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Not what I was expecting, but I’ll take it. Apparently she’s not coming back for us quite yet, baby.


She sounds so good over this production


I think I would like this more if I didn't hate this guy's voice? Grateful this one won't be on the album, I don't think.


yeah, I liked Carly on the track but the guy kind of ruined it for me


oh thank god. I thought this was the second single from the album. I'm still not sure about Western Wind, but I didn't really like P41 and I love Dedication so I was still holding out hope. I think Carly is the one artist where a misfire of an album would be truly disappointing.


i know this isn't even her song but I hope some songs on the album sound like this because this is so good


This is such a fun bop and Carly’s vocals are so sugary sweet, low-key obsessed


I love this but there is something grating about the vocal production to me lol


ooh this is fun, i'd like an album of songs like this from her


Mixed reviews in here lol, what an absolute bop, their voices sound great together and the little breakdown in the middle did it for me. Also, cute lyrics for a karaoke duet.


This is an entire bop!! Love the production and how their voices compliment each other!


I’m really into it!! Lewis Ofman reminds me of The Knocks (which Carly also collabed with)


I love Carly's music (Emotion is my favorite album), but this and Western Wind ain't doing it for me.


Western Wind is so good though 😭




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