve definitely done the job as well!


The male vocals have grown on me. As others have pointed out, they add a camp element, especially since it’s not a featured artist and literally dudes she pulled from her team lol.


to each to their own obviously, i personally dont listen to male artists a lot bc i tend to find their voices less appealing to listen to, apart from a few like kaleo and FOB edit: now why am i being downvoted for stating i prefer female artists’ voices its a literal personal preference 💀💀


Agreed. Some of her collabs are good but this is not it.


It’s fun, it’s goofy, it’s camp.


This is excellent! Kind of sounds like a mix between Let's Be Friends and Fake Mona Lisa, much more upbeat than I was expecting. From the lyrics, it seems like Carly keeps on finding guys who all end up being dead ends. Not the most unique story but if this is the case, then I think the use of all these random, faceless male voices works really, really well as a narrative technique. I LOVE the call and response(s) between Carly asking her potential partners to 'say it like they \[they\] mean it' and all the different guys being brutally honest with her (organ harvesting lol). As a whole, this song sounds very fresh and unique, particularly for Carly who has always been relatively conservative about including other voices on her projects. I feel like she is getting a little more creative with her writing and it makes me really excited for the album! Although between this and Western Wind, I'm having a hard time pinpointing what exactly the album might sound like...


Fucking love this. Looking forward to the album.


I love it. I’m a Carly stan and I agree it gives me Let’s be Friends energy. Just wish it was longer. 😫


Wasn't sure on first listen but this is a grower. Love the chorus. It does feel very mainstream-sounding even for CRJ, plus the short song length, so I wonder if she's aiming for the charts with this one.


I don’t think she really aims for charts anymore. I could see this going viral on Tik Tok though. Especially with how short the song is.


So happy this came out just as I received some bad news. Thank you queen


The way some people were talking about this song made me think it was gonna be awful, but honestly, I love it???


definitely I had fun I liked the beat


This is actually awesome!!! Lyrics are nothing serious but it's CRJ so it is expected to be cute. It's a bop and a half and I wish it was a bit longer like there would be another chorus after the last chorus with her belting maybe but honestly, I like it and I am just excited for the new album!


I could not understand these lyrics at all the first time around, but reading along with them, this song is *so* funny and it definitely grows on your after a few plays!


I’m liking this a lot


Ngl I expected a dream pop song here lol


oh this is such a FUN and interesting direction for her, obsessed


I really really love this. I really like when Carly can make a song that injects some humour right into your veins. The male vocalists don’t hurt my feelings and I think it adds to the camp. Probably gonna be playing on loop for a while


This song is hilarious. I can’t wait for the uptight users to hate it.


the best thing i can really say about this track is i see radio and the gp eating this up which i'd be cool with her getting, she deserves it


I am really digging this song! It is one of her best!


Related. Did you see that Western Wind just dropped in Dolby Atmos? It wasn’t there yesterday. It’s very spacey and fun to bop your head to. If you have iOS 16 make sure to set up personalized spatial audio in settings. It makes a massive difference.


The outro is a Train song, you will not convince me otherwise.


I wouldn't call "Beach House" among her best. It's just okay.


It’s a little Kidz Bopy for my taste


Okay Carly and I have the same humor apparently. Mr. "I'm probably gonna harvest your organs" had me on the floor. This is way more memorable and interesting than Western Wind


I love Carly to death, this track is definitely different though. I like it a lot, but not as much as Western Wind and her older stuff.


I am in love with this song. I fell for it with the “I’ve got a lake house in Canada and I’m probably gonna harvest your organs” lol


it be so enjoyable then the [male vocals](https://64.media.tumblr.com/226e844851eee60cceb686b895e24c6b/013300a4a6c42a48-50/s640x960/840f1b2ce1f6c580d9c4777a3774b36eb787ce6a.png)


Scrunching my face while slightly bopping. It's catchy but it's not very interesting :/ I haven't decided yet if I like the lyrics enough to call it camp lol. Idk what else you have up your sleeve carly cuz western wind and this doesn't make sense to me


cant listen yet but was the snippet she posted the other day this song?


Heard the snippet on Tik Tok, and I was excited. I love the full thing, she’s 2 for 2 so far this era!


This and western wind....I'm so pumped!!


I like most of it, but I honestly hate the random man singing the chorus. I get that it’s the point of the song, but I’m here for a Carly song dammit!


It literally ruins the song lol. I was just starting to enjoy it and they come in shouting and ruin the whole thing




Same i loved western wind but this song has me worried. sounds like a corny broadway soundtrack or something. Why are random men singing a entire verse and half the chorus


This is peak ⛺️


adored western wind but just cannot get myself to like this one, yet — she straddles the line of corny sometimes and i think this strayed a bit too much for me


Idk why this sub hates on Western Wind (well I do know why) but I love that song. This one is not it for me, but I still am holding out for the rest of the album. I’ve been disappointed by some of her singles before 🤞


I literally do not understand this sub’s hate for Western Wind. It’s crazy. The track is my most played song of the summer (second of the year behind Foxes’ “The Kick”).


I play Western Wind anytime I get the chance...esp out camping 🏔️🏞️🤩


this feels like a DNCE song or something lol no thanks


They hated Jesus because He told them the truth.




Reminds me more of Cobra Starship tbh


totally agree im sad. i hate the production. :( it sounds so lost and ~~uncultured and straight~~ compared to any of her other soundscapes. hopefully it's like her era-ly silly novelty track (even though those are usually still great). maybe her label forced her to release this hopefully


It’s giving camp. Is it the greatest song ever? No. Is it cute and fun and getting me bopping my head around? Absolutely


Ah this is nice


God Carly continues to have such a great fucking sense of humor lol this song is great; needs to be a minute longer though a most sub 3 minute should


Carly sis, what the hell is this song? The verses started out kinda weird, the chorus slapped until the guys' part came in, which completely threw me off. Much like in Britney's Do You Wanna Come Over, I really dislike the guys' part.


I wa like "hmm... that' interesting" after the first listen, but it quickly grew on me and now I really like it! I was taken aback a little by the male voices at first, but I think they add some quirkiness to the song. It's a cute bop, and definitely an earworm of a song. Not everything she does has to be groundbreaking, let her have fun.


Im sorry but this song is horrible... Why cant it be another "western wind"? 😩


Western wind is much better than whatever this is i'm sorry


There have been a few other threads on this track today (since it was officially released earlier today in some regions). Some general thoughts: -Lyrics are a bit odd throughout, and it gives off similar vibes to “It’s not Christmas Till Somebody Cries”. -The pre-chorus and chorus are really good—but don’t really build to the level of energy I was hoping for. -The male voices throughout (especially at the end) are very distracting and unnecessary—especially the last line of the final verse. Like seriously WTF is this doing in a CRJ pop song?? I’d love a version without them. -It will definitely grow on you after several listens. -re: the single artwork— clearly it’s trying to compete with the album art for worst of 2022. -I wanted this to be the song that puts her back on the map, and generates the sort of buzz that will get the GP excited for the album. I don’t think this is it. It just lacks the quality of what those of us who love her have come to expect from a CRJ track.


I think I disagree with most of this lol the harvesting organs lyric is hilarious to me. And the album artwork is pretty accurate for the song. I do think this so g should’ve been released earlier in the summer though. We’re already almost halfway through summer!


i couldn't disagree more this is a very tight little pop song, it's *slightly camp* but the camp matches the energy and tone of the song and it's not *silly*, it's a simple song with a simple message about the trepidation of meeting someone new and the Red Flags you spot when swiping on tinder or texting with a new person or going on your first few dates. The gang vocals at the end are *perfect*. She spends the first 90 seconds of the song setting up the premise, her reflecting on all of the crazy guys she tried dating and then she drives that feeling home by personifying those experiences with male vocals riffing on the "probably gonna hurt your feelings" theme with specific examples of shitty and shady behavior culminating with the tongue-in-cheek and much-discussed *probably gonna harvest your organs* line which is like-- --a joke, but kind of not? It's *funny* but it's **pointed**. It says something about the fears and anxieties of not knowing what this new person is really like or capable of. It's metaphorical: organs / heartbreak, it's humorous and played for affect but it's also kind of literal, right? A fear of what if this person is crazy? What if they're violent? Or the jaded feeling that comes along with having enough bad experiences where any little thing conjures up all those fears and anxieties about a new person.


A song that would have put her back on the map— would have been Cut The Feeling. It was a perfect follow up smash


Does this sound like a Kylie Minogue song to anyone else?


I mean this with the most respect possible but this sounds like something the girls on dance moms would dance to.


On first listen I’m not feeling it so far, feels clunky? IDK. Might grow on me so I wont write it off yet.


All I’m gonna say is that it’s 12:26 EST on release night and even CRJ herself has not posted about the song’s release on any of her social platforms. Do with that info what you will.


Let Carly Sleep


The men really detract from a great chorus and concept… I kind of think it’s awful? Maybe it will grow on me but drop the men and it would be way more enjoyable


much preferred western wind :/


Nailed it as usual! The lyrics are so fun, omg.


This is a million times better than Western Wind imo


Fun is Carly’s strength. How could anyone not love a little camp from the girl who gave us call me maybe.


This was so good! I personally was not a fan of Western Wind, so I'm pleasantly surprised


The vibe of this song is everything! Queen Carly!


This is such a fun song. I love it.


Catchy song, campy lyrics, lovely voice...etc. Everything I want from a Carly Rae Jepsen track.


I fucking love it! Love that it's funny


Here for it omg! I cannot wait for tour. This is pop Carly at her most fun. I thought I was a too much Stan. We only listen to beach house in this house.


This is honestly the first Carly song I have enjoyed in a little while. Happy to hear it as I wasn't really into Dedicated or the other singles so far.


I absolutely love it lol. It's campy, funny, dancey - all the things I want from Miss Carly. I loved Western Wind too, but I feel like this lets her personality shine through more. Both great in their own ways!


okay but this song really makes me hope that Carly will one day write the music for an original musical 😭 she would fucking kill writing for a cute rom com type show




i liked the mom made the food line but that's it. the worst thing she's ever done.


Lmao I agree


I think it’s kinda fun but I’m just very ???? because I can’t imagine this and Western Wind being on the same album. I enjoy the humor of this song and think it could work well in the context of an album. Kind of a weird choice for a single but also it does have me very interested in what the album is gonna sound like so maybe that’s the point. Reminds me of Let’s Be Friends.


I hate to say it, but maybe I actually only really like 2.5 of her albums. We had a good run from E-mo-tion to Dedicated.


Gurl, don’t shade Kiss like this.


My bad, lemme update that to 2.75 albums I like. I forgot about Call Me Maybe.


Dedicated Side B was good though??? (I mean not as good as Dedicated but it has some great moments)


This might be sacrilegious but I think I like Dedicated Side B better than the original


Unfortunately I'm a Julien, Happy Not Knowing, The Sound and Too Much supremacist so Side B had a tough personal bias to overcome But Fake Mona Lisa and Felt This Way/Stay This Way put up a very strong fight


I thought most people felt that way lol. It’s definitely the stronger side.