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Very interestingly, they actually gave this a higher rating than both the self-titled (8.8) and *Lemonade* (8.5).


I've always been curious why Lemonade got a lower score than self-titled... It seems like such an evolution both sonically and artistically. Similarly, not sure that Renaissance is a *better* album but it is quite a leap stylistically from Lemonade, so perhaps the high score is deserved. Happy it got BNM either way!


I like self titled more than Lemonade. I feel that while Lemonade is thematically cohesive, self titled is sonically cohesive. I think a huge part of Lemoande’s social relevance is the film while self titled is more know for being an album that surprised dropped versus its videos


I think they go for experimentation over everything else. While 🍋 experiments with diff genres theyre pretty cookie-cutter songs of those genres whereas with self-titled and renaissance you can tell there was a lot of experimentation with structures and genres.


CMV: [Hold Up](https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/father-john-misty-i-went-crazy-on-beyonces-lemonade-65168/) alone was the most exciting thing to happen to indie in 2016 lmao


Thanks for sharing this wow I had no idea!


I don’t think Lemonade is sonically a step up from the self-titled, the one-off tracks in totally different genres really took me out of the experience and I never came around to those tracks either. The highs on lemonade are amazing, but Beyoncé’s highs are just as good and the album doesn’t have really any low point to me. It’s her best work imo.


totally agree. her self titled album was a peak in her artistry and cemented her as an album artist imo.


I find it so odd that the overwhelming consensus opinion is that Lemonade is *definitely* better than self-titled


i think it's because there is a political edge to lemonade but i don't think politics necessarily make an album interesting. the self titled album is a more cohesive project and set up the current trajectory of her career. it's easily her most important work in terms of her legacy and career imo


Lemonade wasn’t really all that political (I’d say it was 87 percent personal).


Lemonade had an emotional bell curve running through the album (and loses only a bit of momentum with the middle section) while self titled would have greatly benefited from ditching Pretty Hurts and starting with Ghost as the intro. And even though critics thought devoted-marital-monogamy was a fresh angle for sex jams, the whole cheating and forgiveness angle made for a more compelling story.


I guess I just don't really care about the "story" of the background of the album. I'm primarily focusing on how the music sounds and whether the content within the project is better or worse, which to me has self-titled taking the cake on both accounts. The narrative of cheating and forgiveness isn't compelling enough to change the fact that I don't enjoy songs like Daddy Lessons, Don't Hurt Yourself or Love Drought, especially without how totallly out of place the first two feel compared to the rest.


Everyone was saying that they thought Renaissance was her second best album behind Lemonade and I relistened to it after finishing Renaissance, and I didn't understand why people were saying that because to me, Renaissance is the clear winner. I guess that's just me though and my music tastes


I think because it's more overtly political and personal maybe


Definitely taste is very subjective. I think that's the beauty of discussing albums by artists who have experimented with many different styles. Different people are bound to have a different favorite.


Idk, as a black woman(tm) *Lemonade* as a full project resonated deeply with my personal experience with misogynoir in and outside of the community--that Malcolm X quote in particular stood out in the film and has continued to be used to discuss intra and intercommunity issues. I'd been a huge fan of Warsan Shire before the album and that enhanced the project for me. The visuals were so Southern, so BLACK and so Black *woman* which I find rare in mainstream musical acts. *Lemonade* ignited a lot of emotions in me and a lot of Black women because it was so specific to our experience. I also thought for sure she was going to divorce her husband so I was excited about that until the final bits of the album lol *Renaissance* has a lot of the same elements but is more gay and the fun parts of being gay at that, so I guess it would reach a broader audience that can ignore how specific to the *Black* gay experience it is in a way they couldn't with *Lemonade* which is so tightly tied to Blackness. Tbh, for me I'm obsessed with *Renaissance*, but as an overall project-lyrics, storytelling, visuals, etc--Lemonade is the better one.


I'm a white gay British man so I obviously have no personal experience with the experiences of being a black woman from the American south, but your post sums up what I love about Lemonade, in that it opens that perspective up to me. I love it as a piece of art because despite not being 'for me' it gave me a glimpse of that world without watering it down for mass consumption. Like all great art it expected me to go and do the work to understand its specificities, and rewarded me when I did. With Renaissance I guess we'll have to see what Beyoncé produces visually and for parts 2 and 3 in terms of how it measures up. As well as just loving good dance music, I'm responding a lot to its uncompromising queerness. Again it's not specifically my culture, but there's enough that's shared that it feels like a party I'm invited to.


I've learned so much about the world and about different people and experiences through music. Art is amazing.


Tbh with the trans / drag cultural panic rn, I thought this move might be too bold for having a broader audience but I think that’s what it made it way more meaningful for me even as a white gay guy. Your comment about how lemonade resonates with you made me realize that Beyonces approaches to releases really are trying to defy streaming and making sure these messages get out there and actually soak in. Either through a film that showcases the material, or mixing an album that makes restarting a track difficult or skipping around. I agree that lemonades lyrics and storytelling are better. I don’t know if Renaissance has much of a story, but for some reason it gives me musical vibes at some points too in that film with Donna Summer and last dance kind of way


Oh I totally get you on the musical vibes. For me,(call it a cliche lol) it sounds like the musical version of Paris Is Burning it Pose.


The way she worked in a finale/pause for what felt like a full theater audience to applaud???? Or her call and response chorus vocal lines (like with honey)???? People are rightfully losing their minds over this album, and yet I feel like it’s not even close to being praised enough. What kind of album is this where the background vocals/arrangements are just as fun and prominent to sing along with???


Yes yes thank you, you summed it up perfectly


Lemonade is still the clear winner to me. Renaissance is fun, but it is a couple songs too long while Lemonade is nearly flawless.


Hmm for me there's maybe 4 tracks on lemonade I like. Self titled I love everything and Renaissance I love nearly everything.


Lemonade is certainly better lyrically, but even in the week of release I was skipping Love Drought, Sandcastles and Forward. The first six tracks are great and the last few are great (I may never listen to Pray You Catch Me or All Night on their own, but the tracks work in context) however those three are just filler


I agree. I honestly think Renaissance is way more listenable where Lemonade I have to be in a specific mood.


Yeah, honestly if anything I’d say self titled is the one that’s better than Renaissance. Then again, I completely understand the cultural relevance and impact of Lemonade and that I don’t personally identify with its themes so it won’t resonate with me as much as with other people. I still think it’s a top tier masterfully crafted record though, but not her best album for me


Lemonade and Renaissance scratch different itches - but as far as quality and artistry goes, they're equally matched


Self title should have got 9.0+ tbh


I’d flip lemonad and self titled But as an album and price of art this new stands atop. Lemonade and self titled also feel crowded w the music video for every song + the movie where this is like the music speaking for itself


As they should. 😌


I know some people moan and groan about the pendulum shifting from rockism and poptism (just look at some of The Guardian's comment section on articles related to popular music reviews or interviews with pop artists), but one of the biggest pros in my opinion is that music from female artists is finally being fairly reviewed and these artists are getting praised for their work. Reading some of the reviews of female artists' albums in old Rolling Stone album guides (like the ones from the 70s and 80s. Hell even up to the one from 2004) can be pretty infuriating.


time for /r/popheads to simp for pitchfork until they shit on the next pop girl, and then back to hating


pf are the same people who gave homecoming a 9.3 this was to be expected tbh


> pitchfork snubbing Kendrick Lamar’s new album > pitchfork snubbing St. Vincent’s new album > pitchfork snubbing Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer never trust a pitchfork “darling”


beyonce must have some dirt on these mfs or something 😭😭


The difference is all of her stuff is good 😌


To be fair, Homecoming deserves a 10 so I’m not sure that should be a surprise


no it rlly does not 😭😭 especially with the lower scores they’ve given classic albums


Pitchfork reviews are relative to that artist’s body of work, not to all albums reviewed on the same scale.


Thank you. And this goes for most reviewers. Why can’t people understand this?


Honestly bizarre if people have thought all this time that these gradings were on the same scale. Like you can compare Abbey Road with Dr Dre’s The Chronic as they both have 10’s.


Homecoming basically is Beyonce's Greatest Hits (performed at what can be considered the single important live set of the decade) so 9.3 is quite justified imo


Daddy finally responded to our 3 AM text, we'll never complain about men again until he doesn't do it again next weekend


Screaming Also crying


“Shit on” meaning a 78-80.


they gave Daddy's Home a 6.7, that's shitting on it for 2021 Pitchfork


Could’ve gone even lower on that one IMO


People really do still be hanging on this posturing nonsense they do lol




It's a well-earned score but damn if they don't prove Halsey right at least 7 out of 10 times


I'm surprised it got a 9. I thought it would be high but not this high


With this album Beyonce now officially has a streak of 5 BNMs in a row She hasn't lost a BNM in 11 years


*nearly 9 years. Unfortunately, *4* was on the fringes of the Best New Music distinction (8.0). I think they awarded that distinction to Iceage’s *[New Brigade](https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/15576-new-brigade)* (8.4). Such a shame since I think that record has aged the best from all her releases. It feels so classic yet contemporary.


Pitchfork agrees with you because they wound up ranking it higher on their top 200 albums of the decade than Lemonade. Still lower than the self-titled release though.


The Gift got a 7.3 but that was by Various Artists not Beyonce


Music “journalism” is bought and sold.


[Pitchfork when your credit card declines](https://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/taylor-swift-me/)


> where footage from “The Bachelor” is unironically cut over a line about “a lot of cool chicks out there” lmao


trying to see how much money i got from the labels after 9 years of music blogging. ah yeah, none.


something higher than a 7.0? [ 🚨POP EMERGENCY🚨]


If I recall correctly, this is the highest score they’ve given a new album this year; tied with their review for [Big Thief’s *Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You*](https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/big-thief-dragon-new-warm-mountain-i-believe-in-you/)


It's also in a six way (Pitchfork choose a score other than 9.0 challenge) tie for the second best album of the 2020s


Which if you have not listened to that Big Thief album you should it's AMAZING


Probably the only double album other than London Calling that I like every song on it!


My other one is The Weight of these wings by Miranda Lambert 💖


collect your coins beyoncéé




Can you imagine telling someone in the Break My Soul [leak thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/popheads/comments/vgzooo/_/) this album would get a 9.0 when it eventually came out I've never seen anyone pull a reverse Solar Power but Beyonce just did


Honestly I'd still believe it. But I've also always kinda felt her lead singles were on the weaker end of the album.


I still don’t know what she was thinking when she released Run The World (Girls) as the lead single for 4 when literally nothing else on the album sounds like it...


Imagining the trajectory of her career if End Of Time was the lead single. I don't think we would have self-titled if 4's singles didn't underperform. For that I'm thankful.


Self-titled originally seemed to be a progression of 4 if the reports from 2013 before the album's release are to believed. I think it changed direction once Boots got involved.


Yes. It was a doo-wop/alt rnb album apparently that Pharell was gonna produce. Her Sweetener. Songs like Superpower and her Wake Up demo are from those sessions.


I believe she was also offered All About That Bass by Megan Trainor in that era, which is just hilarious to me


Grown Woman and Standing on the Sun were recorded for the album too


I thought Grown Woman was for the Fela Kuti album but I could be wrong.


Honestly, with the amount of songs Beyoncé records for each album, it's hard to keep track of what songs were meant for each album.


Run The World (Girls) is probably her third most iconic song after Crazy In Love and Single Ladies. It didn't have much in common with the rest of the album and it didn't sell that well in the US at the time but (at least in Europe) 11 years later you can still hear it in the radio and in the clubs. 4 is one of my favorite albums and RTW is not one of my favorite songs but she clearly succeeded with that choice.


I think Drunk in Love and Halo is more iconic than Run the World


Halo, yes. Drunk in Love, no.


Imo, Drunk in Love is her song I hear the most


maybe because that type of EDM sound was trending at the time? gave everyone enough 2010s EDM breadcrumbs with the initial release then ditched it entirely to stay true to her own sound.


Pop stars do this kind of thing all the time where they finish the album they want but realise that there were no hype-singles amongst the list of songs, but so they slap together something more trendy/catchy/highNRG. Christina did this with Dirrty and Not Myself Tonight.


BMS is the only single so far and it’s a strong track. It may not be your taste but you can’t deny that it’s a well crafted song


Oh don't get me wrong, I love it. I just feel it's middle of the pack from the album (which is a testament to how good the album is).


Tbh I appreciate it a lot more with the transition from Energy but alone it was just meh to me. Big Freedia's part is honestly my favorite of the song.


Right! BMS kinda make sense as the lead single— while it a weaker track compare to some great song. The whole album is amazing IMO and comes together as a whole body of work.


Did people on this sub really not like bms? Everyone I know loved it, and it’s a good representation of/introduction to the album. Meanwhile solar power was a wack song that preceded an equally wack album


I was iffy on it on first listen, but listening to it in the context in the album made me like it so much better


It didn’t give me the jaw drop Formation did, although I did like it through biased ears. Then listening to it right after ENERGY made a whole lot more sense.


I feel like the immediate awe factor of Formation was due at least in part to it dropping with the incredible video though. I wonder if people would’ve taken to BMS more immediately if it was paired with an iconic video right from the start (I’m still so excited to see what she does with her videos for this era!).


Idk man that leak thread was rough ~~and yes I was in there commenting shade too~~ but I think people warmed up to it over time With the SP title track I think everyone forced themselves to like it with a [pained smile](https://i.imgur.com/WhRkAxS.jpg) until more singles came out and everyone realized the album wasn't going to go well


this is so accurate I'm crying


i love break my soul, i was all over it from the beginning.


Everyone was calling it mall music


it’s the only skip on the album imo


If the album had been released all at once BMS would not be a skip to some people. I think because it got released as the lead it makes it old news (even though it is like a month old). It is a bop, albeit a bit repetitive. I think it was the best option for a lead single imo


BMS makes sense within the context of the album and actually doesn’t disappoint. The same can’t be said for SP. I still love you, Lorde.


I was expecting this album to be good - I mean, it’s Beyoncé; she’s too big to completely fuck it at this point - but damn I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I am. Solid hour of sassy club perfection. Even Break My Soul, which I initially thought sounded like a Beyoncé remix rather than an outright single, grew on me with each listen and sounds even more of an absolute show stopping banger sequenced in the album. Was expecting something like a 8.6 from Pitchfork, but that 9.0 is deserved. So curious and excited to see where she goes with pt 2 and 3 of this whole project, which I assume will each go in completely different directions genre-wise.


i certainly did not expect a high ass ranking as this one, and specially higher than self titled and lemonade lmao, but its completely deserved. this album is already a highlight of this year so im not surprised about it getting bnm. for what its worth, this album has me on a complete fucking chokehold ever since it was released. i already have over 400 scrobbles of it lmao.


She really *is* that girl




*RENAISSANCE* is such a great dance record. The seamless transitions from each track to another makes you feel like you’re on an actual dancefloor. My personal faves are “VIRGO’S GROOVE,” “ALIEN SUPERSTAR,” and “CUFF IT.” If this is just a taste of what’s to come from Bey’s trilogy, then sign me up. It goes without saying this is one of my AOTY contenders too!!🪩


Your comment about track transition is spot on. This is the part I love the most about dj mixes and the fact that all of the tracks have their own energy while being connected so tastefully and coherently is incredible. I had an eargasm listening to Energy to Break My Soul. One of the few albums *demands* people to listen from beginning to end.


honestly i keep hearing mention of the transition from energy -> bms but it's not even like top 3 of the best transitions on the album for me? it doesn't transition nearly as seamlessly as say, cuff it -> energy, or plastic -> virgo's groove. don't get me wrong, i still think energy -> bms is hype af, but when talking about incredible transitions it's easily cuff it -> energy imo. it's so seamless i couldn't pinpoint where cuff it ended on my first few listens until i went back and replayed lmao. i just LOOOVE the first half where i'm still grooving to the winding down beat of cuff it, and just when i'm like "wow cuff it is long" BAM we're hit with the beat drop and it's like oh worm this was a diff song? werk... also shoutout to i'm that girl -> cozy. that "THIS A REMINDER" and beat drop hits sooo fkn hard. the ending of i'm that girl feels kinda spacey/unfocused (not in a bad way), but then it's like cozy SNAPS the album into focus and gives something to move to after that outro.


BOOM. A certain bald flannel-wearing man needs to sleep with one eye wide open 🧐🧐🧐🧐


his reaction to the album was really positive when he was listening on stream, he even did the thing where he listened to one song and said "oh thats my favorite of the album", then listened to other and said "that's ACTUALLY my favorite" and then by the end had a third as his favorite lolol [here's his reaction if anyone is interested (trigger warning: he didnt listen to PURE/HONEY)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFErohefAwo)


he better be ironing his yellow flannel rn bc there's no other way he comes out of this unscathed


Please we know he’s gonna do the red flannel fake-out stunt he likes to do


You're talking about a guy who gave Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure *album of the year* like he won't love this record....


Forgive my ignorance but who?


Anthony Fantano


Welcome to the internet


Have a look around




Honestly I don’t think it is true. He introduces people to new lesser known artists and is influential in the industry. But his fanbase shits on him all the time because of his opinions. I don’t see anyone parroting that yeezus or night time my time are weak albums because he doesn’t it like them. I do watch his videos sometimes to get another perspective and discover some new artists but most of his opinions are pretty average and non controversial.


his fan base makes fun of him constantly for his ratings


.... look how she ate that


omg p4k i have never ever dissed not ever


100% deserves absolutely. Honestly I don’t have any coherent thoughts on it other than it sounds fucking amazing. This album is filled to the brim with hooks and it’s so cohesive. The hour will fly by and you won’t even notice. It’s definitely in my top 2 Beyoncé albums and it might take the crown from Lemonade.


“*Ahh… that’s history!*” -Whitney


i mean... i don't disagree


I'm so happy people are enjoying this album and it's doing so well on streaming. Like it's actually tearing me up. People had written off Beyoncé for a while now just because The Gift, which was literally just a soundtrack compilation album, underperformed. She got the naysayers with this one. Didn't need any big features to carry her either.


Everyone seems to have amnesia and Everything Is L*** never happened.


It’s not canon.


as one of the 3 people that still listen to EIL to this day we exist!! (it definitely is the worst out of the Lemonade/4:44/EIL unofficial trilogy though)


Whats that


Everything Is Love, her collab album with Jay-Z from 2018. One of the most "came-and-went" albums of all time


I'm so glad that doesn't show up on spotify when you search her name. Her dirty little secret.




It’s the jay z of it all Like hi formation tour stays in the forefront compared to Run the world 2 lol


People on a certain website I've grown to hate are still insisting that this album is a flop and that Beyoncé is irrelevant despite all evidence to the contrary including the fact that these same people that supposedly hate her stayed up just as late as we did and have been following everything involving her album, her streaming, her merch and so on.


The fact that it has secured the most number of global number 1s on Apple music only behind Adeles 30 and Happier Than Ever. The numbers are not lying lol. They'll just have to eat their words I'm afraid.


At this point they're just delusional. It's one thing to not be a fan, but these people hate on her like it's going to get them a check.


They can keep doing it. We'll just continue to win. You know the haters are only so loud because the love she's getting is louder and it agitates them. 😌👆


Lipstick alley?


More than deserved. This album has held me hostage for the past 3 days and I fear I won't be free from it for a while. I haven't been able to listen to anything else, which feels dull in comparison.


I was in a groove and a random moon Renaissance song played from my playlist. The way I stopped completely and scrunched up my face


This is exactly my experience right now. I had to consciously listen to something else today so I don’t overdo it listening to this album


I feel like this is actually *really* high for pitchfork rn, they are going through a low score phase.


Pitchfork reviews have about as much value as my turds.


You wish your turds were the topic of conversation, you’ve worked soo hard on them


While *I* would give this record at least a 9, this score from them is a huge accomplishment for both Bey and pop music. We all know p4k loves to give our girls that safe 7.something but to have such a confidently high score is really affirming. This album is fantastic. Easily a contender for AOTY. I’m so glad she’s getting the acclaim she deserves for this one. Edit: this is also a great review. So detailed and researched. I would love a whole track by track history of the samples/references in the album.


if there was a golden moment for Bey to finally get her AOTY win (though she’s been undeservingly snubbed twice), RENAISSANCE is it and would be fitting and perfect in so many ways.




Absolutely deserved


OMG so happy for her! This album is everything!!!


What an awesome review.


I have yet to listen to this (I know, I know... It's just that the first time I listen to an album I want to do it in tracklist order and with calm, so... It's the only reason) but it surprises me they gave it a higher score than Lemonade. Pitchfork words aren't certainly infallible but this surely make me very curious. Do you too think this is on the same level or even better? Or it's just them being too strict at the time Lemonade was released? (I am just curious about people's opinions)


Sorry to rain on the parade going on, but I personally really didn't enjoy this as much as Lemonade at all (which I really, really loved); in fact, I personally am nowhere near as enthused about this as the sub/P4K are. That said, it's a completely different album for a completely different mood/setting so I wouldn't think too hard about comparing scores; it's just about feeling good and having fun!


I know that’s right!




i love that she has such a great record with pitchfork. whether i like it or not, they’re definitely tastemakers and if anyone deserves to have a “good pop” reputation, it’s bey. i *do* feel like they maybe underrated self-titled and lemonade though, i honestly think those are better albums than renaissance and i would have both at or above 9.0. maybe just me though 🤓


I feel like I’m on an island for not really enjoying the album. I really like the more disco tracks, but feel like this album falls flat when it comes to the house stuff. The need for it to be a Beyoncé album is at odds with the house production. I think it’s an okay album, but just not feeling it the same way seemingly every publication is. A 9 from pitchfork is extremely impressive


Hey that’s just personal taste 🤷‍♀️ I cant get into a lot of albums that this sub loves, nothing wrong with that.


I feel the same way. It might be because I grew up as a house head/club kid in the 90's and early 2000's though. It's fine but a lot of the tracks disappointed me. Many times the build up didn't pan out or the song didn't flow properly. A lot of the lyrics were cliche and areas calling for more detail were overlooked. Maybe it will grow on me the more I listen but for now it feels like generic filler tracks played at the beginning of the night while the bar is still getting set up 🤷‍♀️


I hate how the production on a lot of tracks reminds me of a Bruno Mars/Silk sonic reject covered up with beats that don't hit.


Oh mannn, same. Loved loved loved Lemonade, but this album for me is almost unlistenable (or at least, not worth repeating) it feels overproduced and just seems so sonically (and lyrically) underwhelming. Ah well


I've only listened once, but it was surprisingly boring to me. Self-titled and Lemonade blew me away.


9.0 is surprising cos of her previous rankings but still well deserved imo, she gave us everything on this album!!


oh she's taking it and exceeding everyone's expectations. the way their album scores overall is exactly how I rank her albums best to worst.


this album was already great on first listen and continues to grow on me each time i play it


Wow, this is very rare


So now people like Pitchfork? Only when they agree with you I guess.


Doesn’t it make sense tho? If they put a score people don’t agree with then there will be disagreements, if they put a score people agree with then there will be praise and celebration lol. At the end of the day, Pitchfork has been a very important music publication for a long time and people will always look forward to their review whether they want to admit it or not


Pitchfork is wrong about a LOT of things but they are never wrong about Beyoncé.


Pitchfork is never wrong about Beyoncé. I remember her self-titled being the album that opened the gates for other pop girls to be taken seriously on that site. So they def have a soft spot for her.


100% deserved. This is her best album and everything I've ever wanted from Beyoncé.


Based Pitchfork


Honestly I don't get this at all. I like the album, but it doesn't hold a candle to Roisin Machine or What's Your Pleasure. To me it feels like this is a score attributed to Beyonce and not really the album


As someone who also likes Jessie Ware I find it difficult to see how you can compare WYP to Renaissance. Like I would class WYP as laidback dancey music - Renaissance is full on. Similarly, Jessie’s vocals fade into the background whereas Beyoncé’s are on show At the end of the day they are very different albums so it’s fine if you like one more than the other


Well there are definitely big differences between them, just as there are between WYP and Roisin Machine, but I compared them because all three are albums of heavily disco and house inspired, up beat dance music. I'd also say all three artists are fairly new to disco as a dominant influence in their work, and they're all established artists with long careers behind them - although that's not so relevant to my point


They are all such different genres though. - WYP was 70s disco revival - RM was 80s trance revival - Renaissance is late 80s Ballroom revival Apples to oranges. BTW you have great taste bc WYP and RM were faves of 2020


I agree with this and for me, Renaissance is now in my top 2 favorite Bey albums. Obviously I’m biased because I’m a Beyoncé fan, but I was honestly really worried she’d lost her spark with this album, especially because I didn’t love Everything Is Love with Jay Z. I’m so happy that I was wrong and she made such a flawless album yet again. Personally, Renaissance is exactly what I needed in this moment. A cohesive album full of bops that make you want to dance.


Reading through the review, it makes sense why the 9.0 was given. I get it- many gave the album 2 listens over the weekend, didn't hear earwormy hooks every 15 seconds and deem the album as "bad." I saw some pretty interesting hot takes from friends on social media calling Lizzo's album "better". Pitchfork's review delves into the meticulous structure, nature and meaning of the project as a whole. Yes, she's absolutely 100% graded on a curve because she's literally the most important pop star of the 21st century... but further than that, it's a statement of that most important pop star recognizing and celebrating the most marginalized and under-recognized groups in society. The 9.0 is not only for the music itself, but also what the album represents. Who knows if this one is actually better than self-titled or Lemonade- it's a dense album that shouldn't be judged over the first two listens. This 9.0 definitely frames the conversation and makes that case though.




ngl I was worrying about their score lmao. it's not like my opinion on it will be influenced by them cuz I know in my heart it's AOTY and I get enjoyment out of it lol but still P4K aggravates me most of the time so it's nice for the pattern to break now!


I know this is gonna get me downvoted to hell on this sub but I really didn’t like this. And I absolutely loved Lemonade and S/T. The only song I found myself wanting to go back to was “Plastic Off the Sofa” after giving the album multiple shots. I like the beats and production, and I like her voice, but I do not like the two together. I’m interested to see what the other two albums are like though.


Hot take but this album should not have scored higher than Lemonade. Renaissance is not a bad album by any means, but Lemonade is one of the best albums of all time


Personally find it so difficult to place one higher than another. Like yes, Lemonade is absolutely a bloody masterpiece and the subjects it touches are obviously a lot deeper than Renaissance but this album just feels SO GOOD to listen to? It’s why I find it hard to rank certain artists’ discography - to me, there is very little that is similar across Self-titled, Lemonade, Renaissance, and therefore wouldn’t rank any of them a certain way. I still think years from now Lemonade will be viewed more favourably in best album of x time lists but even as an absolute Lemonade stan I’ve listened to Renaissance from start-to-finish a lot more than I did with Lemonade when it came out


I’m pretty sure that’s a popular opinion! I truly do not understand the love for lemonade-but that seems to be everyone’s fave Beyoncé album


I think it's especially wild that people love this album the way they are without Beyonce dropping any visuals or choreo for this album!! If she releases a visual component to this album, let alone two more acts...like woah. Like I feel like that month-long anticipation behind this album was only the beginning of the marketing for this era....


Nowadays high scores are becoming more and more confusing. there was a time when Carly's EMOTION got a 7-ish and the fans were cheering, saying it is hard for a pop album to get such a score. And now it is like they are having a yard sale of 8.0s. I really like this album, but giving Renaissance a 9 and lemonade only a 8.5 kinda made Pitchfork look like a clown. Not sure if they truly mean it or they just want to avoid the fan massacre. Please change the score of Lemonade to 11, thank you.


Chat Pile robbed


Chat Pile got an 8.4 and a BNM, they’ve done fine.


So dramatic. It’s a very basic dance album. They are just afraid of the wrath of her fan base if they present an honest review.


They've given her mid reviews before. Y'all just gonna have to accept that it's a good album that maybe you don't personally enjoy.


I enjoy it just fine. It’s just not gods gift to music like some would suggest.


fantano is next with the strong 8 to light 9


Wow but I still can’t get this album, maybe because The melody is so……


The album is great, but this review couldn't be more obnoxious if it even tried. It says that Beyoncé, _the billionaire_, wouldn't be who she was if it wasn't for all the people she paid credit to, and then delves into the deification of Black, Latinx (does any latine actually use Latinx? It's just Americans using it) and queer people, melting all these hugely diverse identities into a big melting pot that has one sole function: counter the hegemony of the White man. For Pitchfork, and other products of American brain rot, diversity and inclusion exists as a counter to whiteness, and not as measures to actually take in the different philosophies these -- again, vastly diverse -- groups may offer. It's the epitome of rainbow capitalism. It's the reduction of decades of struggle for equality, and the tokenisation of racial diversity into lone idols that don't give a fuck about us, the success of which we're supposed to celebrate as our own. Pitchfork used to be cool and counter-culture, but now, they twerk for libs who endorse the politics of inequality just as much -- but hey, they actually accept non-White people, so it's all good.


A great album for sure, but it doesn’t deserve a higher ranking than Lemonade. First half of the album has been front-loaded with some of the best tracks of hers, but it looses that momentum at the last half. Edit: ok I'm editing this like 16 days later and I can confirm this is her best album ever.


wow i was expecting a good score but this is higher than expected!! this review is also well written, you can tell that the writer understood the motives of the album and did their research. renaissance is such a great body of work & im so happy bey is getting her flowers!


This is the same score that I gave to Renaissance too! I like this album a lot.