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> It wouldn’t sound out of place in a playlist alongside Charli XCX’s Crash or Rina Sawayama’s SAWAYAMA, with its full-throttle drums, strobe-lit choruses, and distant echoes of UK garage nostalgia Imagine how many twinks (complimentary) you would catch if you put this sentence under a box and stick trap


that would wipe out the local population of twinks so fast


A 7.8 on a female fronted synthpop album from Pitchfork is the official score for "they ate" Crash aside an 8.0+ score requires weird experimentation or genre bending but a 7.8/7.9 is like the highest you can go off of pure bops


they really gave a lot on their singles tbh so this is a well deserved score.


We all know this by now so I didn't really have to say this, but I guess what I'm really trying to get at is stream MUNA - What I Want


They gave this a higher score than SAWAYAMA (7.7)


I just want to point out that their feature about MUNA earlier this month anticipating this record prominently features the band getting tattoos of their 7.7 score from *Saves the World*. Then this review drops and P4k gives them… 0.1 higher. 🙃 I agree with the review for the most part but I felt this album deserved at least an 8.1-8.2.


This was easily a more interesting album than Crash was for me, like if this is a 7.8 I'd give crash a 7.5/7.6


More interesting I agree. However, Crash had more bops to me


*Pitchfork give a score lower than 6.0 or higher than 8.0 CHALLENGE [IMPOSSIBLE]*


About a week ago they gave the new Foals album a 5 point something and called it "Foals for Dummies" which felt like some classic P4K shade


Deserved, that album felt like corporate-appropriated “indie” from 2011 done worse and 10 years late


I feel like I haven’t seen so many 8.3+ BNM’s in 6 months in a VERY long time.


“Runner’s High” and “Loose Garment” are so gorgeous. I’m really delighting in the whole album. They deserved an 8 for sure


Deserves higher but with p4k I’ll take it


Agree mostly. Love love love the album but the 1st half is stronger than the 2nd. Still blows my mind they only gave SAVES THE WORLD a 7.7 though, that album deserves at least an 8.


Slay!!! I’ve been loving the album