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Xtina has a song called Right Moves on that album nobody listened to (it’s actually a decent album). I feel as if Rihanna released that, it’d be just as big as Work.


Also I feel like if Ariana released Like I Do from that album it could’ve been pretty successful


Seems like that entire album was songs intended for other artists. I definitely remember hearing Accelerate and Maria were Kanye songs.


Liberation has so many underrated bops. It’s probably my favorite of hers next to Stripped


It reminds me of Stripped in a way. Maybe just in its genre-hopping. But yeah Stripped is the only album of hers I really really like, and this would be second if I had to choose


Ghost is a great song and I find it hard to listen to, when I first heard it I immediately knew who wrote it because I’m such a huge fan of his (jon bellion) and I wish he kept it for himself because he has such a great voice and its best suited for that song. He wrote a lot of songs on Justin’s last album that I wish he kept. Also, If you loved ghost you should give Jon Bellion a listen! He’s not a pop girlie but he has fun pop songs and has written for so many artists in the last couple of years (miley/Justin/Katy Perry/Christina aguilera/camila cabello). He also wrote maroon 5’s memories I think that was his biggest hit before Justin. I’ve had his original songs on repeat for years, check out human, the internet, & blu if you can they’re my top three favs!


If Charli had kept Same Old Love I think her career would be incredibly different by now.


Imma bout to be shady af so I’m apologizing in advance but that song is very basic, Charli’s discography is too complex for it, it’s perfect for Selena.


Champion by Carrie underwood would have been better if sung by Christina Aguilera it’s literally fighter 2.0 could have been a comeback song for her


Do it Like a Dude would slap real hard as a Rihanna single in 2010.


The entirety of Honestly, Nevermind


I always felt like Issues would sound so good with Selena on it, it’d fit her sonically and vocally really well. I often wonder if it was offered to her at all as she and Julia Michaels are really close.


Apparently a few artists wanted the song but Julia felt it was too personal to go to someone else. There's a demo by Charli XCX that leaked though.


I would’ve ate up Señorita if it was Selena Gomez singing instead. It would’ve benefitted from a deeper/softer voice and wouldn’t be tainted by Shawn and Camila’s theatrics at the time.


I have no idea why you’re getting downvoted. I can totally see Selena improving the vibes of the song.


Years? It hasn’t even been a full year since that song became a single lol


🤡 it feels like it’s been years since 2021


The album dropped 14 months ago and the song was on it.


I heard an acoustic folky version of Ghost on tik tok, it was such a good song


If all about you by Hilary duff was sung Taylor it would have been a number one hit instantly


This is so true


It took me a long time to like Maisie Peters’ music because of her voice. Before it was a deal breaker, but now I can enjoy her music but would still like it more if they were performed by someone else. If I’m Trying, Lunar Years, Villain, or Cate’s Brother were released by Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, or Nina Nesbitt, I would enjoy them more.


Drake’s latest is pretty mediocre anyway, but I do think some tracks would have been better with a better vocalist. Somebody said that Black Coffee and Jorja Smith should record more together and I must agree. Get It Together from More Life is one of Drake’s best songs post-Views, and Jorja and Black Coffee deserve much of the credit. Also his track Feel No Ways from Views is a standout, but I can’t help but feel like it’d be better with an actual singer. I kinda just hate when rappers who can’t really sing try to sing outside their abilities. Drake isn’t even the worst offender because when it’s right it’s right (e.g., Marvin’s Room), but he’s had many more misses than hits from Views onward in my opinion.


Beyonce sounds so good on Holy Grail, wish that was the original instead


alot of drakes songs where he sings would work if rihanna released them like i think about it alot


I feel like I would've liked *Bad Habits* by Ed Sheeran more as an Ava Max song...her voice is more suited to UK Chart bait IMO and it just feels like a feminine song tbh.


Some of sabrina carpenter's new songs. I have heard them on tiktok and I like the lyrics but I don't like Sabrina or her voice so it's a bit annoying.


Most of Carly Rae Jepson's songs. Her songs are incredible, but I can't help but thinking how much more amazing they would be with a stronger singer


No. Her voice suits her songs.


but im a basic gay ass who mostly listens to men.. what does that make me🤐🤐