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It’s fine. Sounds like an album cut more so than a single. High debut, hover around top 40 and then fall off in a few weeks. Definitely doesn’t hit as hard as Up or WAP


it would’ve been better with a video I bet cardi always kills with the visual




>Kinda understand the label issues now, as they didn't want to invest in a music video for this song. But they clearly did though lol. Did you not see the CGI teaser she posted earlier in the week? All signs are pointing to an *expensive* video having been made, but was presumably scrapped due to approval issues.


why would Atlantic not want to invest in a video for A) arguably the biggest artist on their roster at the moment & B) someone who has constantly shown visuals elevate the music. The video was filmed but used overseas editors which lead to miscommunications


Is there a source on exactly what went down with the video? Was it just a bad edit?


Idk, but wouldn’t be the first time a label did dumb shit with no explanation.


It’s good. But I don’t think this works as a single. It’s posse cut that drags (in a good way). I just don’t see how it works on radio. This could do great streaming numbers tho.


To be fair I don't know if a lot of us saw Bodak Yellow work on the radio it went #1 so this might do something. I think it has commercial appeal because of Cardi and Kanye and given that it's also one of the few recent Kanye songs that could be commercially played on the radio it might get an DJ push and by then I expect there's a TikTok dance challenge that pushes it even further.


its a song meant for the clubs. as someone who goes out a lot this is definitely gonna go up in that department


Tag yourself I'm a cock user


username checks out


Don't remind them, it's still early :(


It’s like a return to the early 2000’s “street single”. She’s laying the groundwork for more pop stuff next. Rappers used to always do this - grittier single without a video, aimed at clubs and purists to generate a bit of hype and credibility, followed by a pop single later.


Isn’t there only no video due to issues with her label?


Or a bunch of pop features. She better not. Cardi perplexes me... She blew up with a hard, gritty, purist rap song and then immediately changed everything up and jumped on a bunch of pop songs. I don't mind a pop feature or even a full on pop influenced song now and again but .. why did she stray so far from bodak yellow *instantly*?? I know it's awhile back now but I'm old so it feels like yesterday and Im still kind of mad about it lol Edit: for any fans who feel similarly and enjoyed the bodak yellow style more, go listen to her song Wish Wish. It predates her album and it's awesome. Not as good or as gritty as bodak yellow but, same vein


not sure what u mean instantly. bartier cardi is bodak 2.0, and be carful and drip weren’t so poppy either. she pushed i like it because it was blowing up but even then her singles since(money, press, wap, up) are all pretty gritty. she doesn’t even have many pop features besides taki taki, girls like you, rumors, and south of the border.


how is up gritty lol


maybe gritty wasn’t the best word for up, but it has a hard hitting beat with cardi’s usual cutthroat attitude. it’s not much different than her other singles.


Bodak yellow wasn’t gritty at all. It was a meme, and intentionally so


I’m confused how be careful isn’t a pop rap song


I thought it was fun I liked the beat


Sheree has so many iconic RHOA lines 💀


its basic but decent enough; its not something that will gain replays out of me.


Wow everyone did great and this will bump in the car.


stank face: ON


Decent effort from Cardi but feels more like an album opener than a single.


Not even an opener, more like just a fun album track


This is the worst verse I've heard from both lil durk and ye.... Cardi's part is good and the beat is fun, nothing amazing though


> This is the worst verse I've heard from both lil durk and ye.... i can recall a bunch of worse Kanye verses than this tbh


Worst verse you heard from ye? This is a pop sub right what about I Love It?


I Love It lowkey slaps 🫣 also with that song it's obvious he was just cracking a joke lol


Listen to more ye


I hope eventually we'll get a music video to go along with this bop. This visualizer of her being chauffered around is just so cunty.


It's electric!


It’s def not a bad song. Just not one of my favorite Cardi singles. Feel like it would be better as a album bside


I actually don’t mind Ye’s verse, I think this’ll be a big hit


Why is Ye still credited as Kanye West in streaming services though?


Stage Name: Kanye West Real Name: Ye


She definitely tried to have another “I know dats right!!” Moment with “it’s electric!!”. I like it a lot but It sounds more like an album track. Hopefully the next single sounds a little more accessible


Def not impressed. Most likely won’t listen to it more than a couple times.


I guess I'll keep listening to the new City Girls song.


I really wanted to like this but it feels like such a paint-by-the-numbers Cardi song and it doesn't help that Durk and Ye completely phoned it in. Doesn't have the strong hook of Up, WAP, or even Money. It's a no from me, unfortunately.


So he is being credited as Ye on the single? I thought that was only his legal name and he was gonna use Kanye West as a stage name?


It's my least favorite Cardi single, and I like club music. If we're talking about club bangers, Bodak Yellow, Wap or Money Bag are way better. Lil Durk's verse kinda ruins the song, I like Kanye's and Cardi's part, but the hook is bad imo. I'm a bit disappointed because the beginning was hype. Not a fan of the beat either.


It is Ok, but I need more WAP from her.


Cardi b next album in this current climate in pop culture is going to be interesting to say the least




Next album? It’s been years and she certainly hasn’t given us any indication of an album coming….


Everyday I hope for some depth from cardi bc I do see the potential but I don’t think she care about that. As long as there’s a tiktok smash.


She’s been pretty transparent about the fact that deep cuts don’t perform well and she’s here to get the “shmoney” and nothing else. Honestly, I agree with you but I also respect that she treats this as a job not and doesn’t pretend like WAP meant anything beyond the lyrics. If Lady Gaga sang WAP she’d say it was about sexual trauma lol.


Your Gaga shade was so accurate 💀


Atleast she's set on making bangers that will go off in the club. That's all that matters to me after how disappointing Nicki's releases have been this year for me.


ikr cardi knows her lane and commits to it - i appreciate it


I’m so tired of these beats with zero musicality. I want a BOP cardi. This isn’t a bop to me. Forgettable.


Durk and Ye weren’t that good. The beat is fire, but idk I’m not feeling it. Up and WAP >>>>> this Cardi has had a string of hot smash hits, this song doesn’t feel like it will reach that :(


This song (to me at least ) is almost a cut and paste of Up. Like I listened to the start and couldn’t stop comparing the sound.


It's giving me Up 2.0


I really like this one, I think it'll have high reply value for me. I wasn't a big fan of Up


She’s never topping bodak yellow huh


I really like the "it's electric!" part in Cardi's verse. I'm honestly more excited about the MV because knowing Cardi, it'll probably make me like the song more lol. The cover itself is a serve


You mean “I know that’s right!”? Oh, wait… that’s from her previous single


Why is Lil Durk rapping like Jay Z on “Monster.” I preferred his rap on Megan Thee Stallion “Movie.” Kanye killed it as usual and Cardi, this songs desperately needs a video! But I liked it.


movie is such a good song


can’t wait to hear this in the clubs


Its way too similar to Up for my liking, find myself wanting to go back and just listen to that instead.


The beat is fire and the verses Cardi raps were good too but Lil Durk and Kanye fucked up the song. Their verses made it wack imo. This song had potential but they bombed it. *facepalm*


Durk has the best verse I dont know what yall are on.


The bassline is really bad. It's basically just one note




It's fine but will go #2 or #1


Has a high chance of #1 (obviously assuming people like it and stream it). As It Was is predicted to spend its 8th week at #1 next week which means it’s a pretty quiet time with no huge debuts or massively viral songs


Glimpse of Us could block




I don’t like it. And I bet she didn’t write this. Pass.


kanye sucked the energy out of this decent record tho


Eh I thought it was decent, just the hook that’s kinda weird


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The production sounds a lot like Big Paper but great song.


Megan Thee Stallion: Thot Shit Cardi B: ~~T~~hot Shit